Stats increasing when checking stat screen

Hi the last stat that is executed in a scene keeps increasing when checking stat screen. Is there any solution for this

without actually seeing the code, can’t be of much help, can you copy and paste the relevant section which seems to be causing the issue?

set money +10000

This is how i am increasing my stats. But everytime i go to the stat screen the value keeps increasing. I just want it to increase once. Is there any solution for this

I tried to replicate this error in a test file and I wasn’t able to. This is what I have.


*create money 5

Stats Screen

Money: ${money}


This is page one. 


*set money +10000

This is page two. Money increases on this page.

Check stats.

Check stats again from this same page.


*set money +10000

Check again.

Each time I checked, the value was as expected. It turned to 10,005 on page 2 and stayed that way no matter how many times I checked it. When I went to page 3, it was 20,005 and stayed that through multiple checks.

What does your code look like where it is increasing every time you check stats?

102 Soon it was time to go to sleep, I needed to be refreshed to do what I needed to tomorrow.
103 *page_break
104 *set money +10000
105 In the morning I woke up to the sound of a phone ringing it was coming from the landline connection in the apartment.

After i reach this page each time i check the stats it keep increasing by 10000

Actually never mind sorry for the inconvenience. The error is only happening in choice script. When i play in dashingdon there seems to be no problem.

By the way, if you’ve not run randomtest and quicktest yet, I’d do so. Sometimes code seems to work, but tests will reveal something that needs fixing. I only note this b/c I was checking in CSIDE when I tried to replicate your error.


I run quicktest every now and then but random test is showing an error in the start up scene. But the game is currently playable so i decided to focus on this later

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