State of Decay (On Steam)


State of Decay is a zombie survival action game with character skill building elements/exp gain. You play as the disembodied cameraman controlling the actions of any one of a group of survivors of the zombie apocalypse Your job is to hack up tons of zombies, find supplies, find survivors, and build up your base. You do all this while completing story missions in a large sand box environment. It’s a hell of a lot of fun, only, it’s an Xbox 360 port, and it shows.

I remember having a discussion a long time ago with someone here who was raving about how great “Class 3” (Now known as State of Decay) was going to be, and I remember thinking that it sounded pretty good. It’s funny because I distinctly remember telling this person that it was just a shame it was designed for Xbox 360 because even if it got ported to PC it’d still be stuck with the limitations designed into it in order for it to work on the 360, and as great a game as it is, I was totally right… As I play the game, I am just constantly reminded that it is a port. And it doesn’t even have anything to do with the incomplete alpha state of the game’s controls. It’s just the simple fact that there are all these artificial limitations on the game’s features that are seemingly based on the fact that it’s an Xbox LIVE arcade title, and an Xbox game in general. It’s the little things that add up to a big, “if only”. The restrictive system of limiting your base building and survivor management… The simplistic zombie respawn and outpost system… The fact that the game is ostensibly about surviving long term in a zombie apocalypse, but doesn’t really give you the tools needed to do so… These and many other things could all have been so much better in a game designed for the PC, and not under Microsoft’s green thumb.

Still, the game is a lot of fun, and I feel like I got my 20 bucks worth. Anyone else played it?


I downloaded it from XBLA a while back, but I haven’t gotten around to playing the full game. From what I played of the demo it seems like a lot of fun. If I remember right, State of Decay is just a test game for a bigger future project that’s supposed to include multiplayer and such. That’s what I was really hoping to see.

Of course, I can’t complain about the port issue as I tend to avoid PC gaming like it’s a plague. :stuck_out_tongue:


if was @CS_Closet but finally they decided did another game with mp instead of add to this. I played demo and see a playthrough i dont have pc so no port isssues but after a while becomes boring because no main character or a real main story line


Open world games don’t tend to have much in the way of storyline, no. That’s why I’m hoping they eventually add co-op DLC, or get around to making their bigger multiplalyer project. These types of games are much more fun with other people.


I seem to recall something about them making an MMO next?
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@CS_Closet Did you mean to be that ironic?


@CS_Closet " Open world games don’t tend to have much in the way of storyline, no."

Um…what? What open world games have you been playing?


@fo694013 mount and blade for one is a an open world / sandbox game

There is no plot

Skyrim and dragon age both follow a plot. They are not technically open world in its purest form

Hope this helps


SKYRIM IS A OPEN WORLD. DRAGON AGE NOT . Dragon age was until the new Inquisition a typical level map game you pick a destiny and appeared there there is no free roaming even Bioware tell so that’s why they will open world an size in next but never a sand box.

Batman arkan assylum is a sand box has storyline, many mmo game are and has storyline there is not a not have story in the definition another sandbox are gta and yes gta HAs storyline


True sandbox games tend to lack a plot. The point is to make your own goals and define how you play.

Often, you get hybrids of RPGs and sandbox games which have varying degrees of story, but it’s rarely anything very in-depth and usually pretty linear if you choose to follow it. The creators added a sandbox element so that a player will go out and explore on their own, not get tied down with a specific plot. Otherwise that’s a lot of extra programming for no real gain.


TEND Is not same as HAVE TO Morrowind is my favorite rpg and Azura knows that the nerevar profecies books tons of lore the house politics Tribunal … ejem that’s a plot .


Well now we’re distinguishing between sandbox games (State of Decay, Crackdown to a lesser extent, Mount & Blade, etc.) and Open-world games (Elder Scrolls series, Dragon Age games, Grand Theft Auto).

The main difference is that in sandbox games the narrative/story takes a backseat or is non-existent, whereas open-world games tend to have a decent story/narrative, or are more heavily invested in it.


I agree that they don’t have to lack a plot. However, forcing an open world to follow a highly developed storyline is a major design challenge, and one that most developers will avoid by either simplifying the plot and focusing on the sandbox elements or limiting the openness of the world.

It is nice when a good balance of freedom and storyline appears, but that doesn’t happen often due to time/money/technology limitations most game companies have to face.


@CS_Closet Can you actually name some sandbox or open world games that don’t have a storyline? The only ones I can think of are PC exclusives, because you know, PC devs don’t automatically assume that their players are too stupid to make their own motivation.

And before you get angry at me for insulting you… I’m not saying you’re too stupid to make your own motivation. I’m saying that console game makers think you are.


First, I never meant to say that sandbox or open world games don’t have storylines, but I guess I can point to Minecraft if you want an example of that.

Second, I have no idea what consoles or PCs have to do with anything or why you’re bringing that up. :-/