Stat raising more than once (nevermind cside is just being weird)

I have the stat strength in my game start at 0 and when I try to raise it or any other stat by 10 or any other number it goes up again on the next choice that doesn’t boost that stat.

#“I was busy with my bodybuilding”
*set strength +10
Since sending in your audition you have been spending a lot of your time weight training and entering bodybuilding competitions.
*goto nextpart
How do I keep this stat and other stats from rising when they aren’t supposed to

Could you use the preformatted text function to show your indents? It would also be helpful if you could include the entire choice (all of the options) and the code that follows it

sorry about that here’s all the choices preformatted

    #"I was busy with my bodybuilding"
        *set strength +10
        Since sending in your audition you have been spending a lot of your time weight training and entering bodybuilding competitions.
        *goto nextpart
    #"I was busy with my art"
        *set creativity +10
        Since sending in your audition you have been spending your time working on a series of paintings and sculptures to display at an art exhibition.
        *goto nextpart
    #"I was busy with my studies"
        *set intelligence +10
        Since sending in your audition you have been focusing on studying.
        *goto nextpart
    #"I was busy with my running"
        *set agility +10
        Since sending in your audition you have spent your time doing track. Running has taken up a lot of your time.
        *goto nextpart
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Thanks! This section of code doesn’t look to be the problem. What does the code look like under the label “nextpart”? And what is the choice/code that is incorrectly raising the stat?

Could you post the part of the Code, where you declare the variables? The Problem might be located in that part

well after nextpart all I have is text until it gets to the next set of choices which is

    #Not to worry about it and that you're fine being single
        *set nice +5
        You know she doesn't mean any harm when she brings stuff like this up.
        *goto p
    #To stop bringing it up and that you don't want to hear about it
        *set bold +5 
        *set nice -5
        Even though you know she isn't trying to make you feel bad it's still annoying to keep hearing about how single you are. So  you outright to her to stop
        *goto p
    #That she is single too
        *set nice -10
        If she's gonna keep reminding you that your single your gonna remind her that she's in the same predicament, it's only fair that you can too if she's gonna bring it up.
        *goto p
    #You don't care about relationships
        You've never bothered with being in a relationship before and you're not planning to start.
        *goto p
*label p
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*create creativity 0
*create strength 0
*create intelligence 0 
*create agility 0 
*create bold 50
*create shy 50
*create nice 50
*create mean 50
*create liked 50
*create hated 50
*create careful 50
*create impulsive 50
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Have you uploaded your game to Dashingdon? I’d like to comb through the code more closely because I’m not seeing the problem in the code you’ve posted

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I was planning to post a public demo for my game there tomorrow if it cool if I post it under private and just message you the link

Yeah that’s fine!

There might be another problem, not related to the actual one, are the variables created with 50 meant to be opposing stats?


I thought so, but for opposing stats you need only one of the pair. The rest is done via labelling in the stats page. Choicescript can Not combine the stats, so you just have one variable like “nice” and when you want to Change it to mean you reduce nice, the stats Screen shows the rest.

The way you Label it, is really good explained in the official stats Screen tutorial

yeah i figured that out , anyways it seems like the problem is only happening in cside where I’m writing so i figured this really isn’t a problem on my end. thanks for helping tho


Seems like your problem has been solved!