Stat Display Help (Resolved)


I’m code numb and running around in circles trying to do something simple but which I am clueless on; help would be most appreciated.

Here is my code so far:

Distinguishing Features
*if dfeature1 !=""
*if dfeature2 !=""
*if dfeature3 !=""
*if dfeature4 !=""
*if dfeature5 !=""
*if dfeature6 !=""

This hides the non-used distinguishing features but it also leaves dead space where the non-defined features would go if used.

So this is what I end up with:

[quote] Distinguishing Features

Pierced Belly Button


Is there a way to move used variables up the list and non-used down the list?


Why not just put a tab before your “*line_break” each time so it only performs a line break if the variable exists.

That way everything will be close together


Let me try this; I feel dumb not being able to figure this out on my own.


Thank you. With your suggestion and one additional line-break, I got the stat-chart working. @FairyGodfeather or another mod, you can now close this.


closed #5