Startup line 42: invalid createe instruction

So I attempted to write/code something in ChoiceScript (just for fun, and to possibly to mercy kill my already full schedule)
anyways It hasnt gone great so far (the coding aspect, I can write fine-ish)
moving on x2 I keep getting the error "startup line 42: invalid create instruction, only allowed at the top of startup.txt

Any help would be appreciated
(I’m going to sleep now, Ill check everything in the evening)

Move all of the *create commands to the top of startup. Actual game prose and other instructions like *set, *if etc must go only after that list.

Treat *create as a building foundation. Everything else goes on top of that.

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Worked, even though now it’s saying that there’s an invalid expression and that a name was expected (I’m beginning to think I suck at coding)

What’s the full error message? Copy-paste it here.

Also, there’s a choicescript wiki that has a great tutorial introduction section to CS: Lots of useful info there.

I figured it out in the end, thanks anyways, literally just added ! ${} to what I was trying to do and it succeeded

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