Startup issue

hello y’all, I have run into another error but with my startup.txt
I am using CSIDE for windows laptop.

I am trying to add relationships and characters on stats and startup to keep them intwined. so when somebody goes through their choices, their relationship can be tracked with the characters.

the error that pops up is “Invalid create instruction, value must be a number, true/false, or a quoted string”

I also have no clue what true/false is or the quoted string.

My code looks like this:

*create intelligence 30
*create alexis von leinbach 10

my stats for intelligence is fine, my title is fine, its just when I try to create characters in the startup that I’m running into touble. it would be nice if someone can shed light on this and what I’m doing wrong thank you.

That happens because you are using spaces for your “alexis von leinbach” variable name. You are not allowed to use spaces when declaring variables. You can either use ‘came case’ or ‘underline’ style if you want to declare variables that have multiple words in them. Something like this:

*create AlexisVonLeinBach 10
*create Alexis_von_leinbach 10


oooh, I did not know that!! ok, I’m learning something new every day. thank you very much!

update: I am now running into a bit of trouble with the stats screen (and the stats.txt) as I decided to do the name case variable on startup. it smooshes it all together on the stats screen? is there a way to leave it with space bar between?

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Yes, you can change the label for each stat.

See here how to do it: Customizing the ChoiceScript Stats Screen - Choice of Games LLC

This section in particular

But you can also give the variables different names. Perhaps you want to use more poetic labels, so instead of “Strength” you want to call it “Thews and Sinews”; instead of “Leadership” you want to call it “Serpent’s Tongue;” instead of “Name” you want to call it “Nom de Guerre.” You can write that like this:

  text name Nom de Guerre
  percent leadership Serpent's Tongue
  percent strength Thews and Sinews`

well this is odd. I did follow the guide.
my code for the stats.txt looks as follows:

      percent Alexis von Leinbach

the line “percent Alexis von Leinbach” is the one that gives me this error code "Non-existant variable ‘alexis’ "

my startup looks like

*create AlexisVonLeinbach 10

I don’t know how to code to save my life lol so I’m still very very new to all of this and very bad.

the syntax for the command is

percent [variable name] [display name]

The reason why it can’t find the variable is that it’s named “AlexisVonLeinbach”

you need something like

      percent AlexisVonLeinbach Alexis von Leinbach

you are awesome, it went through!! thank you for being patient with me. thank you very much, once again😊


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