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I get that but having an overall planned arc would be preferable to nothing. Some threads are never even mentioned for example we are told and briefly see in a flashback the knights of ren in TFA but they get no mention or are seen at all. It is like they literally vanished from existence.

Personally I was surprised by how people reacted to the Rey “reveal” because it never seemed like a legit reveal. Kylo could have simply lied about her parents as he was trying to get Rey to turn. Not to mention they had Snoke prompting them through mind tricks affecting the bond.

Honestly I was expecting her to be Luke or Leia’s daughter. After all.this is meant to be the end of the Skywalker saga so I was expecting a Skywalker v Skywalker fight possibly taking ideas from the EU. Although my knowledge of it is limited I was away of the Solo twins one going dark side.


I think we just have very different tastes, I am not at all interested in dynasties and bloodlines the way the EU books tended to. I liked the Thrawn trilogy and everything else can be set on fire for all I care :unamused:

Sure, but then JJ would not have been the best director for something like that, in my opinion. My quibble is mostly that your argument sounds like Rian sullied JJ Abram’s perfect story arc and I guarantee you there never was any such thing. He just doesn’t plan ahead like that.


It is supposed to be a continuation… It doesn’t matter how flawed episode 7 was or if JJ had any idea what he was doing, to be a good sequel you should at least try to build upon the previous film and actually be aware of where the last film left off. I don’t believe it did at all.

The film makes no sense for a sequel that takes place hours after the previous film, especially the First order’s sudden expansion from losing their super weapon to taking over all major systems “within weeks” as the film says. Im not even sure if we are supposed to take them seriously since they are the butt of so many jokes in the film.

Rian Johnson could of done so much with the story threads, but nothing goes anywhere, the knights, Leia, the Canto B plot, Captain Holdo fake out, Phasma, Snoke, Finn’s fake out death, Luke “dying” then reveal to him dying anyway. Han Solo is dead, Leia’s sacrifices over many years has led to nothing, Luke is a disheveled old failure, the New Republic is destroyed.

Funny enough I actually don’t mind Luke in the film, its actually one of the only things I dont have a problem with. Issue is I think everything else is poorly done. Cinematography and actors are great. Story not so much.

But thats me, I know plenty of people enjoyed it. and thats great.
(And a film shouldn’t require books and other materials to explain every hole in the film, just a sentence or something could fix that, film should be able to stand on its own.)


Its not really an argument tbh. I just think the trilogy has suffered so far because the multiple directors have different ideas. I’m sure I heard somewhere that what RJ did with Snoke and Rey’s parents were not what JJ had in mind for them. Now JJ is back at the helm if he wants to go to his own ideas he’d be forced into retconning TLJ.

It will be interesting to see what JJ does with EP9.

As I said I’ve not read any of the EU. Only know a little bit here and there I found on the internet. But you’d expect a film trilogy that is part of the “Skywalker Saga” to feature prominently Skywalkers.

But I agree about Thrawn what I know about him a film would be interesting but I’d also like to see a Revan Trilogy too.


I have no clue what JJ will do about this… situation lol


I talked about it with my friend a while back and thought it’d be possible to make the mirror cave bit into Rey having a vision of the future and the rest of the film was a possible future and ep9 has her trying to stop it from occurring like that.

Itd work but would be a poor choice storywise.


Yeah, if they did that they would need episode 9 to be a two parter :joy:


A Revan trilogy would songlehandedly restore my faith in Star Wars films. Or possibly just fail to live up to my impossible expectations and leave me further jaded.


In the latest example of Disney electing to alter Star Wars canon significantly the Darth Vader comic has apparently revealed that Palpatine is actually his ‘father’.


Wasn’t that an old fan theory too? :joy:


It is. Although I’m not sure if it was needed to be revealed, I just kind of liked a bit of mystery behind Darth Vader even if there’s a whole bunch of information about him and his past as Anakin Skywalker.


I think a lot of Star Wars mysterious are going to be explained in Disney’s search for money from us fans… :thinking:


Question: Is anyone here excited about Episode IX? Like as hyped as you migh have been after The Force Awakens came out?


Oh yeah, just because Last Jedi has a few issues doesn’t mean I don’t want to see how things end and what it might set up for future movies or expanded content. Whether Snoke is alive, if Kylo will remain the big bad, if Poe and Finn will have anything to really do this time…


I really hate about what TLJ did to Snoke. I felt as if the character had some potential to be a far bigger threat than the Emperor, and possibly had been the reason why certain events and new sentient races that haven’t been introduced on the big screen yet such as the Yuuzhan Vong (Now that is something I would love to see besides the Darth Revan movie series.) But hopefully the next sequel would have Snoke doing some kind of a Sith ghost trick on Kylo Ren or reveal that the Snoke we saw was just a clone.


Found this video on one of my travels through the internet and really recommend watching it. It’s a really well thought out theory and also explains why many people call her a Mary Sue.


I’m still confused about something - Kylo and Luke both saw their orders as antiquated and in Luke’s case it would seem he was to be the last Jedi with Kylo determining to create a new order to replace both Jedi and Sith when he asked Rey to join him.

But in the end Luke declares he won’t be the last Jedi and the Broom Kid seems to imply Luke once again inspired a new generation of Jedi (like he kind of already did before Kylo destroyed it pre-TFA).

So what is the trajectory TLJ projecting with regards to the Jedi and Sith?

Will Rey just refound the Jedi Order once more? Kylo doesn’t consider himself a Sith so will he form a new faction that uses light and dark?

Personally I do like the idea of TLJ setting up the impetus for a new Force wielding organisation that succeeds both the Jedi and Sith - it would certainly be better than simply the Jedi rising again and an equivalent neo-Sith group to oppose them, again.

Anakin ending the Sith, Luke ending the Jedi, Rey and Kylo creating something new? But then Rey did refuse to join Kylo which seems to suggest there won’t be a unity but further conflict.

What do you think TLJ is setting up for the Jedi and Sith? The past dies but is repeated or will we get a definitive resolution to the ancient conflict?


sorry that i havent responded i just saw that you spoke to me

1: Yes i agree with the character is alowed to be OP and im ok with the force doing it becuse thats what anakin was he was chosen by the force to be that OP the thing is not even he could just learn from looking at people and he wasent just good out of nowhere in the things he did he trained from childhood to adulthood to become as good as he was

2: And probebly the most inportet part of any character he had FLAWS he wasent good at using the force in the way yoda do like levetating big rockes he couldent do that very well and he always had a problem with his emotions.

3: now about luke you say he is OP but hes not not by jedi standereds yes he is powerful in raw power but yoda palpatine and obi-wan could probably defeat him. vader lost becuse of two things one he was weakend he has been ever since he got choped up by obi-wan but any jedi even padawans is a killing machine when fighting non jedi/sith so is he OP in the way of the world yes but among jedi he was kinda weak.

4: and last but not least i would be ok with rey being the new chosen one a lot of people would it was even one of the theories but the problem is she isn’t they kinda said you are no one special at all no parents strong in the force and not the chosen one you are normal and thats where i get pissed because that means she is just strong because … well because nothing really she just is no explanation or reason she became as strong as anakin just because with no help from the force and no genetic reason and that is shit writing


Well the latest issue of the Darth Vader comic makes the chosen one concept blown open a little.

Spoiler below

Palpatine used the force to manipulate the midichlorians in Anakin’s mother which is how Anakin was born (apparently only heard some comments not read the comic yet). If true this means Palpatine set things on motion way before the PT which is crazy


ya i never got that since its stated that the force gave him his power as a revolt to what palpatine’s master tried to do as he tried to make what anakin would become he tried to make a person that would be the force embodied and as a result the force made anakin who was the force embodied but gave him a destiny to destroy the sith and the jedi to bring balance.