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Last Jedi: 1 big criticism and 1 small one
Last Jedi: 1 big criticism and 1 small one


It’s ok, Discourse.


Lousy movie IMO. The only reason it’s making money is it’s Star Wars. How the mighty have fallen, and in all probability they will fall farther still. :frowning:




While I admit I loved it as I do all Star Wars I was disappointed by the lack of storytelling and feeling that it was just a filler in between the seventh and ninth movies. But Poe Dameron is a sassy little shit and nobody can tell me otherwise.


Gonna see it tonight. But if it’s anything like Force Awakens I expect a retread of Empire with bigger AT-ATs and a bigger Bespin made of clouds. And at the end Rei loses a hand AND a foot.


I find your lack of faith… disturbing.


Easily the best Star Wars film since Empire Strikes Back, and I say this as someone who LOVED Force Awakens. The small-scale character focus story was an interesting departure from the grand scale adventure we’ve come to expect from Star Wars. Top-notch soundtrack as always from John Williams, some absolutely draw-dropping visuals and the acting is the best we’ve ever seen in the franchise. Mark Hamill and Adam Driver in particular are absolutely phenomenal and I’d argue that Kylo Ren is the best written character in all nine movies.

Some of the choices made with regards to the lore and the resolution of Force Awakens mysteries were always going to be divisive but I couldn’t be happier with the film.


One of the worst Star Wars films. Made me long for the prequels – at least they had a certain weird consistency. Better than TFA but that’s a low bar to clear.

To be fair, it has one third of a great film (Luke, Kylo, Rey) and Adam Driver and Hamill carry the whole film on their shoulders. Driver needs an award. Every aspect of the A-Plot is just fantastic, even if it apes parts of the OT just a bit too closely at times.

The rest of the film is so unfathomably poor from a basic storytelling point of view, such as being unable to maintain basic script consistency throughout single scenes and muddled and inconsistent character arcs (particularly Poe), and is replete with what can only be described as ‘obvious backwards plotting’ that I seriously wonder if significant parts of the script were left from a first draft. The movie has significant issues when you could excise whole sections of it and alter nothing about it.

Basically, anything that isn’t Luke, Kylo or Rey feels like the writers responsible threw up their hands and went “Well, we have to give them SOMETHING to do” and they obviously didn’t care much about it.

Like a lot of movies today, it loves undercutting any attempt at drama, pathos or tension with cheap jokes. Which is weird, because it otherwise has some very strong jokes that arise from the situations the characters find themselves in and their characterization.

I struggle to give it more than, like, 5 out of 10. Half the film is great and half of it is unbelievably poor. Overall, thoroughly baffling. And, as someone who had high hopes as a fan of Rian Johnson, I was thoroughly disappointed. The only other SW film that I remember disappointing me coming out of the theatre was Attack of the Clones.


I loved the film quite a lot. The humor landed in my theatre consistently, the background theme was a bold (and IMO, well done) choice, Luke’s character was fantastic, and the surprises were great.

That said, the flaws were prominent as well. One planet visited seemed entirely unimportant to the plot, doing little to further the story. My other major critique is a major character who appears during the central portion of the movie from nowhere (movie wise, at least) and exists only to be kinda fishy and ultimately a waste of time. Her last scene was fantastic, though.

I think it is flawed, but only because of how bold it was. It takes notes from ESB, but doesn’t overdo it like TFA did, and strikes out on its own. The theme Rian went for was an excellent choice, and much of the acting was fantastic.

It’s certainly worth a watch, or six.


First Order is screwed…if you watched it you will know why.


While the movie has some flaws, overall it was a great movie. Haven’t had that much fun watching Star Wars for a long time.

Hard to discuss or explain some other people’s complains, without spoilers. There were some logical flaws and some dissapointments. But even those sometimes were made in an interesting way. Like the first scene. There was some logical flaw that doesn’t made much sense, but at the same time i understand what the director was going for, what that supposed to look like and it was still entertaining to watch.
Some scenes (subplots) felt a bit too dragged, but they actualy added to the story at the end.

The characters and relationships between them were great. Actors did an amazing job. I kinda liked Kylo in the first movie, but here he is much better. Kylo and Rey, Luke, Poe, i even liked Rose and it was interesting choice to put her in the story and what she suppose to represent.

The visuals are amazing, but that what you would expect from a movie in this day with such budget. Funny moments were plenty and made me laugh. I think i’ve heard audience in the cinema laughing harder at some jokes than in the Force Awakens.

The storytelling was good and you can seee the purpose of the whole course and theme of the movie.

It’s bold, it’s entertaining, characters and their growing and learning from their mistakes is great, it has stunning visuals. Overal a very entertaining and engaging movie. Not sure about my overal score for it or where i place it among other Star Wars movies, before i watch it more times, but now, still on the hype, shortly after first viewing it is one of my favourite.


I didn’t enjoy it as much as TFA and it left me a little disappointed, which is a shame cause there were some aspects of it I absolutely loved.

The Rey, Luke, Kylo plot was absolutely fantastic, gripping all the way through and superbly acted. It made the whole film worthwhile. I also enjoyed the internal politics of the Resistance, it was a lot of fun to see.

Downsides however were the cheap jokes. I laughed at quite a lot of them, but it made the film feel a little disjointed and I don’t think it quite managed to balance the humour against the relatively dark main plot surrounding the internal conflicts of major characters struggling between light and dark. I felt it cheapened it a little.

That one planet (we all know which) was a waste of time and aside from some good character growth, the whole arc served brought nothing to the movie in the grand scheme of things.

And a final few notes: all those pointless cgi creatures were far too frequent and left their scenes all feeling a little like the prequels. Which is a sour taste to leave. And don’t even get me started on the final scene and it’s callbacks to the phantom menace which is undoubtedly the worst movie of all.


As someone who has not seen the movie, what I’m getting from this thread is:

Roughly half the plot is very good. The rest is polarizing. And Disney, carrying from a long and storied tradition dating back mostly to the prequels but also to the last part of the OT, threw things in for the sake of merchandising.


Your summary is matching my Facebook feed and other reviews I have seen. While I am going to watch it (because it is Star Wars), I have tempered my expectations.


I am going to be dragged out of the house by my older brother and younger brother to watch it (hate being the middle child); not complaining, its just I prefer the old star wars…can I get an amen?


8 out of 10. There were some plot inconsistencies but the whole saga has always been like that so it’s okay. Battles were great, the emotional scenes were also great. Some scenes were pretty intense and really made me tense up. Far better that TFA that didn’t show us anything new. There was a scene with Leia that really made me wanna slap the writers but that aside I think everything else was well decided.


Better than The Force Awakens and certainly better than Rogue One. A bit more mature than unusual. Too many fights and battles for my sense of story, but it did hit some emotional moments that were compelling. And that made The Last Jedi something worth pondering. And it didn’t reach quite as often for the nostalgia button, which was TFA’s biggest fault. I’m still letting it settle to see what I really feel about it. A good movie experience though.


So I’ve finally seen this and it’s the worst Star Wars movie I’ve seen. Caveat: I’ve never seen Episode 1 cause I’ve fallen asleep trying to watch it twice.

Characters don’t have arcs, they just do 180s from epiphanies at least thrice.

The world is internally inconsistent, which is the one sin I can never forgive. If you establish X, the audience has to be able to assume X is valid until you present an explanation why it doesn’t apply in a given situation.

I’d love for someone to explain the physics of this universe to me. And their apparently devolving technology.

And as has already been said, too many CGI creatures trying too hard to be cute.

I watched this thing with my whole family and I think my 13 year old daughter put it best:

“I hope the next movie isn’t even worse.”


If some people don’t like it, that’s fine. I can respect your right to your opinions. However, I wanted to point out that the movie is in fact experiencing financial success. That said, I’d like to offer the suggestion that if something is making money, perhaps we should rethink our criticism just a little. Otherwise, if we don’t, then someone (not me) is inevitably going to say something like… “Oh, you think you can do it better then? Ok, smarty, how much money do -you- make per movie? What, you don’t even make movies? Then you’re an armchair critic who doesn’t know anything about the movie industry.”