Star Wars


To anyone who’s seen Star Wars, just wanted to know which one is your favorite of The Star Wars saga & why? I’d have to say the for me my favorite would be the Empire Strikes Back, because of the Battle on Hoth & Darth Vader revealing to Luke that he’s his father =D>


I’d say IV and V, because the originals were just so well done. VI is good too, but I can’t stand the Ewoks… I-III were also very good I think, just not as good as the originals.


IV all day long


The original series are awesome, and unlike many others I don’t dislike the prequel series either (though to some degree, I can understand why they do).
But… Han Solo FTW!


I don’t like 4-6 that much, but I admit that they’re legends. The graphics are just too meh (I know they were amazing for when they were made, but now…) and I just felt like it was really weird how people in another galaxy from thousands of years ago acted very similar to how people acted in the 1970s. Plus, there wasn’t much diversity between the episodes, and the light saber duels were pitiful

I really love the prequels, especially Revenge of the Sith. The characters were far more defined, the light saber battles were epic, and there was just a lot more variety between episodes (as well as more romance, politics, and sabotage)


@Samuel_H_Young I liked Revenge of the Sith too, the fight scene between Anakin & Obi-Wan I loved


Oh, yeah. That was one of the coolest battles I’ve ever seen. Manual strangulation, a lot of force using, intense light saber work, and a lot of emotion.


I cry every time I watch Order 66 play out. It’s just so sad for me watching the slaughter of Jedi, especially younglings. Revenge of the Sixth is my favorite with Attack of the Clones coming in close second.


Definitely. Those are easily my two favorite. Count Dooku FTW xD


Does anyone know why Anakin’s eyes turned yellow then back to normal?


I love all of them


@MarvlousMatty it’s like a power meter. When he’s drawing massive energy reserves and all they turn yellow and when he calms back down they revert back to normal.


@Scrivener ohh okay I get it(:


@Scrivener @Samuel_H_Young @P0RT3R @CJW @817819 @Doctor do you guyz ever wonder how it would have turned out for their family if Anakin hadn’t turned to the dark side?


@MarvelousMatty All. The. Time. You can’t be legit unless you’ve thought through a lot of the stuff. How would it be if this happened, if this turned out that way, if that didnt happen or happened later/earlier than it actually did.

I’ve gone as Darth Vader at least three years for Halloween and a Jedi once or twice.


It would have been a wonderful but rather boring story :slight_smile:


@Samuel_H_Young haha yeah but I just wonder what it would have been like for their family :slight_smile:


@MarvelousMatty, but then Obi wan wouldn’t get to slice off Anakin’s 3 limbs in one stroke showing his inferiority!

Every time I watch that part, I imagine Obi Won saying “Mother Fucka, please”


Obi Wan is one of my favorite fictional characters ever. I know a lot of people don’t like him, I guess because he doesn’t perfectly fit the hero mold, but I like him because he’s flawed, and because we get to see him at so many different stages of life. It’s not often you get to see almost all of a character’s lifespan in quite that way.

So to answer MarvelousMatty’s question, I don’t have a favorite movie, I have a favorite character. :slight_smile:


Obi Wan is the best of the best of the best sir! His life cycle is an enlightening one to watch. Cheer him on, watch the fall, and wish him well and a happy life but sadly we can’t have everything we want.