Star Wars The Old Republic


Hey y’all I was just wondering who on here plays The Old Republic? My username is GatesAvian any one else? Thoughts feedback?


The Old Republic isn’t free is it?
I’ve only played Knights of the Old Republic I and II, haven’t tried The Old Republic



it is now f2p but paid customers get better stuff and faster xp gain


I stopped playing right before it went F2P because I knew for a fact that’d end up being a micropayment crapfest. It’s an MMO owned by EA, after all. However I recently came back to it temporarily and found out my highly bleak predictions were a little…inaccurate. It isn’t nearly as bad as I assumed it would be end up.

Still not actively playing it anymore but I plan to soon. Although I’m worried for the fate of the MMO since Bioware have recently announced they’re doing a new MMO (how in the hell are they gonna support two MMOS at once?), the sales weren’t as good as Bioware and EA were hoping and most importantly I’m not sure if Disney buying Star Wars bodes well for the MMO, either.

I guess I better start getting back into it soon and do every class storyline ASAP before it’s shut down a few years down the line.


I play/played it, i believe my username is PorterVoid


Still playing it, and about the EA thing they’re making money off the micros so they will milk it for everything they can, and I believe they have the MMO license for 8 years, so it’ll be here for 4 more year at a minimum and they are cranking out updates (content and what not every 6 weeks) There is another major content update (storywise I do believe) with 3.0 6-9 months away, so it is still chugging along.


Played it a bit stopped played it again now stopped. I do enjoy the time I had when I played still haven’t finish the class stories besides 1.


It’s pretty good actually, there’s a fair amount of content and the story for each character is actually worth hanging around for. The most fun I had was playing as a dark side Jedi



Are the micros obnoxiously in your face or what? Has the game gone pay to win yet?

If not, I may actually go back. I really loved the stories in that game and it’s a shame the MMO was a bit of a flop financially.

Keep in mind, I really don’t mind cosmetic micro purchases at all. (Unify outfit colours, companion appearances, additional races etc)

They have to make money off it somehow and the tiny amount of money they get from the tiny amount of subscribers at this point probably won’t cut it. It’s just pay to win that annoys me a bit.


Well there is slower xp gain, not being able to equip purple gear, flashpoint limits and warzone(pvp) limits(not sure this was changed) for free to players. Free players are more shafted by limits rather than subscribers being allowed to have really cool stuff. Haven’t really checked into it but most recent bit I know was a few months ago was player housing about to come in. If u unlocked everything that was limited to f2p people then u won’t feel so limited in gameplay in having to buy things besides the warzones/flashpoint limit.


I’ll probably end up subbing anyway. I don’t really consider subbing “Pay to Win”. Although I know that’s really odd. In truth, the monthly payment of a subscription is always nothing compared to a really pay to win game.

Also, as an pre-F2P ex-subscriber I apparently have “preferred status” even if I didn’t re-sub.


That game fried my half decent graphics card. I installed afterburner after noticing a burning smell come from my computer when playing. My GPU was hitting the 100+ mark while playing SWTOR. Noticed a bit too late, I’m afraid.

Still, I popped in my old card and carried on playing. It was an okay game. I finished the sith warrior story, but it was hard as hell playing F2P. I was always behind in levels even after doing every quest and bonus series. I imagine that because I never done instances, I tend to prefer solo than grouping with strangers.

    @HomicidialFrog Nope , just a small icon top of the screen, that is about it. To me me it seems to be the most lowkey micro trans so far, doesn't glow or what not...Lol sec lemmie see if I can find a screen shot.

See that little gold circle top center, that is it.