Star Wars Roleplay


I love Star Wars. So I thought, hey, why dont I make a thread about roleplaying in it? These are the requirments for new players.
Class: (Jedi, Sith, Bounty hunter, pilot, assassin, ect.)
Rank: (Only for Jedi and Sith Ranking order for Jedi is padawan, knight, master. Ranking for Sith is apprentace, acolyte, lord.)
All new recruits must start at the lowest rank. In addition, there will be positions like Sith Emperor and Jedi Grand Master that I will personally assign.
Here is my character:
Name: Dalen Hytte
Race: Zabrak
Class: Sith
Rank: Sith Emperor
Have fun! I will approve of accounts.


Allegiance: Republic


Oops. Forgot to include something. If you are not a Jedi or Sith, then state your allegiance.


Can there be both?


Both of what?


Bounty hunters might be in both sides and sell to the highest bider


Alright, Star Wars! I’ve been hoping for one of these. :slight_smile:

Name: Nevran
Race: Zabrak
Gender: Female
Class: Jedi
Rank: Padawan


If it is like that Zach, then just put ‘highest bidder’.
@ArchAngel950 Approved.


@alexnjere Approved.


when do we start role playing


Name:‘The Executer’ Jon Nexel
Class:Bounty Hunter
Allegiance:Highest bidder


You need a real name too, Zach.
@alexnjere When there are six people, we will start.


What else should be added?


I have a real name(One that I will forget in about now)


maybe weapon?


Nah. You know what? Lets start role playing right now.


Alright then. Where do our characters start? Together, or separately?


Separatly(Can I get approved?)


@Zach Approved.
Emperor Hytte looked down from his throne and onto the approaching Sith warriors. They kneeled and said, “My lord, you have a prisoner.” Soldiers came in, holding a cuffed Nevran. Hytte said, “I will hear your pleas for mercy now.”


(Or never mind for what I said)