Star Wars as a Choice of game


Someone should make a game like star wars I would love to play as a jedi who has a chance to go to the darkside


Copyright would get in the way, also there’s already a couple of similar (older) official games (and game books even iirc)


Well, the best option is to make one similar to it yourself, don’t you think? Learning Choicescript is easier than it seems.


I don’t think there are many choicescript authors interested in writing fanfiction, since it could never be published on CoG or HG because… You know… Copyright. But if you wanted to write a game like this just for fun, you could always host it as a free game on dashingdon. :blush:

Then again, if you were looking for any Star Wars game where you get to play as a fallen Jedi, and not just a choicescript game, I highly recommend both of the Knights of the Old Republic games. :grin:


In Star Wars, I’d rather play as the one to make the following decision-

“The belligerent green alien has a blaster aimed at your face. Do you-

A) shoot first.
B) wait for him to shoot.”

A true Star Wars fan always picks A!


B) Wait for him to shoot off to the side of your head while you make an unnatural movement with your neck then fire back at him.



You know that in the remastered editions, Greedo actually shoots first.


Yeah we know.
(PS it’s a crappy movie edit. It looks bad and showed better character development for Solo without it.)