Star Trek or Star Wars


My Top two favorite science fiction genres are Star Wars and Star Trek. I would make a game like that myself but I don’t no how to get permission and all that plus I’m not much of a coder. Would someone be interested in making a game based in those two areas. There have been plenty of books and everything plus u can make your own story it seems like. I would be happy if someone did. Who else is interested?


I’ve never heard of someone referring to those as genres


I wouldn’t know where to start…never seen star trek before…and the little I know on star wars is on endless war which would get repetitive…although a space war I’m sure I’ve met another starwars on the forum perhaps hes started…


@Arcadia, the little you know on Star Wars is saddening, and the nothingness you know on Star Trek saddens even me


I’m sorry =’( What I do know about star wars is the animated one that my dear nephew keeps watching, and bedridden, recovering from surgery no choice but to watch also. I’m sure I know quite a bit…republic…that one old guy…plots…-.- never mind.


Even my mother knows more about star wars than you


I know a lot about star wars,never really cared for star trek though just felt a bit too dated for me to get into it.And while I think a star wars game would be cool there’s no way I’d undertake it even if I wasn’t doing another thing atm. I wouldn’t be able to do it justice.


I thought Star Wars ended with Luke and Leia getting married, that’s how little I know about Star Wars. Now, as educated as I am, it’s a fascinating story of Luke Skywalker who finds out he’s the last Jedi, and picks up two droids who tell him to go off and rescue a princess. He needs a ride to where the Princess is though, so he joins up with Han Solo and Chewie, and the three of them rescue the Princess. Luke kisses her then discovers she’s his sister and they’re not all okay with that like in Game of Thrones.

Anyway, there’s this guy, Darth Vader, who’s blowing up planets, and they decide that they need to stop him, and somehow this involves a slave costume, and a planet filled with Ewoks and Han Solo getting turned to ice. The whole thing culminates in Luke battling Darth Vader, who lops off his hand while saying “I’m your father!” So Luke pushes him off a causeway while yelling NOOOO!!! And then they win and they all get medals.

Yeah, I don’t like Star Wars, I much prefer Star Trek, Deep Space Nine being my favourite. I don’t like the new Star Trek movies so much.

You could do your very own sci-fi game, about your very own sword wielding orphan flying around space, just not a fanfiction game. Take the aspects you like, make your own world and characters. It can be fun trying to do things better.


I don’t know much about Star Wars or Star Trek so correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t Luke and Leia siblings? So they got married?! Didn’t Leia and Han got together?

Also can this be on another topic section? I think this is shown in the Affairs of the Court.


I’m not really a big Star Wars fan but I am a Star Trek Next Gen fan :smiley:

It would be great if someone could do a game along the lines of Star Trek or something but obviously have a different story and characters. Or maybe in the setting of Star Trek (or Star Wars) but a new captain and crew, and Data could be in it!!

Apex Patrol actually reminds me of Star Trek a little bit :slight_smile:


@Aera I’m pretty sure @FairyGodfeather was joking around in order to punctuate that he doesn’t much care for Star Wars.

I’m a fan of both Star Wars and Star Trek, mainly because they tell their stories differently. Star Trek is a fairly optimistic telling of what mankind can accomplish in the future, though the story lines are a bit generic, though to be fair it was a TV show and had limitations on what they could do. Star Wars is much darker, with much more interesting individual characters and arguably more realistic story telling.


Actually, it would’ve made for a more entertaining story had Luke and Leia gotten married.

Star Wars wasn’t dark at all, if anything it was your standard good vs. evil stuff and the characters weren’t really all that complex though that’s partly due to there only being 6 movies.

If anything Star Trek was a little better at going into the gray area and due to it being a TV show they actually could expand on the characters a lot more.

Always felt Deep Space 9 was the best Trek series since it actually showed that everything wasn’t so rosy in the Federation.


I’m in the Star Trek > Star Wars camp. I just prefer the whole philosophical “how do we interact with new civilizations?” to the “pew pew pew!” battles of Star Wars, but each has strengths.

Acting: ST hands down. The SW prequels have some of the worst acting in any major motion pictures. Like Transformers levels of bad acting.

Depth: ST by a mile. Complicated philosophical and political questions. Lots of grey. Characters not defined by label or blaster prowess. The friendship between Spock Kirk and McCoy alone provides more depth than all of Star Wars (although admittedly 12 hours of movies can’t do what years of tv shows can to build character)

Coolness of ships, weapons, heroes and villains: SW here. Most of the main characters are recognizable around the globe. TIE fighters, Vader, musical score and the battle/blaster sound effects FTW


@FairyGodFather *smh* Your whole second part is just not right…

I LOVE Star Wars. Not the prequels, but the originals were the shit! Star Trek always put me to sleep, but I can see why people like it. The new (star trek) movies aren’t bad, but they aren’t great, which doesn’t bode well for the new Star Wars.

I can tell you almost anything about Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Indiana Jones, Tarantino, Simon Pegg/Edgar Wright’s trilogy, Dawn of the Dead, etc…

I love movies, I guess that makes me a fanboy, but I haven’t even watched the old Star Trek movies because I feel I haven’t earned the right. xD I have to sit through the shows first.


@EndMaster I agree with you on DS9. ^^

Also, I used to have a huge crush on Gul Dukat xD.

At any rate, Star Trek is better in my book - probably because there was so much more of it and the characters were much more likeable. Plus I’ve never really enjoyed the setting of Star Wars - don’t know why, exactly. It just did not grow on me.


There is a lot more ST material, as others have already said. There have been more terrible ST movies than there have been SW movies, period. And William Shatner is a byword for a certain style of bad acting. And yet there’s so much going on in the Trekverse that it’s easy to find a huge volume of great material… While SW can’t help but sink under the weight of the crappy 1-3 prequels.


Can I say I love both? I love Star Trek, the ships especially. Enterprise-D and -E are easily my favourites. The talk and tech side of it as well. And I actually like Voyager, grew up watching up.

Now with Star Wars, I think the original movies good, the prequels not so good but I kinda prefer the Expanded Universe before it wasn’t considered Canon. Think about what Disney has lost because of it. The Old Republic, some of the fiction after Return of the Jedi, granted they could have discontinued that but things like a bigger universe, female capable Jedi, ancient Sith Empire, Revan! Revan’s no longer counted Canon and neither is Bastilla and the like.

Point is: I want Episode 7 to feature capable female Jedi, is that too much to ask?

But if the main series is only considered canon now, that also means The Force Unleashed games aren’t counted either, thank god.

Also, it is a good move to put J.J. Abrams in control of the these two series? As not a fan of the recent Star Trek movies, it’s possible he could screw Star Wars the same way.

*Ahem.* Just my two cents.


@Rebelmaiden I am so glad to know that I was not the only one to crush on Dukat while watching DS9 :slight_smile:


Am I the only one who likes the Star Wars prequel trilogy more than the sequel trilogy xD?


@Taiho I agree with you. I’m know that The Old Republic is not considered canon but I think they meant more EU stuff that were around the time of the movies; making TOR canon wouldn’t affect the movies in that much, as that stuff happened 2,000+ years before the Clone Wars. Besides, ToR online is still a game, and I doubt they’re going to NOT make spinoffs of that era…