Sports Genre: Luuckey United F.C. (WIP, First Entry 07/05/2020 - Last Update 16.05.2020)

Hi all,

I am back after a year. Sorry for not writing back before. After my last post I got corona thx to my new workplace that time. (%60 of our desk was positive)

So after that a very busy schedule and life got me from writing more.

Recently I m re-reading the codes, remembering my path etc. (Thinking of simplifying some aspects of the game like part time side works to focus on the main subject)

I’ll try to make additions soon. I had some mental notes collected while working, to rest my mind.

Hope to update soon.

Technical Q addition: I am thinking of writing some sub parts as a mechanic / variable mechanics for defence & attack phases as well as regular gameplay like passing and maturing attacks from midfield to attack zone etc. for spicing up the action.

Will dividing the parts to different subroutine scenes improve the performance or having them neatly arranged in a singular file with match day scene - will be fine as the way I am using right now?

note3-21.09.2021: basic mechanics seems fine after last corrections, with reducing weight on side jobs will keep writing about the main aspect. I will keep the jobs attribute for later stuff on it, still considering several usages(like easter egg/ bonus mission eligiblity etc.)
I devised a sophisticated match mechanics - but will not try to implement now to save on time of testing and fixing. May be 2nd season :wink:
Also as a Galatasaray supporter following up the squad replacement by youth. Suggest soccer fans to follow up :smiley:


i like this story already. Used to be a fan of soccer and for me the fact that playing as an owner of the sport club is quite interesting, Keep up the good work, i’ll be waiting for your future updates