Sports Genre: Luuckey United F.C. (WIP, First Entry 07/05/2020 - Last Update 16.05.2020)

Hi all,

I am back after a year. Sorry for not writing back before. After my last post I got corona thx to my new workplace that time. (%60 of our desk was positive)

So after that a very busy schedule and life got me from writing more.

Recently I m re-reading the codes, remembering my path etc. (Thinking of simplifying some aspects of the game like part time side works to focus on the main subject)

I’ll try to make additions soon. I had some mental notes collected while working, to rest my mind.

Hope to update soon.

Technical Q addition: I am thinking of writing some sub parts as a mechanic / variable mechanics for defence & attack phases as well as regular gameplay like passing and maturing attacks from midfield to attack zone etc. for spicing up the action.

Will dividing the parts to different subroutine scenes improve the performance or having them neatly arranged in a singular file with match day scene - will be fine as the way I am using right now?

note3-21.09.2021: basic mechanics seems fine after last corrections, with reducing weight on side jobs will keep writing about the main aspect. I will keep the jobs attribute for later stuff on it, still considering several usages(like easter egg/ bonus mission eligiblity etc.)
I devised a sophisticated match mechanics - but will not try to implement now to save on time of testing and fixing. May be 2nd season :wink:
Also as a Galatasaray supporter following up the squad replacement by youth. Suggest soccer fans to follow up :smiley:

note4-20.12.2021: I wrote down some drafts, but want to smooth it, don’t want it to be feel like a bit tedious , boring 2nd grade Netflix productions (those you can barely watch ). (or Markus Heitz - Dwarves series, after 2nd book it felt like the writer wrote last 2 like a contract prequisite took much mental power to push and finish)

Besides good & bad news together, in coding program - good for algorithms I have in mind for the developing and advanced part of the story telling, bad for adding the amount of content I planned in September. But I will try to add at least some story soon.

Sorry for the delay (syntaxes and neverending css rules I am after you :cowboy_hat_face:)


i like this story already. Used to be a fan of soccer and for me the fact that playing as an owner of the sport club is quite interesting, Keep up the good work, i’ll be waiting for your future updates


thx for your kind comments, I feel like my fingers and hands are scratching so soon feel like will update with good story additions , thx :slight_smile:


No one else has pointed it out, so maybe I’m just missing something, but it seems like you’re only able to view one of the Personal Stat descriptions before the option is locked out.

The prologue is rather long, and the majority of it doesn’t stand out as having importance to the game. You could probably cut down on the historical elements that aren’t relevant. Unless they do come up later somehow?

The pub scene where you find 2 pounds on the floor, and your money goes up by 2 pounds… except then you are drinking beer? Doesn’t make any sense. A pint of beer costs more than 2 pounds. Apparently it’s random and not always 2, but in any case, the price of the beer isn’t factored into your money at all.

I… honestly have no idea what’s going on in the work scene, but I think that’s due to English not being your native language.

And… then I stopped at the point where I actually need to know something about sports, because I don’t. Not necessarily your fault, but I can’t really make decisions about something I don’t understand. So I’m probably just not the target audience for this.

I have played this demo multiple times . As a soccer fan what caught my attention what the perspective or line of view of the game which is ownership and management of a soccer club. This are perspectives you don’t get to see all the times and given the nature of choice of sport games it would be filled with obstacles begging to solve. I would be patiently anticipated more updates on the game.

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It is random variable so it’s interesting it repeated same way. But I will have a look again.
And check others thx for the feedback @geldar

@Fawaz_Ibrahim it’s the only reason I didn’t employ a bit sophisticated match engine , too many variables are here already and after base points they have additional values defiend by random values.
Actually I fixed the match engine but waited to upload with content (I simplified it from 1000lines to less so it now works better instead of showing empty blank spaces in time zones.)
Thank you for the feedback

No, that’s not what I meant. Nothing is repeated. I meant that it doesn’t make sense to keep track of money gained if you aren’t keeping track of money spent.

hmmm I guess I made beer free because MC is a frequent part-time worker there :smiley:
that was what I was thinking and I know first parts are a bit long and tedious for some.
And random variables works funny even I try so those slot/ground money etc are just side luck events.

actually the amount of money makes a lot of sense when you are purchasing kits for players, when you are going to improve the stadium (current phase it’s more like a plane grassland with a basic audience place to watch around and a basic tribune(primite rather than basic)

udate 07.02.2022: sorry for not uploading so long, had to reread all and listed lots of attributes and abilities etc, and as I mentioned above fixed match mechanics , I also had a lot of thoughts about the game noted down not putting into action so far :sloth:
I am currently loaded with a coding bootcamp , learning js on the side so hope to assign some specific hours to keep going on, since the idea in my mind is exciting.
meanwhile interestingly a player based soccer game launched, nice to see genre is getting more attention :smiley:


Pretty unique game, i like it


status Update: I am almost done with my consuming occupation – soon will be able to focus here freely //


Nice, dont hurry yourself or stress yourself out tho

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Finally I opened my spreadsheets and ChoiceScript Ide on Wednesday after a long break. (I was opening and checking the codes time to time for having a break from the crazy JS and JSX logic & errors at the API :slight_smile: ).

A quick question can we use Choice Script IDE like VSCode? or do I need to run several choice script ide programs to have that usability?


Dev Notes:
*Match dynamics were simplified before so it’s more consistent.(1000lines to 500 smth lines)

*Had training gosub updated >> After each training the team points ( gpa strength, condition, ability etc ) will be updated with the current values. (Tried to sum all values but guess I need to add them separately in new lines , I tried to add let say teamstrength + player1strength + player2strength etc - this doesn’t works. So I used lines to add separately.)

*After the update I will have a Grammerly sweep. Adding here as a developer note

*As I get bit more experienced on coding I see that I will need to lay down match dynamics and create a better stack for match routines instead of one long file. It seems inevitable when you enter the fullstack world :man_facepalming: :robot: :nerd_face:

*I will probably diminish the part-time works & workplaces and create some skill + event triggers for them to keep the focus on football, since it will be distracting. I had some ideas envisioned for those workplaces (forking some side paths with some possible outcomes) may be with reader comments and feedbacks I will rewrite or subtract some parts.

For match routines I am taking down notes for stacking - I want corner-kick, free-kick, penalty etc variations so many players can score and shine (again some sandbox elements with triggers), that will feel like the good old CM. Which is doable but requires a bit laboring and pseudo logic.

**Also for points table I will have to check the stats - I was away for a while.(It will be a pain since variables and save files are really long already, so if we can gosub those files with recent improvements it will be great. Like middlewares or utilities in web apps) .

**This is going to be the amateur division so what I envisioned is road to upper segments/divisions. What I envisioned is a long journey, also the new match dynamics I am thinking on and taking notes will create base & logic for some other genres. I don’t want to share them yet but it will be interesting. You will see when I am on them :nerd_face:

I want to add some more stuff decently to update it with the corrections I mentioned above. Meanwhile being able to work on multiple windows would be great ^^

edit: for my issue on readme part, I am open to suggestions. Seems like I will try in the flow to use training gosub as a utiliy script. Open to pms. thx

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