[SPOILER] Choice of Broadsides plot question


I’ve played through Choice of Broadsides multiple times and really enjoyed the story.

One question that I had is whether it is possible for a character to have sufficiently high naval rank and/or seniority and/or patronage to avoid getting assigned to the HMS Defender “sloop-of-war” with the undisciplined and potentially mutinous crew?

How do you win at whist the card game?

I don’t think there is.


Nope. I pretty much spent last summer finding every ending. You always get assigned to defender (assuming you survive the other things)


You can upgrade the ship by telling your crew to “Clean the ship”.


Other than that, you cannot get any other ship, although I believe it is possible for you to get the ship without having to wait, but to do that you would have to decline when the Lieutenant asks you if you’d like a wife.


I doubt it.


Just to let you know there is a way to prevent the crew of the defender from committing mutiny.

Just been playing it and got this


The new master, Mr. Jones, comments to you a few days later, “I must admit, sir, that I did not think anyone could turn the crew of this ship around. And yet you’ve done it–the men are a well-disciplined Royal Navy crew, and happy to boot. I feared that a mutiny might be inevitable, but you’ve proved me wrong.”

You smile. “It was hard work, and a little delicate at times, but I think we’ve done it.”



How did you do that!!



You need to do the following

Spoilers ahoy!

when you get the defender.

Clean the ship completely
Keep them working
Drill on sailing
identify the worst culprits
Do nothing.
put him on double watch and forbid rum
whip him
ten lashes
Do nothing
investigate murder
keep investigating
Restore Jones

that does it. if it helps here were are my stats

Sailing 62
Gunnery 73
leadership 69
fighting 81
patronage 46
tact 50
likeability 41
honor 71
courage 70
bloodthirst 43
intelligence 77
wealth 43


Does anyone know if there going to be a update 4 it or a second game


I was wondering the same thing.


That mutiny was really annoying… I was in my pajamas and everything! :-))


I got to the point that I had to fight the Lynx, and managed to take the ship, but died from a wound. How do I succeed AND survive?


Hehe, fond memories of the mutiny. I think I kicked ass got captured and they ended up starving or something so they ended up putting me back in charge…

It’s been a long damn while since I’ve had a go on that though so I might be mixing the details up a lot. >.<


Depends on what your stats are, far as I can tell.

When I fought the Lynx, I chose the Gunnery option and then dueled Villenueve. I ran him through and was knighted. I would spend time with fighting, gunnery, and sailing. All that dancing won’t save you now!

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