Spellbound: A Ghost Story (WIP) [Updated January 22, 2023]

Probably not, but I mean, the story is written in English so we don’t really have anything else to compare it to.

That’s what spec fic does when it goes translation route instead of pulling off fictional languages, isn’t it?

I’m not sure I understand exactly what “that” is referring to?

But in any case, I… actually have more experience with constructed languages than natural language translation…

“They are not speaking in English, but since we are writing in English, let’s just treat the language as such”. Or something akin to that. Sorry, I need sleep.


Honestly I just thought the MC figured out reading on their own as signs will be around and hanging around a school as a ghost now and then wouldn’t be too hard.

And as for speaking the Language? Just figured it was magic. Something something magical soul explosion blah blah blah little bit of pumpkin spice and everything nice, add a little bit of a binding spell and voila! Your ancient ghost can now speak modern English thanks to the same magical link that allows people to see them easier.

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Oh, yes, that is what they do. That’s what they tend to do with constructed languages, too.

This actually is a factor that I considered! Since the car is owned by the Cortez family, which is full of magic adepts, I think it’s reasonable to assume that it has some (minor) magical properties and is capable of “containing” ghostly energy in the same way that the walls of Circle HQ and the Promethean base do. This will probably be addressed more explicitly in Chapter III.

Technically, the story takes place in an alternate Earth that split off from the other major parallel Earths about 2000 years ago—this is why there are still references to real-life continents, like Andrei being “vaguely Eastern European”. You’ll learn more about this topic in Chapter III.

You’re correct that the language the characters are speaking probably is not literally English, though, since the country known as England mostly likely never came to exist in this universe.

This is also a valid explanation/headcanon.


Ahhh, I’m kind of late to the party xD However, here’s a belated welcome back! Can’t wait to meet Cortez again :eyes:

Loving it all and dreading the waiting that’s to come. Have a small question though, I apologize if it’s been frequently asked. If I’m not mistaken, when you first choose Callum to be an ex, it says there that he confessed to his parents and then broke up with Charlotte to be with you. In the flashback, it seems none of that has happened yet but the invasion has?

Those two events happen at different times. The argument with the parents happens (offscreen) before the events of the first flashback. The actual breakup with Charlotte will take place later on, which of course means it happens after Callum’s parents are already dead and no longer an obstacle for him, in that regard.


Thank you for the opportunity to say no to Callum in the future ! <3 I cannot wait for the update where romancing Mc will finally~ give Callum a fully deserved hard pass .

I unjustly dislike Charlotte… in the end, MC is a third wheel : / Callum and Char are in OFFICIAL relationship, he chose Charlotte over our Mc, not otherwise .
Regardles, Both Charlotte and MC don’t deserve to be played by him. I just hope our Mc can tell Char to not be again lured by Callum’s charm once more after their break up.

My thoughts meeting Charlotte for the first time: what a jerk!

My thoughts after seeing Charlotte stab several soldiers to death without even blinking: I’m sorry Callum it’s nothing personal but for reasons I choose not to examine too deeply, I need to go propose to your girlfriend.

In all seriousness, this WIP is such a delightful read and I’m so invested in seeing where it goes! I am so curious about Callum’s motivations, and, yeah, I wanna get to know Charlotte better.

Valerie is too cute! I appreciate that we can take on a very big sibling kind of relationship with her.

The cast as a whole is very lively and likeable, and I’m so excited to meet more characters! Thank you for sharing your wonderful work with us ^^


Several years later…
“I’m sorry MC, it’s nothing personal, but I’m betraying you and everyone I’ve known for the past few years and I’m also going to kill you. Shouldn’t have broken the bro code.”


I’ve personally got no real problem with it, i just wanted to mention it, thanks for explaining your logic though

He had his chance with both of us :pensive: I’ll turn this love triangle around if I have to!!! He’ll never see this one coming!

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Oh I can get behind a retroactively justified violation of the bro code. Besides, it’s not like you stabbed him in the back, he got stabbed in the front. Totally above board.


playing this after a really long time…but man I still wishing for a Callum and Charlotte poly, I would give all the ro’s up (except val) for that to happen.

Okay, I’m officially joining the Charlotte love train.


So glad it updated! Man, I forgot how much of an A-hole Cortez is.


Okay soooooo…This was such a great freaking read!! Like what the flip Lol. I have been reading IF Demo’s and WIP’s for the past week and I’ve come across a few that I felt may just become my favorite. But THIS was enjoyable in another way; putting it at my Top 2.