Speech recognition for programs?


I have used several speech recognition software but fine programming CS a real pain. My job has changed and now find I have very little time too right. I am hoping that someone knows a great program to dictate too as then I could program while driving.


I don’t know much about speech recognition software.

I have a friend who has difficulty typing and uses Dragon. He’s had nothing but good things to say about it.


I’ve used Dragon in the past and it’s pretty good. Never used it while not looking at the screen and it’s wrong often enough that you’ll probably have to spend some time editing, but I’m guessing that’s going to be true of any voice to speech program.


Dragon is a great program but not for programming.


Aha! See! I clearly know nothing!


Yep that is what I was afraid of LOL.


I used it a few years back but it really does not like CS commands, I can make it work if looking at the screen which is always a bad idea while driving LOL.


Have you tried specific terms that Dragon does like, then just running a find and replace later? It’s less than optimal, but I cannot think of a voice to speech software that would be good for coding.


Hmmm thats an idea thanks that maybe the best solution for now :slight_smile:


Wanted to thank you for the idea as I am now able to code using Google Speech on my phone. Only having to use 16 replacement code phrases. Process is still slow as I do not always have signal but far better then no writing at all. :smile: