Speaker [WIP] (updated 1/6/21)

This is such an awesome story! I’m half asleep right now so I can’t give you the appreciation you deserve, but just know that I haven’t seen something this promising in a long while! Great world building. There is a 10000% chance I will romance every single RO in here and the MC’s relationship with their sister is awesome! Great chemistry all around.


Yay! We finally met Rory, but the meeting was too brief for me. Nevertheless, Rory is as charming as I imagined them to be. Thanks for the update :blush:


Ooooooh…I don’t know how I slept on reading this for so long (had it bookmarked for months) but I am so glad I finally got to it today, because I LOVE IT! The premise and World are unique, the characters are complex and distinct, the MC is awesome…GREAT JOB!!! You have me hooked, can’t wait for more! :heart:

Ps. I love how we can basically choose to drive the Mystery Machine…so good.


my favorite line so far. made me laugh so hard, now my lungs hurt.

" That is not coffee," your sister grimaces. “That is an abomination.”


as a coffee addict, that’s the best compliment you can get…and mah love for Lily just grow :heart_eyes: