Sparkling World (game idea)

I’m a big fan of the manga series Houseki no Kuni (also known as Kingdom of Gems or Land of the Lustrous), even going so far as to create a species within my multiverse heavily based off of them called Amrel.

What I’m thinking of is a story that follows a soldier Amrel (you) fighting against the dreaded Ogna, giant beasts that devour mineral life like yourself, and are the only true way for your kind to experience death.

You enter the war bright-eyed and idealistic (or maybe not) and you end the story either as hopeful as you were before…or broken and weary.

It’s more or less a fanfic/history drama, what do you think?

If you feel that you might want to do this yourself better than I ever could, I don’t mind you taking it from me, just maybe make sure to mention where you got it.


Honestly, if you think you can pull it off, it sounds like a great idea. And if you don’t think you can pull it off, give it a shot anyways.

There are plenty of people here that would be more than willing to give you a hand when it comes to developing a story. :grinning:

Thank you for the vote of confidence, I really appreciate it!

A few other things I forgot to add:

-The game would have to be gender-locked, as Amrel have only one gender: none. But I probably wouldn’t use ‘they’ because it would get very confusing very fast.
I’d probably use ‘he’ like they do in the manga, ‘zhe’ because it would be the most correct, or maybe use ‘he/she’ to refer to soldiers(he) and medics(she) and the like anyway. Or the, most difficult, use absolutely no pronouns besides ‘I’, ‘you’, ‘Name’, and ‘they’.

-Amrel often have powers based on their mineral/metal type, and that would take a lot to implement properly, though I’ll probably just skip it and feel a bit bad.
If I skip it, your power would probably be the ability to resist fracture or control fractured pieces of yourself either as weapons or to fix yourself.

-Amrel have a wide pool of types mostly consisting of ‘pure’ Amrel and few ‘alloys’. I feel like if I were to allow the play to decide on their types save for Color would mostly be based on hardness and/or special abilities, so you’d probably be able to choose between diamonds(hardness) or quartz-types(wide power-pool).

It sounds like Steven Universe to me.

Yeah, I know, but Houseki came first. Houseki no Kuni started in 2012, while SU was made 2013. Not to mention both plots are pretty different once they get going.

HnK takes place on Earth after humans died out at least 10,000 years ago with gem people that fight the mysterious ‘moon people’ who apparently want to turn them into trinkets.
It’s at its core a coming-of-age story for our protagonist Phos with the backdrop of Buddhist imagery and a peaceful post-apocalypse as they try to find out the secret of their world and themselves.

SU is a story that takes place on Earth while humans still exist and are tormented by powerful gem-monsters and aliens that want to turn the Earth into a kindergarten to create more of themselves at the cost of life on Earth.
It’s at it’s core a coming-of-age story with themes of relationships and individuality(to my knowledge, I haven’t watched SU because I lacked time. Now I lack means).

My story sort of mixes these elements, as it takes place on a static and eternally-beautiful world made almost entirely of crystal that hosts the Amrel, or ‘Gem People’ that enjoy art and expression to an almost obsessive degree. From the center of their planet come the terrible Ogna, or ‘Mineral-Eaters’ that devour and ravage the world, sucking the life-giving inclusions out of the flora and fauna.
It’s a story of the preservation and transformation of this once-static, unchanging world to allow it to become beautiful once more.

But until the threat is vanquished, the Amrel must live with the overwhelming threat of ‘death’, something they never knew until now.

Only have one question for now. Can we choose our names? You seem to refer the Character as Amrel.

I think Amrel is the name of the species.

Making a note on your earlier comments: [quote=“Rulien, post:3, topic:27790”]
-The game would have to be gender-locked, as Amrel have only one gender: none. But I probably wouldn’t use ‘they’ because it would get very confusing very fast.

Since it didn’t seem like you considered it, I would recommend that you use “it”. Not to imply that Amrel aren’t people or anything, but generally speaking, “it” is the pronoun I would use to refer to things without gender.[quote=“Rulien, post:3, topic:27790”]
-Amrel often have powers based on their mineral/metal type, and that would take a lot to implement properly, though I’ll probably just skip it and feel a bit bad.

You could make a compromise. If you’re going to let us choose what type of mineral we are, you could always give us a small list (maybe 2-3 things) of minor abilities so that multiple read-throughs could feel unique, and to let people pick a mineral based on their preferred playstyle. Granted, this is some heavy RPG mentality, and it might be a little complicated to implement, so feel free to pass, but I just thought I’d recommend it.

That’s not a bad idea. I like it a lot actually! 2 questions tho. 1. This isn’t so important but could we name our character and have your characters name as a choice. Just a thought. Lastly, would you ever consider your story to be a trilogy or having 2 parts like Sabres of Infinity or Way Walkers?

Infinity series and way walkers both are trilogies

I know that’s why I said trilogy or two parts. Should’ve of been two parts of trilogy like etc

Will there be romance and can we have a beast as our companion

Well to answer a few questions…

-You can choose your first name, but you’re last name will most likely be Dola(diamond), Bergi(alloy) or Bors(quartz) since Amrel each share a single ‘family’ and rarely move out of it.

-I’m probably going to use he/she, he, or zhe when referring to characters. To me, ‘it’ is kinda dehumanizing, not to mention that referring to people, objects, and beasts as ‘it’ will be confusing.

-I don’t think this thing will exceed one part.

-Romance might sort of be a thing, but war will most likely keep that off your mind. I’m definitely going to add relationships though.

-No, Ogna WILL NOT be companions. The best way to explain them is to treat them like the Grimm in RWBY, only using what little intelligence they have to hunt prey.

I’m still making through story progression, but here’s a character list of those I’ve created so far.

Aldo Tu-An(Blue, Blue Diamond)
Ability: Hardened Focus

Once a bright-eyed youth, now wishes for the battle to end. Aldo is very skilled at getting people behind the cause and fighting as a unit, even when he was just starting out.

Aldo has the ability to harden his body to ludicrous levels, but can shatter when hit in his joins or head. His power only works as long as he can stay focused on keeping his armor up.

Aldo takes the part of an outline of you taking the role of a diamond, and is not unchangable in name and type.

Thesa Bors(Tan, Quartz)
Ability: Electric Shock

Thesa gives a lightly haughty personality, which many find a bit annoying. While usually the one to crack unfunny jokes, she does know when to get serious. Many find her weird for using and insisting on ‘female’ pronouns along with rumors that she has a crush on a certain someone.

Thesa has the ability to release electrical shocks strong enough to cause severe burns, though sometimes uses it to help rejuvenate fallen and weary comrades.

Maki Telk(Purple, Amethyst)
Ability: Level Aura

Maki was more or less coerced into working towards the war effort for her family, but tries her best to be at least somewhat useful, working as a seamstress for uniforms and an assistant nurse.

Maki has the ability to damper emotional responses and promote tiredness in others near her. She uses this when things get too heated.

Yuik Masi(Green, Jade)
Ability: None

Carefree and silly to a degree some find worrying, Yuik assures others that he can handle himself just fine, something he can definitely attest to.

Lelan Bergi(Magenta, ?/Agate/? Alloy)
Ability: Poisoning

Doesn’t give a crap about what anyone says, according to him. Apparently actually does, badly, being from a family of specially-made alloys and often had to compete for recognition in his family.
He hates making eye contact with anyone, or interacting with too many people, but he is most sensitive about his fracture.

Lelan has the ability to cause illusions and sickness in those nearby, and is deadly to Ogna if he applies enough of his poison.

Catry Eres(Black, Onyx)
Ability: Precision Point

Catry isn’t much of a natural fighter, but has proven to be an excellent surgeon and medic. Catry wants the war to end with as few deaths and lost memories as possible, and makes sure that it will come to fruition. She is known to very calming to talk and be with.

Catry has the ability to operate and do tasks with almost unmatched preciseness.

Weia Kina(Yellow, Gold/Ruby)
Ability: Rough Texture

Weia is not fighting for any particular person or reason, but would rather fight than sit back and let the Ogna destroy that the Amrel hold dear.
He is almost always extremely calm, but is also extremely reckless.

Weia has the ability to mold his gold into various forms, but since only his outer coating and hair is gold, he often uses it to become sharp to the touch.

Gumil Tenre(Pink, Tourmaline)
Ability: Fire Shock

A extremely stoic and straightforward person, Gumil is the last one to be invited to anything, as most events become much less fun when in his vicinity.
He is easily flustered when things don’t work out as expected, and becomes absolutely enraged (or terrified, depending on circumstances) when this happens.

Gumil has the ability to generate electricity and/or fire using heat friction or a preexisting charge. His afro hair produces weak friction naturally, but he usually requires Thesa’s assistance to create stronger charges.

Umri Kilga(Orange, Tiger’s Eye)
Ability: Farsight

Comes off as rough but is rather soft, Umri lacks social tact for most situations and doesn’t understand what the matter is.
He at first chastised Aldo for becoming increasingly reckless after a certain incident, but later grows to like him.

Umri has the ability to see things very far away, making him a very good scout.

Sensi Mesber(Grey, Steel)
Ability: Detachment

Ready to prove battle prowess at a moment’s notice, people wonder what he will do when the war is over.
As does Sensi.

Sensi has the ability to detach and reattach parts of his body very easily.
He usually uses his oversized braids, since it is much easier to use preexisting clubs.

Reghi Aiser(Red, Ruby)
Ability: Needle Silk

Cool and collected, Reghi(ray-gee) does the best that can be done to be there for everyone. He has his moments of cracks in the facade, but wants to be the best leader he can be for his comrades.

Reghi has the ability to pull the rutile inclusions from his hair to use as a spear or bonds at will.

Omiu Deis(Brown, Topaz)
Ability: Frictional Heat

Omiu(om-mew) wishes only the best for her comrades and family, and wants to help the war effort for their sake.
She values togetherness above all else, but doesn’t value non-majorities nearly as much.

She has the ability to use heat from friction to temporarily stick fractured pieces of gems together, often helping Catry in the clinic.
She can also use it on herself if needed.

Namid Crair (Clear, Glass)
Ability: Bright Reflection

Uselessly brittle and with a weak personality, Namid only wants to be of use to others. Occasionally gets uncharacteristically angry at others for their screw-ups, shouting various swears if no one stops him.
He uses ‘male’ pronouns as a means to instill confidence, which many see as cute, but unnecessary.

Nami has the ability to temporarily blind those nearby by absorbing nearby light and letting it out as a burst or precise beam.
It’s surprisingly useful, even if Nami doesn’t think the same.


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