Space station alpha (interest check/announcement)

Alright hi all this is the first time i have posted about this or for that matter any of my own WIP’s so if you have stumbled into this inexperienced writers thread out of curiosity or accidentally pressed the button to this thread either way welcome!:smiley:
Still here ? Good!


The year was 2050 nasa had just building a space station as big as 10 rockets put together when earth had it’s first encounter with intelligent alien lifeforms these beings where called xenos at first mankind had planned to be peaceful with the new aliens but that was when they launched a full on assault on America killing 80% of the population then building a civilization on mars that was when the XTF was founded xeno taskforce by the UN they hired specialist in different areas such a marksmen and espionage as well as a variety of other areas to train recruits in those areas in order to fight the xenos and they used the space station from nasa as a base of operations you will be able to choose your gender your sexual preference your speciality and how you deal with multiple situations

More details as the story progresses ask as many questions as you want and i will answer as best i can i currently don’t have a demo ready yet xD


will I be able to ‘capture’ the Xenos?

In order to examine them? Yes i think that would be suitable

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Can mc choose gender? And are there going to be RO?

Yes and yes xD (20 characters)

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@Vattena click story, at the bottom of the text

will the Xenos be like xenomorphs, in appearance? and if they look like that…will we be able to have RO one?

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There will be multiple areas to specialise in such as grunt work/being in the middle of a battle
Being a pilot
Search and rescue
And maybe more

You might want to check Master List, you might already see it though

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They look like a humanoid with very pale skin and four arms so if you are into that than go right ahead

Yeah i have visited it a couple of time thanks

Don’t mind if I do.
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  • Grunt
  • Sharpshooter
  • Search and rescue
  • Stealth
  • Pilot

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P.S grunt is Soldier
P.SS search and rescue is also medic

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Please only vote once thanks xD

Can mc do more research on Xenos?

You can attempt to capture a xeno and assist in analysis

shudder…b-but what is this?

what is what i have decided to make my own W.I.P


i am just waiting for Chronicler to download to start getting to work xD

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this is called the revenge of the anal probing!!! in this story, we will be the ones doing the probing!!


I know…I mean what up with @Logan3000x and his fetishism with xenomorphs

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