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I wrote this Fate RPG driven solo adventure book which I self-published through LuLu.

I’m thinking that I’d like to republish it as a Hosted game. I’d pull the Fate RPG stuff out and Choice of Gameize it. Since I already have the content, I think it’s the perfect game for me to start out with.

I’m wondering, can I do this? While it’s already been published, it’s been done so by me. I, who own the IP, give myself permission to write it as a Hosted Game. I’d even be willing to take it off LuLu to host it with you folks.

Would this work?

If not, no worries, I can make another origonal work, I just thought this would be a good starter.

  • Chris

I do believe other authors are doing this - @Elena_H and her Doner project comes to mind.

To make sure you might want to contact Hosted Games or CoG directly. The company officers might not see this right away.


I could be wrong, but somewhere I seem to remember Treasure of the Forbidden City starting life as a book and going across to HG. As Eiwynn said though, best bet is to email COG directly and ask them before you do too much work on it.


Thanks Eiwynn, Jacic, I’ll contact them right away.

Just saw this. As @Eiwynn pointed out, I’ve already started converting my first published work to a CoG. Since it’s no longer in print (publisher went out of business), and I own all the rights, I can’t imagine there would be a problem.

All the same, though, I’m curious to know what COG has say. If you have the time (and inclination), please update the thread and let me know. :slight_smile: And best of luck!!!


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