Soundtrack for WIP On Foxtrot Hill


On Foxtrot Hill WIP
The place for all the hot tracks that help inspire the game!
I know the game makes more than a few nudges at popular media of different sorts, so here’s the list for all the things that well…were fun, but not included directly in the game, or just seems fitting, etc.
Please feel free to suggest nice tunes-official when possible and as safe for work as possible-

  1. Fast in My Car- Paramore

  2. Roxanne- The Police

  3. Trouble- Cage the Elephant

  4. Tear in My Heart- Twenty One Pilots

  5. Jamie- Weezer

  6. We’re Going to be Friends- White Stripes

  7. Girls- Widowspeak

  8. To All of You- Syd Matters

  9. Girl Like You- Smithwesterns

  10. Crying- Roy Orbison

  11. Great Gig in the Sky- Luna Lee (Pink Floyd cover)

  12. No More Regrets- Arch Enemy

  13. Dragon Age Origins opening OST 1- Inon Zur

  14. Autumn Breeze-JIDA ft. Rachel Lim

  15. Genghis Khan- Miike Snow

  16. 90 Degrees- Ladytron

wheew! That was a huge list, but we got way more where that came from :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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