Sound files included?

I figured out I can host sounds on a Dropbox and refer to them in a game.

I’m curious if this is a bad idea. Would people prefer a smaller download file, or should I just package the sounds with the game?

Trial of the Demon Hunter (and its sequel) have soundtracks. Although this can add a nice touch for the people who enjoy that sort of thing, it also makes the app size like 10 times larger than all of the other CoGs. It may dissuade a few people, but I personally think it’s a good addition, and many readers have stated that it improved the overall experience. If you want to have sounds in your game, go for it.

I certainly agree! My actual question though:

The normal way to include sounds is to have them in the folder with the html file (or a specified folder.) What I’ve figured out is that instead of pointing to a sound locally, I can point at a sound clip hosted on a drop box so the reader doesn’t need to download them.

Downsides: Possible slight delay for sound effects triggering for people with slow connections. Possible bandwidth usage issues for people who pay for limited amounts. Absence of sound effects possibly if the game is on a phone or tablet.

So I’m wondering how much of an inconvenience it is for a story file to be large as you’ve mentioned. If games are hosted and the sounds are included, will these sound files play on any device?

Is it not possible to do both? Just duplicate the file and modify one so that it doesn’t call or have the files included to reduce the size.

So I tried doing a swap. I used the IDE in Safari and everything works. When I copied the raw code over to the IDE in Chrome it did not work. I’m thinking hosting the sounds out of the file is a no-go.

Here’s my quick test, which goes straight to the page on my dropbox with the files there, so it doesn’t require any downloading at all.

(Yes, the url shortener decided to end in “SEX”, that was completely inadvertent!)