Sound Effects, Written!


"Hello everybody… so… *ahem I think I have a little problem here…
You know… I work at a nearby storage house, especially gasoline and stuffs, and then there’s something that bothers me…" said John.

The storage house located behind John just exploded.

“Dang it. I told him not to smoke near that gas tank!!!” said John to nobody.
Hey Forum Dwellers. Thanks for visiting this weird post.
I just wanted to point out that sometimes sound effect may help immerse a reader to what they’re reading.

But I realized that each person may have their own style to “write” their sound effect. Just like in John’s case. You can use KA-BOOM, or BAM!!, or maybe you have your own way to write it: DUARR!!! SHHBAAAMMM!!! BLAAARRR

So, share your written sound effects and let me know if you have funny, bizarre, abnormal sound effects
(Applies to non-explosion)
P.S.: Shouting helps you relieved from stress


I think that it depends on the type of story and overall atmosphere of the moment. If the scene you describe would come from a comedy and action centered story I would have no problem reading a “KA-BOOOOOOMMMMM!!!”. However, if it was a more realistic and darker story I would much more prefer a detailed version. Something like this:

"Hello everybody… so… ahem […] there’s something that bothers me…" said John.

And like the storage house was ignited by his words it shined as bright as the top of a Christmas tree. While an unnatural thunder made his ears ring for a few seconds and the creeping blast wave made him lose his balance for a moment. In the following smaller explosions which had striking similarities as if you were watching popcorn, punching dents into the tinfoil from under it, Jason turned around. However, the only thing he could do was watch how the storage house slowly revealed itself after it had been swallowed up by smoke like when ninja had made an escape with a smoke-bomb.

“Dang it. I told him not to smoke near that gas tank!!!” said John to nobody.

That’s what I think about written sound effects. About some of my own collection:

How about a warbird emptying his guns on some ground targets and flying off after it?

Our platoon was rushing onto the next position of these rebel scums when one of their aircraft took a dive from the heavens and the rain made of lead dropped down on us!

Nyaaaaaauuuhhh! Dat!Dat!Dat!Dat!Dat! Nyaaaauuhhh-frrrroooommm~! | [roll the r :wink:]

To never be continued

Hope you like it. :sweat_smile:


As any true Marvel fan knows, THWIP, SNIKT and BAMF. :wink:


Why not both? I wouldn’t mind having a “KA-BOOOOOOM” followed by a detailed explanation depicting the scene in all its gritty details, just for a mental image.


Like I said it’s just my personal preference. For example in “Life of a Mobster” or “Killing Time” I wouldn’t have minded some sound effects (Not sure if there are some. I read them awhile ago.) written out. However, in something like the Zombie Exodus Games or Heroes Trilogy I would rather not see something like a “Boom” for a gun or “Whack” for a punch. (With my usual bad memory I got the dumb feeling that there is at least one scene with a written sound effect just to ruin my argument. :sweat: )

But to keep up with the topic of this thread how about a pipe with a rusty valve that squeaks when you turn it (with a little salt to injury)?

Weaaak! … Weaaaak! … Weaaak!


Sounds like it’s time to watch some old episodes of Batman. POW! SMACK!



Doctor…I swear you are everywhere and nowhere as you read the COG forums silently and make no comment and only come out when summoned 0.0"

anyways, not sure if I am the firs to mention this but sometimes people who like to read quietly prefer to read sound effects whilst the people who slaughter the silence prefer the noise to silence so maybe someone should do a survey to see what people prefer? I won’t do it as people may not like the idea so…yeah… \O.O/ ‘’’


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