Soulmates Inc. (WIP) [79k | updated on 01/11/2024]

:grin: Hi, Absolutely Confuzzled, I’m Da–

I hope being able to speak with her (maybe even more than once) later helps clear that up :slight_smile:

I mean, you could say that! MC is DMing and orchestrating for two strangers/soulmates to meet under some exciting circumstances, so I guess?


I read this several weeks ago but finally found time to comment on it. I just wanted to say I love what I’ve read so far and I’m very eager to see what comes next! The game path was fun, and while I didn’t try the art exhibit one, I’m fully satisfied with the events of the silly gaming haha


Thank you, glad you’ve enjoyed it! Both approaches, the game event and the art exhibit, are meant to be identical in impact (though very different in execution), so it’s great to know that one of them delivers :blush:


Interesting so far. I’m already a sucker for our soul-link partner. Lol.

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