Soul Eater (Fourm Role Play)


Soul eater role play this is my 2nd Role play so one rule you’ve got to be both the mister and weapon send me a PM if you wish to be one of th show chaters I’ll aprove in PM and announce on chat. Let the games begin! ~O)


Can we make are own characters


THANK YOU!!! Yes! This is going to be awesome! And I ask the same question as HeroMaster.


@HeroMaster yea you can. Just send me a pm to let me know name age, partner. And ect.


@Henry_de_awsome You should probably write an unfilled script so we know what questions to answer.


okay well here’s what info i “WANT” from you.

Back story 1-5 sens long:


I posted a comment to you because I don’t know pm meaning only MLG :wink: plus there both 19


@HeroMaster Words! Use Words!


so you have to be both a mister and the mister’s weapon?


Well @Malacanth only of you want.

My info,

Name: Ace

Age: ??

Partner/weapon: Joe blueluka -ak-47, mp-40, magnum, psh and mm9.-

Back story: Is death’s 2nd son but is some how older then DTK, and is missing a eye.

( if you want to be a borther or sister of a main chareter send me comment/ PM and wait till I say yes.)


Wait shouldn’t you be death


Alright, if we go with the continuity this will never work. Just think of this as filler episodes between episode 3 and 4 or something. Doesn’t matter, just don’t go too crazy.


confused do we post our bios here or still send them to you?


Also cannot wait this will be my first rp but very exicited B-)


@HeroMaster I’m his 2nd son brother of DTK.

@TwillightSamuria I posted mine as an example. They should be sent to me.


Cool :-bd


And guys we’re waiting at least a week so if more peeps want to join they can. ~O)


Btw we’re going to mor or less recreate the story, with our own chaecters. ~O)


Awsome I call dibs as medusas love interest


oh god i wonder how i’m going to RP the encounter with Excalibur ~O)