SoS: The Mortal Coil (WIP)

This demo had me hooked. Love the writing and how much we can shape the MC. This is the WIP I’ll be looking forward to the most! Hope all is well


Thanks again for these! I appreciate it. A lot of these have been fixed in the revisions I’m doing but aren’t yet available to the public, but it’s good to double check and there’s always a few new things!

About your number three that line triggers if you prefer men or are ace, and have a charisma over fifty. From what I understand, your character is ace. Fae don’t do emotional intimacy as a general rule of thumb, so explaining you aren’t interested in sex in general would be poorly received and Laniwynn is not a woman to upset. ‘I’m not generally attracted to women’ here means ‘I’m not interested in having sex with you’ but said in a way that is intended not to upset her by singling her out. She can now perceive it as a character quirk rather than a slight.

If your charisma is lower, it goes like this:


“Don’t make this about you,” you state, words harsh. “I’m not attracted to women sexually. Do not take insult where there is none.”

Laniwynn’s head tilts to one side, and she studies you with some surprise. “Well, then I suppose I should be flattered that you chose to dance with me at all then.” It’s not quite a question, so you don’t respond.

“I suppose I can appreciate your forthright response,” she concedes reluctantly, huffing softly.

“I do appreciate the offer of a bed for the night, free of expectations,” you remind her of her offer, knowing that fae are creatures of their word, despite how manipulative and conniving they are.

“How you survived at the Courts is a mystery to me,” Laniwynn states, shaking her head. “Few of those pompous fae appreciate blunt natures such as yours. Fortunately, I find it refreshing, even if what you say is not what I would like to hear.”

Laniwynn turns, stepping on a troll as she heads towards a path dimly lit by faerie lights. You hasten to follow her, skirting around the troll. Better not to court disaster. You are already playing with fire.

I will probably end the demo somewhere, but a large majority of the game will be posted to the forums and all of it will be available to the beta testing group–which will probably be quite large given the scope of this game and the amount of eyes required to give everything a good look.

There is technically a nsfw thread for this game in the forums. It is currently closed. If there is interest, I can ask for it to be reopened.

When I’m to that point there will be a call for beta testers, but it will require filling out an application and I will have some structured feedback questions in addition to general grammar and other feedback.

Apologies for the confusion! At some point refers to the update. At some point the game will be updated with those scenes. There are multiple flashbacks within the game; the current timeline is the events with Daniel, and then there are flashbacks to some of the major events on your life (which will have an impact on current day events).

Meeting the faction of gods is a flashback. You’ll choose one of four. Training the nephilim is part of the fae flashback. The medium is Alice’s mom. There’s several opportunities to meet her. Playing muse to Leanardo da Vinci and meeting Mona Lisa (she’s a changeling!) is a flashback. The battle in Rome is a flashback that can potentially tie in with the other pantheon flashback. (Norse gods have a tie in with Ryder, Greek with Iro, Roman with Aelius, Egyptian with another separate flashback). Solving murders is part of the current day gameplay. As a detective you will solve various cases, all of which are considered major crimes but involve a supernatural element. Chewing out demons and arguing with Michael are character interactions and a bad joke on the author’s part. You will have to choose your stance regarding Heaven, but it’s a gradual accumulation to a final decision. Cooking is a sort of side event where you can interact with various characters for bonding opportunities and also a nod to the sos discord as they love to joke about Gabriel’s inability to cook.

2020 has been a year, to say the least. I am working on updates and would love to get it out before the end of the year but my life is not at all predictable right now :upside_down_face:


  1. What sort of characteristics are you interested in? I’ll be honest I’m not 100% sure what’s in the public demo vs what I work with right now, but we’ve got facial hair, physical build, height, eye color, hair color, skin color, hair length, sex, gender, and pronouns. I’m trying to limit how many characteristics are explicit vs left to your own imagination as every one I provide will be referenced again.

  2. Gabriel getting trapped in the mortal body is a fixed point.

  3. The shell is mandatory. The point of the mission is to be covert and blend in as a human.

  4. No. This is not a game about the all powerful angel smiting things. You can use your powers in flashbacks without the limit of a shell.

  5. Gabriel is not a walking nuclear bomb in human form because the point is Gabriel *is not using their power.*The shell is not built for it. This is part of the plot. It will not change. Limiting how and when you use your powers is part of the challenge of the game. For example, using them too often will result in your cover being blown early and make your journey more difficult.

  6. The heavenly host is all of the angels aligned with Heaven, technically. It is often used to refer to a particular group sent out for missions as well, though: “The host sent to deal with those demons accomplished their mission.” Gabriel can perform miracles as an extension of their connection with Heaven.

  7. Angels can inhabit human shells. A human shell is devoid of a spirit. Angels basically possess this shell. The question about nephilim I won’t answer; that’s not something your character would know.

Ahhh I’m glad you enjoyed! It’s not going to be dropped. Won’t be finished any time soon, but I am relentless.

The final decision of whether or not you like them is up to you. However, ROs are not one-night stands. These are deep, varied relationships you can have. Most are aligned to a specific faction, and with limited time in-game, who you get to know will change each playthrough based on your choices. Characters can be persuaded to ‘switch’ factions, or prioritize you over other loyalties, but that takes time.

In a quick summary:
Celestials: Ramiel, Sabriel, Michael (even as a Fallen, Ramiel leans more towards supporting heaven than Hell)

Werewolves: Tom, Charleston, Karyn

Werepanthers: Leo, Tadea

Hell: Iro, Aelius

Mortals: Alice, Iain, Zaria

Witches: Stephanie

Himself: Ryder

You are asking very interesting questions :smirk: What God has been up to, and what Gabriel is able to do about their absence, is a major part of the game. Saying too much would ruin the surprise.

But I will say the miracles stat is not tied to that. It monitors how many ‘miracles’ you have tried to perform.

No one is pretending to be God. The machinations of Heaven can operate in their absence.

@Christian_Lopez @OscarKane
This is first and foremost a work of fiction, based loosely on the mythos of Abrahamic religions. I do not recommend bringing assumptions about how God works and what they do into this game. And whatever happened, it is not a consequence of other gods working against Gabriel’s god.

Michael wants things to continue as ‘normal’ with everyone doing what ‘they’re supposed to do.’

God was around when the Council cast out Ramiel. Their role is not to solve Gabriel’s problems. Referring to god as he is a humanism. They do not use he/him pronouns. In-game writing should not be interpreted by your out-of-game religious beliefs. This is not Christian fanfiction. It is not about Christianity as a religion. It is about how a powerful figure (your Gabriel, the pc) works with limitations to shape the future of a boy who may or may not be capable of great things, and discovering what it means to be an individual with your own desires and wants and how that works within larger goals–such as the end of the world.

It’s going better, thanks! Hope you continue to enjoy <3


Just wanted to say that this is A M A Z I N G! I loved the writing and just everything! Awesome job :smile:


Does anybody know what happened to that google doc that was like a compilation of everything from the tumblr? I can’t find it anywhere.


Are you talking about this?


Oh my god! Thank you


I certainly would be interested in the NSFW thread, @Dae-kalina!

There’s a link to it in the author’s original post b)

Replayed the story and still can’t get enough can’t wait to see the finished or at least a few more chapters of the story​:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:!!!


I can’t believe I didn’t start reading this earlier :sob: I’m in love with your story and will be patiently waiting for whenever the new update comes :hugs: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Is the female fae chieftan a RO?

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I think it was stated that she is

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No. She’s a one night stand only.

The author has hinted in the past that the Fae won’t be around for Gabriel to visit in the future. Furthermore, Dae-kalina has said that:


I have reached the end of demo. I was expecting more action and fighting scenes as MC chose angel blade as his strength. But MC got assigned as guardian of Damien and Ramiel’s children. So far, it’s interesting.

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Will Daniel be able to meet Ramiel’s kids.

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The section involving Ramiel’s kids is a flashback to before Daniel was born, and I don’t think the kids survive, so no. I would like to read a non-canon short story about that though. It would be interesting. :thinking:


What do you mean not survive?

I think it was stated on the tumblr that Gabriel will be appointed as their guardian, so will interact with them, but it was hinted that they will still be nephilim, and those will become crazy so they’ll be killed. It’s pretty obvious they’ll die, we still don’t know how.


Is there anything to do to save them?

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I have bookmarked the link for the demo. Hope to see a lot of updates. Good story :slight_smile: