SoS: The Mortal Coil (WIP)

I really enjoyed the demo of this game and I’m very much excited for the final release. I really like the world we’re set in and how all the dynamics work with everything. I also like the realationships you have with the characters and I feel like the characters are well fleshed out in the story, I also love the little bits of intimacy you share with the characters even if it’s not romantic at all, like Israfel for example, and I like the incorporation of using your grace as a sort of emotional signal with your fellow angels, I feel like it’s a nice touch since sometimes you can’t put into words your feelings so using your grace is a sort of way of expressing it all without words.

Overall, I love the game and can’t wait to finally explore the whole story! :heart:


Hot damn! I just finished the demo, and I need this in my life. Obviously, you should take the time needed to finish it at your own rate, but I figured I’d give a sign of support by at least truthfully telling you that I’ll be waiting patiently with my breath held tight, in anticipation of the finished story to come out! :heart:


Interresting story. Keep it up!

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This game is great!

Phenomenal thus far! I look forward to this games completion.


I’m hooked! I can’t wait to see where the story goes from here.


Welpp I finished the demo, and … ITS PERFECT! I mean its a new perspective, eye catching, and my imaginations running wild while reading uh wat da hell I always like the Angels and Demons concept anyway I love it! It must be hard to write these, I can imagine how many references you would have to work with just to bring about the idea and scene you needed to deliver, but please keep up the good work im really excited~ I hope you can finish it with flying colors cuz some are not really a fan of religion based,but then again I think we really have different preferences. (≧∀≦)ゞ ps: I luv it finish it already!


This is such a good and interesting demo , it’ll be awesome when completed i can feel it!!
By the way can i say i absolutely despise sabriel(hope i am not the only one here with this opinion) .


I’m so invested in this!!


I have a question and I’m not sure if somebody already asked and answered this but here I go. Gabriel and Michael are archangels right? So that means they are pretty strong. My question is did they become archangels because they were strong or did becoming archangels make them strong. And also does becoming stronger mean you gain more wings or can you only gain more wings if you’re an archangel.

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I believe it’s service grants you a higher rank. Like in the army basically. Also the higher rank, the more wings you have. And with that rank and specific title you have, you gain more power. Gabriel is pretty powerful because they are an archangel and the Wrath of God.


So what you’re saying is they gain more wings after they become an archangel. So then do they lose their wings and power if they fall?


Not entirely sure on that part. Doesn’t seem to be the case since Ramiel fell and kept his wings I believe.


Yeah, their wings turn black after they Fall. Their Grace is also affected or ‘tainted’ by the Fall, but I also wonder if one angel has the same amount/purity of Grace as another, or if the power behind Grace is contingent upon age or rank… I’m sure the author has probably mentioned it.


Likely the tumblr has answers :slight_smile:

It’s super extensive so lots of fun in exploring if you have questions in mind


If you show an interest in Ramiel, he will realize that he too has feelings for you. If the mc is unsure or uninterested, he will not demonstrate any interest in you.

You will have the option to Fall (for various reasons) later in the game. Lucifer, however, does not support the mc Falling.

All the characters grow and change. How they do can be influenced by Gabriel, such as working with Michael to address his behaviors. And as mentioned, he is an RO.

You’re not the only one who has strong feelings about her, that’s for sure.

Both. Archangels are selected because of the power they demonstrate, and when they are awarded the rank of archangel they gain access to greater power. For instance, Sabriel was offered the rank of archangel and declined. She has the power level to become an archangel, but since she is not an archangel, she has access to less power.

Angels who Fall keep their wings and relative power levels.

Not all angels are created equal, though age and rank do factor into how much power an angel has at their disposal. Age has more to do with experience–the more time an angel has to practice, the more they learn about how to use their power and how to control and access more of it.


The only thing i dislike here is my own inability to choose a favorite RO–i LOVE every one of them. Love you, author!


@Dae-kalina hello it’s not to disturb but I was wondering
1: How many words does the game have so far approximately?
2: if God is omnipotent then what would prevent him from destroying us to the slightest rebellion?


That’s the joy of it; you can have them all! The only question is who to pursue first


  1. About ~330,000 words. It’s not optimized (I try to cut down redundant words that pad a word count, but that’s a separate pass from writing and not all the scenes have received this treatment) and I’m expanding/revising sections (adding more backstory in Heaven that gives more time with the nestmates and a few other character, revising weapon commentary to include state modifiers–do you use a staff but prefer offensive Grace attacks? There will be a comment for that–as well as some creation and fae scene revisions.

  2. A lot of this is spoilers for the game, but a non-spoilery bit is that actions can be punished. Thoughts, ideas, even slight transgressions aren’t the same as rebellion, and one can think a rebellious thought without becoming so. And rebellions serve a purpose.


Can we rebel without actually being obliterated into astral ashes and not end up like lucifer as well (i know i am asking a lot) .
Also will we be able to deal with sabriel(in making her an enemy route?)