SoS: The Mortal Coil (WIP)

So I’ve talked a little about this but I’m going to go into a more depth here. Part of the reason is that you’re taking the role of an iconic figure with a preordained name. A random archangel would be missing the lore that Gabriel has associated with them, and a lot of this game deals with the reality of Gabriel versus the popular conception of Gabriel. Also given that many of the characters are figures like Lucifer, Michael, Lillith, Abaddon, etc. having a character who already has at least an implied place and history among them let’s me focus on defining the character rather than spending a while establishing your character as an archangel. I decided to use Gabriel for several reasons. Typical portrayals of Gabriel depict them as closer to humanity than other archangels (especially compared to Michael) which fits the story. Another reason is that the name Gabriel is one of the easier names to assign either a male or female figure in my mind (pronunciation switches to Gabrielle for me, even without a spelling change). There will be a scene where Gabriel can remark upon how their name was written down and that they butchered the pronunciation. The lore of my world also deals heavily with the power of names, especially true names. Gabriel is not just your name but also what you are–and the player gets to define that. However, this game is about choices. When creating your human shell (which will be in 2 updates) you get to select your own name. This is how every mortal will refer to you and if you so choose the angels will too. As to why you haven’t picked a name before, it has to do with expectations of angels. Angels are created with names–it is part of their very being and every angel can read another angel’s name in their Grace. They are assigned an identity; choosing a name for oneself is simply not done. Gabriel has used other identities before but never actually lived with a different name. As they live as whatever their chosen name is the idea is that they become more comfortable with it and may get to the point where they insist on being called their chosen name over Gabriel by everyone. (Michael will refuse to do this though). Hope that helps answers everyone’s questions about the name bit. Feel free to ask about anything I’ve just said if you’re still wondering about something.

Very much so. Piety is actually a hidden stat. There is also a hidden rebellion stat. Piety deals with how you feel about your God specifically. Your Gabriel can adore God but still rebel against them for various reasons (ranging from ‘I need to be my own person’ to ‘I love you but you’re wrong’–a little love/hate here–or even ‘I have to do this for Daniel/other people/reasons’). A neutral obedient character will have low rebellion as well as middling piety. They don’t really care about God either way bit supports the institution of Heaven (or is too lazy to upset the status quo). You can also despsise God but support Heaven. A good little archangel–one who maintains the status quo–will have high piety and no rebellion and see everything God does as right and good without question (to me this is the more puppet-like character who can tend to be more dogmatic than realistic). You can even, with much difficulty, rule hell and still like your God.

They don’t technically have ranks. Fallen view themselves as better than all demons because they were once angels but Lucifer forbids ranks among them as he says that Falling makes them all equal. Their jobs/roles dictate the relative hierarchy based on sheer power–Lucifer is King of Hell so he is at the top of the food chain. He only holds this position through his own power and it can be taken from him. Fallen tend to treat each other according to their angelic rank when they Fell which leads to some nasty fighting as power and not rank earns respect in Hell. In general the Fallen work under Lucifer but not with each other.


How large are planes are they the same size as planets or galaxies or are they different universes?

Alright I just have to say you have only posted the smallest demo and already I love this game more then half the other WIP here. So far it is amazing! I can not wait for the next update.

First things first, I love the way you have shown Lucifer, he is almost always shown as being vain, arrogant, or evil just for the sake of being evil, it is hardly ever talked about how he was a kind angel who rebelled to end the injustices he has seen. Now I don’t know what he will be like the next time we see him, I’m sure an eternity of hell has changed him at least a little, but so far I’m loving every second of him.

Now that I’m done with that I have two questions,

  1. Does Gabriel know any of the other Fallen? Right now we know Lucifer, but when he Fell we didn’t really know him, it would be much more of an impact if someone Gab knew and was close with was one of the Fallen.
  2. At any point when Gabriel is on earth does he see or hear about any stories about them made by humans? I can just imagine Gabriel reading something and being “WTF, who made up this story about me?”

I Beileve Lillath was a fallen angel not 100% sure

This is such a great story so far, I was upset to reach the end of the demo. Can’t wait for the next update!

Is there anything you can tell us about some of the female RO’s?

Planes comes in all shapes and sizes. Earth and everything one could feasibly (if not by our technology) physically travel to from Earth is one plane. This is the material plane. There are several overlapping dimensions for each material plane (also called planes, so this can be confusing). Heaven and Hell are both parallel planes to Earth that are nearby without actually intersecting. Intersecting planes have points on the material plane where you can move from one plane to another (an example of this in the story’s world is Stonehenge. However, safeguards have been put in place so no one can accidentally wander from one plane to a different one). Pocket dimensions are a category of smaller planes, typically running the size of a house or city at most. So… simple answer? They are different universes but can occupy the same space as ours (for example, Gabriel can see auras which are visible in a different plane from the material one.)


  1. Gabriel does know one of the other Fallen quite well.In fact, one of the five primary flashbacks that I have planned explores their relationship with Ramiel. If you caught it in the prologue I mention his name as one of Gabriel’s closest wingmates. Ramiel Falls several millennia after Lucifer–and depending on how you play Gabriel you can come close to falling at this point too. I don’t want to say too much more but I will state that the reason Ramiel falls is because he has nephilim.

2.Depending on if Gabriel chooses to reveal who they really are to certain mortals, they may comment upon differences in what they expected compared to the reality of Gabriel. Daniel may remark upon certain things he’s been reading, but at this point I don’t have Gabriel specifically reading about themselves. I may have to add in a short scene.

Lillith has many origin stories, one of which is her being Adam’s first wife. For my world she is an archdemon and one of the first mortals who became a demon. Her power is nearly enough to rival Lucifer’s and she makes no secret about wanting to take over the rulership of Hell from him.

Of course! To name a few there’s Sabriel, Alice, Tadea, Karyn, Stephanie, and Iro. (Short descriptions to follow, minimal spoilers).

Sabriel is another angel of Guardian rank. She’s the Guardian Angel Overseer for the area where you will be living and is technically responsible for making sure you don’t do anything to humans. She’ll be introduced in two updates.

Alice is a human and one potential partner for Gabriel. She’s the only child of a powerful medium and is well aware of the supernatural world even though she herself has no gifts. She’s a believer of order though she also believes that there are exceptions and that you have to take things on a case by case basis. She loves to tease coworkers and is fond of practical jokes but perfectly capable of being serious. Commitment makes her a little skittish in personal relationships. She is also a little afraid of children. Brown-haired she has unusually light grey eyes and stands at 5’ 11".

Tadea is a gay werepanther. She’s the second-in-command of her pride and prickly as can be. She sees official authorities (the police) as something to be leery of at best. The pressures of werepanther society (which places on emphasis on breeding and rewards cruelty) leaves her bitter and mistrustful of others. Aggressive and fierce, she supports her best friend’s new leadership style though thinks he is too naive to hold it on his own without her assistance. She favors practicality and is cutthroat in making decisions. Physical appearance is a dark-skinned, 5’ 8" woman with short-cropped hair. Most of her arms are covered in tattoos of barbed wires with roses on the left arm. She respects strength and will exploit any weaknesses she can find in anyone to further her agenda or that of her pack.

Karyn is a female werewolf who’s adept at dodging pack responsibilities. She loyal to her pack but has a wild streak. She is of the opinion that life is too short to be serious and tends to be seen as vain and flighty. She is also fairly intelligent and a skilled hacker. Blond-haired with amber eyes she stands at 5’ 6". She enjoys kickboxing and zumba, and can’t cook for the life of her.

Stephanie is a witch who works at the police department as a beat cop. She specializes in charms and trinkets not having much magical power at her disposal. She’s a little sensitive about her size, a mere 5’ 2", and hates speaking to large groups of people or with anyone she’s not familiar with. Generally mild mannered she enjoys strange tea blends and can talk for hours about the magical properties of herbs but is dismal at pop culture references.

Iro is a succubus dating from Hellenistic Greece. She’s a RO option only for darker Gabriels (though you can have a fling with her as a lighter Gabriel, she just won’t be interested in a relationship of any kind). As a succubus she has mid-level shape-shifting abilities which she predominantly uses to change her physical appearance. Iro likes drinks and toying with humans, though she is not a fan of blood and gore. She tries to rely on her wiles and ability to wheel and deal to maintain a comfy lifestyle free of being controlled.


Judging by the story i’ll take a wild guess that you’re a fan of the TV show Supernatural.


I’ve watched the first couple seasons but I wouldn’t say that I’m a particularly great fan… not having seen the majority of the episodes… Saving Grace, Joan of Arcadia, the movie Legion and the show based off that, Dominion, would probably be more of the stuff running background for the inspiration of this story… actually, there’s quite a lot I could cite as inspiration. Caffeine and sugar included.


How does the whole “falling” work exactly?

Is it in the “cast out” sense (how does that work when “God” is dead?), or “willingly leaving” sense? Does all fallen automatically gain dark wings when they fall? And do they retain Grace or gain some variant of it instead?

What changes when angels shift from their mortal shell to their “battle” mortal shell? I mean besides their eyes loosing the iris, and wings + angel blade appearing.

How is mortals affected by Grace? From what we see, the mortal body can’t really deal with actually possessing a lot of Grace, but what about being secondhand exposed to a lot of it? For example the true form of an angel.

And finally (sorry for the many questions ^^) to mimic Loki552 a little:
Can you then tell us a little about the male RO’s? :stuck_out_tongue: (and do the MC get to voice their sexuality? Is angels fallen in love, frowned upon in the “angel society”?)


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Okay, I’m going to tackle these in order.

  1. Falling. Every angel that Falls has a slightly different story, but it boils down to rebelling against God and committing Cardinal Sins (for angels at least). Nearly every single Fallen has been cast out–very few angels voluntarily leave Heaven. (Only three or four ever have–though some say the fourth was technically kicked out first). Part of this has to do with the idea that Heaven is all angels know. It is their family, their home, their society. It gives them purpose and direction and they are taught that Heaven is paradise and nothing would ever be reason to give that up. The fact that Falling is a one-way trip also discourages angels from upsetting the status quo. Lucifer was kicked out by God, as were most of the first Fallen. Any angel who had nephilim became Fallen. As to how this works when “God” is dead… the Watchers have the ability to call a council with the archangels. Based on evidence they may decide an angel is guilty of committing a Cardinal Sin–one of which is rebellion against God–and they may use the power of Heaven (this is the power the God wields and will permit some angels to use a portion of when needed to do God’s will) to cast out the angel in question–they sentence them to falling. Also, at the beginning of the story, Gabriel is not aware that “God is dead”…and in fact, may not be right about that even now. Gabriel just knows that they haven’t heard from God in a while–more of this will be revealed as the story goes and even in the next update. Fallen all have pitch black wings–it is a mark of their status and they cannot change the color. Fallen have a corrupted form of Grace, which they jokingly refer to as Hamartia. Their power still stems in a form from God (in that he does not make them powerless) but its strength comes from the power of the souls in Hell. This is why demons try to corrupt pure souls–they gain greater power from a corrupted pure soul than a repeated sinner. Suffering and pain feeds their power. Certain Fallen and powerful demons have adapted to receive power in other forms than misery.

  2. Alright, so angels are not supposed to fight in their mortal shells. That’s more or less a no-no. The angels chasing the demons towards the end of the demo have assumed human features by modifying their souls to appear human, but they are not in mortal shells. What an angel should do if they need to battle is leave their mortal shell (it essentially goes into ‘sleep’ mode) and fight without it. If they have to, they can use moderate amounts of Grace while in the mortal shell. Typically this means they can summon their wings from a higher plane of existence (they appear as very bright lights to most humans in this case), cast minor holy flames/healing/Grace spells, and summon their Angel Blade for brief periods. Mortal shells are typically used to conceal an angel’s presence so it partially blocks an angel’s connection to their Grace to help conceal their aura. Most angels have a very similar humanesque forms when not possessing a mortal shell. They typically have gold hair, white wings, black eyes, light skin. This is because Holy Light is typically very bright gold or white and an angel’s aura is typically gold-white so the forms they assume reflect that light.

  3. Mortals can be touched by Grace, i.e. healing, but Grace can also be used to burn mortals. Most humans can handle an angel’s true form if they are trying to appear human, but it is also dependent on the angel’s power. The more powerful an angel/the more Grace they are using the more dangerous it is for humans to look at them. They can literally burn out their cornea or go insane (they see visions in the light because angels exist in multiple planes while humans typically only access the material plane of Earth). Humans can be trained to ward themselves and magical humans/supernaturals have some natural resistance.

  4. I’ll finish off with some descriptions of some of the male RO’s. The mc will get to voice their sexuality, but this can be complicated so it will predominantly be along the lines of: do you prefer male, female, both, not really sexually attracted to anyone or it entirely depends. And the perspective of love is somewhat controversial. Nephilim are a serious threat so becoming intimate with humans is typically regarded as sinful. However, a. if they are in a mortal shell they have more leeway and b. if no nephilim are produced then it’s more of a ‘no foul, no harm’ attitude. Angels are able to create angelic offspring by taking some of their Grace and combining it with another angel’s Grace. This weakens both angels involved (or all…) so it is not usually done. Love itself is considered a virtue and encouraged, but most angels have a very pure idea about what love is compared to how humanity regards it. This will be something commented upon by others, like Israfel, if the mc chooses to pursue a relationship.

A few of the male RO: Iain, Ryder, Aelius, Ramiel, Charleston, Tom and Leo. (I’m giving up one more name here because I’ve already talked about Ryder).

Iain is the other option for your partner on the police force. He’s from an Irish Catholic family though he finds himself unable to commit to the same level of faith as his stringent mother. He likes to play the white knight and is always willing to help when asked. He’s very good with his niece and nephew, adores kids, but tends to be clueless when it comes to picking up on hints in relationships. He says drinking is as necessary as water to an Irish-man (even though he wasn’t born in Ireland). He laughs a lot, even when its not appropriate and sometimes speaks before thinking. His work is his passion and sometimes he neglects to take care of himself subsequently. Red hair, green eyes, 6’ 4", and skin that loves to burn in sunlight.

Aelius works ‘with’ Iro. He’s the incubus to her succubus. Really it’s a competition to see who can gain the most contracts and acquire the most power but he tends to be less ruthless than Iro. He still remembers being mortal and tends to include loopholes in his contracts that the clever can get out of–though sometimes these ‘loopholes’ require a greater sacrifice than the original contract. Has a morbid sense of humor and lacks a sense of decency. He is also possessive of whatever he views as his and sees lying as the key to any good relationship. He enjoys causing verbal disagreements and breaking up ‘happy-couples’ when time permits. Most of the time he wears a smile but can become maudlin.

Ramiel is a Fallen who has many regrets about his past. He is excellent at putting on masks and getting his job done but takes no pleasure in working for Hell. It’s a necessary evil to him. He’s leery of getting close to Gabriel given their past. More than this I can’t say without major spoilers.

Charleston is another cop at the precinct and a gay werewolf. His sexual orientation has previously made him an outsider in his pack, and even though he is the second of his new pack he tends to isolate himself. (Many shifter packs have difficulty with members who do not reproduce. In Charleston’s case, wolves are very family oriented and many find the idea that he may never have a biological pup ‘unnatural’.) He is laid-back and easygoing at work, quick with a smile. He quite astute and reads people well, but comes across as a pushover to most cops. In the pack he is second because of his martial skills (he’s a Beta second while a second appointed for their ability to deal with emotions and politics is usually an Omega second). At home he tends to be withdrawn and cold, quicker to snarl than help.

Tom Garrow is the leader of the local werewolf pack and recently widowed. Newly a single-father, he struggles between balancing his daughter and his pack. Well-traveled and educated, he tends to have lofty ideas that sometimes need a dose of practicality. He is not a fan of his wolf nature and tends to try to cover any of his ‘innate savagery’ with an excess of culture. He runs an upscale bar for his ‘day’ job and is a shrewd business man. He deliberately appointed Charleston in spite of the majority of the pack’s feelings, informing them that he was selecting the best person for the job, feelings be damned. He actually cares for Charleston as a close friend but often finds himself unable to help with issues without making them worse. Respected for his leadership because he puts the safety of the pack first, he can struggle with relationships outside of the pack. He does want to create a more international and cooperative pack that has other supernatural allies but has yet to persuade the pack to his point of view. He has dark brown hair that’s starting to silver, stands at a lean 6’ 5" with brown eyes that take on a gold hue when he isn’t careful.

Leo is the werepanther Alpha. Young for an Alpha, he succeeded by killing the previous Alpha as is custom with werepanthers. He is attempting to change the way the pride behaves but meets strong resistance. A bit of an idealist he is often frustrated by what he calls outdated moralities but lacking little in the way of different life experiences tends to fall back on his animal nature when challenged. He has a reputation in the precinct for being a troublemaker and his sense of justice tends to run towards an-eye-for-an-eye. Dark-skinned, he wears his long black hair in a braid. He has a set of angel wings tattooed on the back of his neck and often appeals to higher powers for guidance, especially when trying to remain calm.

And while it may seem certain races/factions get more RO than others, I will say three things: A, these are major factions and B. I have hardly listed all the RO and C. depending on how you play your MC the primary interaction with certain characters may be attempting to kill them.

Secondly, yes, currently both shifter packs I have introduced are led by males. This does not have to stay that way, and I have my reasons for the way they are now. There are plenty of shifters/supernatural groups with female leaders. It just so happens that the werepanthers and werewolves have male Alphas at the moment.

I’m assuming you are talking about the selection of female RO.
To that I say: I never said these were all the female RO’s, did I? :wink:

There may be some gods/goddesses and some other powerful and dark female RO


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Ooooh, having Ramiel as an RO is interesting! He was part of Gabriel’s little group when they were younger, wasn’t he? Is he more like Israfel where they have grown up together or does he become distant from Gabriel like Michael has? I find it really interesting how you are incorporating Niphilim into the story and find it as an interesting way for an angel to get kicked out of heaven. In some lore, one of the reasons Lucifer rebelled was because he was angry at God for preferring humans over angels, and because God wanted angels to love humans like they loved Him which Lucifer couldn’t bring himself to do. Which really makes it interesting that one angel fell because he couldn’t love humans, yet here Ramiel is, an angel who fell because he (possibly) loved a human and even procreated with one.

You said that there would be flashbacks through history and such, would there be references about Gabriel’s influence in history and in events? Also since Gabriel is known for being the angel with the closest ties and adoration for humans in most standard lore, will that tie into your story? Also, is there any relation between the Daniel, grandson of Satan, and the prophet Daniel that Gabriel spoke to frequently? Or is it simply an unintended name parallel?


Interesting so far can’t wait for more

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Ramiel was one of Gabriel’s group. He and Gabriel were actually the closest of the four, until his Fall. Gabriel has not seen or heard from Ramiel since. His Fall is actually one of the reasons Michael becomes so confrontational with Gabriel (the degree to which is determined by the mc’s actions regarding Ramiel’s Fall). Also, for the reason behind Lucifer’s Fall; I don’t want too say too much because there is only so much that Gabriel knows, but I will say that he Falls before humans roam the Earth. (Since Lucifer tempts Eve in the Garden in this world, he is already Fallen when God creates Adam and Eve. However, due to the multiple deities cohabiting this world, Adam isn’t precisely the first human. I haven’t decided how much I want to go into how evolution/creation with multiple deities and cohabiting religions goes but I do have a headcannon for this world.) Also, my version of Lucifer doesn’t exactly love humans, but he doesn’t hate them either. He tolerates them more than Michael does typically.

There will be some references to Gabriel’s influences, but the planned flashbacks focus primarily on Gabriel’s development as a character and how they come to define themselves outside of their given role in heaven. One of the possible flashbacks I’m toying with specifically involves their interactions with a supposed 'witch/heretic… (guesses who this is, anyone?) but I’m not 100% set on doing that as of yet. And yes, since Gabriel is closest to humans in most standard lore, that does tie into the story. That is one of the reasons you play as Gabriel and not a random/other archangel.

Daniel has no direct relation to the prophet, but the name parallel is not unintended either. Daniel’s mother was an untrained psychic. She had ‘feelings’ that her son would play a pivotal role in the future of the world and also ‘knew’ that Gabriel would somehow be involved. Daniel will reveal that one of her favorite stories that she used to tell him was Daniel in the lion’s den. She was very religious and chose to name him after the prophet.


Ramiel sounds really interesting (all the NPC does tbh)…and I sense a lot of angst and drama if you try to romance him. ^^

Man, anything from Ramiel’s fall to the Apocalypse and onwards are just going to be one long journey of slowly breaking my poor MC’s heart. I guess there is such a thing as having too much of a heart Gabriel.

Btw do the fallen angels retain their number of wings when they fall?


Fallen do keep the same number of wings when they Fall. In fact, they can even gain wings.

Eh… I feel like this a good spot to point out that there will be character deaths as part of the plot. Unavoidable character deaths. And yes, plural. Part of this is part of the faction part (for example, play a goodie two shoes and you will likely have to kill Ryder. Not all deaths will be caused by you directly though, so… potential for much angst and drama.


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Gabriel can certainly hate humans, and enjoy destroying them but the apocalypse is still not ideal. However much Gabriel hates humans, if on the side of Heaven they have an obligation to stop the apocalypse, if they wish to remain on Earth (though why the would if they hate humans I’m not sure?) they still need to preserve the Earth, and if they are on the side of Hell then they need humans to keep living and reproducing in order to keep a steady influx of souls into Hell. (These are the ‘basic’ sides available–it’s much more nuanced than siding with Heaven/Hell/Earth).


Wow this is so awesome! I’m loving it!
Now two quick questions, you’ve mentioned Niphilim and I’m just wondering what version of them are you portraying here. The angle demon hybrid or the angle human hybrid.
Second thing I’m wondering is if there will be a christ/son of God character in the game and what impact they might have.