SoS: The Mortal Coil (WIP--Updated 8 August 2018)



Looking forward to seeing all of the options for the chat with Ramiel.


I had the urge to doodle a grumpy little Michael so I did
He’s probably watching Gabriel do something stupid and on the verge of yelling at them :thinking: What a dreamboat lol :stuck_out_tongue:
(I know he’s described as having his hair in a braid but you can’t give me a blonde, long haired guy and not expect me to draw him with his hair all majestic okay!? I couldn’t resist it :yum: )


Wish one of the weapons could be a hand and a half sword.


Like someone else’s hand orrr I know thats not what you mean but i found it funny :stuck_out_tongue:


Like someone else’s hand orrr

Nope. Your own hand. You just bitchslap the shit out of your opponents xD


OMG I think this is probably the best WIP game I’ve played. Not to say one of the best choice book. The characters are all well built and it brings a sense of realism.


The pain I felt when Ramiel showed me “the mother of his child” was so real that the option to turn away reflect exactly how I was feeling, it made it all so real. And I can’t wait to take care of Daniel, hope to be as close as a mother to him as possible.

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I had been resisting this as I rather enjoyed the scripted background change and color fade of the original version. However, I have decided to go ahead and update so that menu will now be available (as well as doubled the amount of saves). The only time I plan on making dashingdon the ‘main’ version of the game is for the official beta testing. Both sites are updated together, but I prefer not to use dashingdon as primary.

Shouldn’t appear anymore. If it does, well, something is possessed. It did not pop up when I played through that scene after ‘fixing’ it but you never know.

Should be fixed now! Thanks for the catch.

I mean, to a certain extent, it’s supposed to be suspicious. It’s also a dream, and dream logic isn’t the same as waking logic. At this time I’m not inclined to change it, but I will take it under consideration.

The Council wouldn’t let you be quiet, so if I offered that choice it would just circle back to the same previous four. I’ll consider adding it, but it would be two-three sentences different at most. However, I’m curious if your Gab is more candid or deceptive? The answers vary depending on how inclined to telling the truth your character is.

That has always been one of my attempts. There are several options in the initial scene with him that revolve around having already saved him that your work here is done. We’ll see more of the choices for setting the tone of interactions with him in the future though, so please let me know if you feel this is not be addressed.

Also, thanks for all the typo catches! Those should be fixed now.

The Council is entirely made up of Watchers. As for how they are selected, one assumes by a set of criteria based on their performance and quotas, much like archangels. More on Watchers and the Council can be found in the game’s glossary, but if you still have questions, please ask away!

Seelie and UnSeelie courts are often treated as, respectively, light and dark fae. Neither one is good/evil. Seelie fae tend to be more blood purists and focus on aesthetics. They are haughty, arrogant, and believe that no boon they offer should be refused. They are quick to take insult, and will react to such. UnSeelie don’t focus on outward appearance as much, and are less interested in blood purity compared to the Seelie Courts. Typically they need less provocation to act against someone, but they can also be helpful if you know how to deal with them. Different species of fae typically are considered Seelie or UnSeelie, but may appear at either court, though an UnSeelie at the Seelie court is almost certainly a servant, at best. Seelie at the UnSeelie Court are likely exiles or former member of the Seelie Court, for one reason or another. They are unlikely to share.

Those are the primary differences.

It’s all in the Glossary. If you have further questions, please ask! It’s also been brought up in the past here at the bottom of the post. There’s also a bit in this post here, though it mostly focuses on the hierarchy of hell.’’

As for Ramiel

I love choices where the player character knows less than the player. We know no matter what Ramiel Falls, but we can still make choices hoping against hope that we can save him. Or we sit back and watch it all burn.

I’m still playing around with ideas, though I’m not super fond of the ‘enter a code’ function. It’s very easy to get around that. If I went that direction, I think I’d do something with Achievements, where based on having the completion achievement you can see the extra scenes.

Yep! Thanks for the catch! Should be fixed now.

There are no restrictions on types of Angel Blades when it comes to lore. For practical reasons, you get to pick from the 8 I give you at the start. In book 2 there may be an opportunity to change/upgrade your weapon, though you’ll lose some skill points versus gaining an expertise bonus by remaining with one of the base 8.

Angels are naturally genderless, so official documents list preferred sex as what physical form you choose to take for yourself. I’ve changed it from Preferred Sex to Physical Sex Characteristics to clear that up. Heaven doesn’t care who you’re attracted to; that’s not in your file, and it won’t be brought up in that scene (especially as it hasn’t been set at that point.)

There are two different stats because gender identity and physical sex attributes aren’t always the same. Angels can change their bodies however they like, so they often are the same, but not always. I have revamped the first scene where these choices are made to make it clearer.

There are two separate stats for attraction, one for romantic and one for sexual. Neither of them are set until the first flashback.

Agility, no. A high affinity, yes. You could use your Angel Blade to direct a wave of Grace to cut through an object at a distance if you have enough control.

Nope. Just a generic Elohim.

That is an excellent point! I’ve changed it to Physical Sex for that scene. I’m assuming this must be where the confusion is happening, but I kept the guide anyways.

Just wait until the scene in the cells is finished if you like a good round of angst :wink:

Were you playing the dashingdon version? Regardless, it should be fixed now. If not, let me know please.

Oh boy. Future warning: avoid the spicy scenes in public places if you get easily flustered.

In terms of the final game I think it’ll make a lot more sense, but we’ll see. I wouldn’t want to move it around until at least the first draft is completed, but it’s negotiable. Realize that the scope of this game is large and to give our characters some more background/deal with the way characters reappear in the current timeline the flashbacks have to occur at certain points.

Give them names, make it twice as bad.

You are all just going to have to wait and see. Suffice it to say that if they’re sane, you’re not going to be ordered to kill them. If they’re not… well, cross that bridge when you come to it, as they say.

I’m ridiculously happy someone noticed that was altered. It’s actually courtesy of a suggestion by @Lychee where it was pointed out that I might want to soften him a little there.

Happy early belated(?) birthday! I’m glad you enjoyed the update. I wanted to get this update out before my birthday, so all these comments are like my cake :smiley: ((The patch, on the other hand, took a couple more days :sweat_smile:

Honestly, I have zero idea why it’s working for some and not others. I’ve pushed the patch build to both sites; hopefully it works now. Let me know if it doesn’t and I’ll call a priest, cause I’m going straight for the exorcism.

Heh, just wait until we actually get to play through those events.

All I’m going to say is that there will be repercussions from choices you make during the second half of the fae flashback that are felt later. I already know what’s going to happen.

Israfel isn’t the one Ramiel went to, and therefore the Council holds you accountable (even if you wanted nothing to do with it.) Furthermore, Israfel would not appreciate that comment. He is an Archangel as well, and the assumption that he would be better at this because he’s often seen as gentler would make him resentful. Israfel also practices a very strong policy of neutrality and non-interference when it comes to the other archangels. While he doesn’t want Ramiel to Fall, he would be a poor selection to deal with Nephilim. Nephilim are also more of Gabriel’s area than Israfel’s.

Or, simply, because the Council said so :wink:

Thanks for all those! They’ve been corrected now.

Raphael has no idea Lucifer is Gabriel’s father. They think Gabriel, Michael, and Israfel are all incompetent fools for letting their nestmate run around and have, as far as they are concerned, Nephilim.

Mind giving me some more info on what route you picked? I don’t know that I’ll change anything, as I prefer to describe emotions rather than not, which can cause these ‘wrong’ moments, but I can take a gander at it.

Definitely going for heartbreaking in that case.

Michael looks amazing there! I imagine Israfel as the nestmate with the best hair, so Michael’s self-consciously puts it in a braid because he can’t compete.

While I’m not a sword expert, one of the options is a longsword and shield. A longsword is a more generic category of sword; there is nothing to prevent it from being a hand-and-a-half sword.

Patch Notes:

Various typos

  • That annoying @ in the middle of a sentence because multireplace fail
  • Revamped choosing your gender/sex as an angel. This now includes a genderfluid option.
  • Fixed (?) the infinite loading screen into Heaven.
  • Fixed an improper stat issue in the GAO HQ.
  • Revamped 1 of the fae intimate scenes; rest are in-progress.

That last point: due to some feedback @pandaboi provided in another thread, the fae scenes are undergoing a bit of a revamp. Initially I was not inclined to do this due to scope and the nature of these encounters as a one-night fling, but pandaboi brought up was a very good point. It’s not a huge change, but it will make a difference for some characters. Currently the only modified route is Leochlan’s, some experience, Gabriel take the lead.


Oh, sorry I meant something like unsheathing a sword, cutting through a demon, sheathing the swords and then the demon falls apart. The whole anime like sword master moves. I guess the gif was misleading, sorry


Just played through, no more infinite loading!


Thanks for updating - I really prefer using the light text on dark background and am not a fan of scripted background/text colour changes.


@Dae-kalina I would add that the dream would have seemed somewhat suspicious to a normal human. For an Archangel that actually knows that supernatural things exist, the dream would have seemed extremely suspicious. Some MCs are going to reject all of the choices not because the MCs are actually uninterested but because the MCs are too suspicious. I would prefer not to be locked out of such options merely for refusing to take the bait in something so suspicious.

My Gabriel starts off the trial at 65% deceptive.

There could also be an option then to simply speak the facts impartially.

Alternatively, I would note that there is a difference between lying and being deceptive. It is possible to deceive with nothing but the truth (such as the Aes Sedai in Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time or evading truthreading in L.E. Modesitt Jr.'s Magi’i of Cyador and Scion of Cyador). We already have the option in numerous places to bend the truth, but in my opinion the MC choosing to lie at the trial is just sloppy. Bending the truth instead of lying at those points would be safer.

Thank you.


oh, im aware. :wink: Im already imagining different scenarios and may or may not be crying about it. :new_moon_with_face:


Yeah! That jerk guy and his jerk site! :laughing:

But seriously, I’m digging the demo. I do have a question… when I choose to identify as female with female physical characteristics, I’m given the following choices without any information as to context of the choice or why I am involving Lucifer in this particular choice at all:

  • I think I can figure it out on my own.
  • I’m not sure I understand what more needs to be done for the physical alterations.
  • Lucifer is experienced with choosing a physical form other than the one we grow up with. His help would be useful.

So I’m confused on the decision itself since Lucifer didn’t say anything after the previous decision?

Also on the first note please let me know if something with is not working correctly or not to your needs. I am currently in touch with CJW as to the save plugin issue and hopefully we get that sorted, though I know CJW is hard at work with the CDE and impending integration with the API so I am hesitant to press on it just now.

Look forward to the next update! Keep the pen on the paper / fingers on the keyboard! :wink:


Hi! I’d like to report this. I chose rapier as the Angel Blade and to use Grace to strike for the strategy.

The next page after that talks about the longsword and shield combo.