SoS: The Mortal Coil (WIP--Updated 8 August 2018)



I don’t think I will be romancing anyone in heaven.


It’s early days, give it time. I don’t know if you’re avoiding spoilers but if not, the tumblr has a ton of asks featuring all 15 (!) announced ROs. Maybe one will strike your fancy? If not you can start a club for all the sad Gabbies in love with Israfel and the fae twins and Lucifer :thinking:


Haha, I understand. And with how captured I were with the demo, I’ve no doubt of your statement. Excellent work! to the author. Also thanks for the tip, totally new here, so I don’t know how things operate around here yet.




Skyfall could work for Ramiel as well.


I somehow just discovered this game, and when I first played I thought “I’m going to romance the hell out of lucifer,” later I found out he wasn’t romancable. When I found out why I wished I could have slapped by past self for wanting that.


Maybe there should be a drinking game of wanting to romance old Lucy and then finding out why he’s not romanceable at this rate :))


That would be 6k-14k shots you would be dead lol (got those numbers from demo and Tumblr link)



How soon after Gabe arrives on Earth, does Lucifer show up?


Some interesting places, I hope :smile:

Ah, but the tears of disappointment are ambrosia to the muse.

I certainly hope you find them to be.

If you can screenshot or type the first sentence of the paragraphs, that would be much appreciated. At this juncture, I am not going to spend time going back through the game hunting for too-long paragraphs. I’d rather focus on writing new content.

But if you post them, it takes about 15 seconds to go find them and break them up! :+1:

Maybe throw that in a spoiler tag? I’d like to catch one person unawares :smiling_imp:

That certainly conjures up some feels.

And another person falls into my trap.

Asked and answered here, my dear.

On a separate note, I’ve been considering adding other PoVs to the game. These would not be scenes you influence, and would be relatively short, but would take into account your choices. ((For instance, a scene between Israfel and Ramiel after the trial.))

Now, this is extra writing. It’s shorter than writing the main story (though I wouldn’t consider them to be exactly ‘short’), but it is an increase in scope, and not essential to playing the game. Because of this, I’ve been considering an option to put these extra scenes behind a paywall.

Not everyone’s favorite words, I’m sure. And I’m rather reluctant to suggest it, but it would help justify writing those extra scenes beyond simple my own interest in exploring what other characters are doing/thinking.

So please let me know what you think. ((Ignoring any concerns about scope creep, please. I’ll worry about that :wink:)) Feel free to elaborate in comments!

  • I’d be interested, but only if it was free.
  • I’d be interested, and I wouldn’t mind paying.
  • I’d be interested, but I’m not sure how I feel about paying for it.
  • I’m not interested at all.

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If it were to be pay to read (and pay to read all of them, one unlock only):

  • I’d buy it no matter the price (will not be more than $2.99)
  • I’d buy it if it was $0.99
  • I’d buy it if it was between $1.00 and $1.99
  • I’d buy it if it was between $2.00 and $2.99
  • I wouldn’t buy it.

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If you don’t mind me asking, but why? It’s not like mentioned who the father is, just the fact that I (unknowingly) tried to convince you to let me romance him… I’ll blurry it out anyways, but I just don’t think anyone will figure out who I’m talking about… unless they read all 1,670 posts (1,671 including mine)


Honestly, if you do end up including these extra scenes I’d rather they add to the overall price of the game (If that’s something you get a say in) . It seems like this game is already going to be huge so I wouldn’t mind paying a fair amount more for it than most COG games.


Ahhhh sorry, noted, I will try to be more helpful in the future xD.


The MC will have problems of their own after the business with the Fey right?


It’s more than likely heavily erring on the side of caution, but there’s not a whole lot of non-romanceable characters. And given that there’s really only one character we’ve even been introduced to who could be your father, I’d rather any mention of Gabriel having a father be in spoiler tags. Technically Gabriel doesn’t even know they have a father at all, much less who it is.

You mean just one up-front price? I’d rather cut it in two to try and prevent a lot of balking upfront at the price. Then again, I hate the psychology and balancing behind pricing anyways :expressionless:

I know they exist, and I try to catch them but I speed through early scenes when testing so you’d really be helping me out here if you let me know :smile:

Without getting into spoiler territory, suffice it to say yes.


I know two low prices seem like less to the human brain, it just feels like way too many big companies are using that tactic for content that should already be in the game so that makes it feel really scummy to me. I know that you aren’t that type of person but if I just stepped right up and started playing your game (when it was finished) and found out I needed to pay extra for the “full experience” I’d be pissed.



A problem that’ll take a few months to become apparent? :wink:


I found a typo, I think, so thought I would let you know.

“I cannot believe—” Israfel mutters, before glancing around and noting your audience. “Host, dismissed!” he orders. There is some hesitation, and Israfel’s wings half-spread, his Grace rising to the surface of his skin. “I said, dismissed!” This time the angels heed his order and spring up into the skin, winking into different planes on their respective ways back to Heaven.

I think skin is supposed to be sky in this setting?


I absolutely love the demo, absolutely amazing stuff. And all the choice and freedom you have in this is almost mindblowing.
But I’m wondering if I’m missing something, because people keep talking about characters and romances that I can’t for the life of me find in the demo no matter what choices I make. No matter what I end up at the same of two situations where the demo ends. Am I just blind or what?


@LewisGraham /Whisper/ Tumblr for more stuff. There’s personality overviews linked in the first post. But don’t post a lot of stuff from tumblr cause it has some spoilers others might not want to see.