SoS: The Mortal Coil (WIP--Updated 8 August 2018)



The link doesn’t work for me either. It says “Page Not Found. The requested web page was not found on this site.” :confused:

On an unrelated note, I’m glad I found this again! I forgot the title but I remember playing this when I briefly lost access to my account. I’m glad that it’s still being worked on (and I’m also excited to replay the demo w/ the update!) :smile:


Okay, link should be fixed. My computer was loading a cached version of the site but I was able to get the error on my mobile and it’s now loading. Please let me know if it’s still giving you an error.


oh yeah, she is the warrior type with muscles…Nice




be me, adoptive father of Damien Thorn
need to leave behind everything i value
dudebro comes by, invites me to a party
run whatcouldpossiblygowrong.exe
don’t want to be rude, better go
i fly to the party on my excessive number of wings
dudebro takes me to village of psychotic beautiful people
introduces his clingy baby momma and two crotchspawn
point of advice: we’re supposed to be celibate
take a nap to deal with this
wake up with faerie vomit on my clothes
heaven arrests us both for cardinal sin


Anyone else reminded of Tamaki Suoh from Ouran Highschool Host Club?

With that scene? I don’t blame you! However, despite having my virgin Gabriel hooking up with Leochlan, I still intend on having her be in love with Ramiel. What happened between Gabriel and Leochlan was just rebound sex. Very good rebound sex… :flushed:ahem moving on…

@Dae-kalina These are some grammar errors I have found:

You might want to change that first want into a what instead.


You might want to change that into a but.


Change that violent into a violet.


And finally, just switch the order of these two words. That’s all that I’ve found… for now.

Also, do we ever find out more about the fight Ramiel mentioned that happened between Gabriel and Asmodeus? It sounds like that mission flashback would have been fun to see. And follow up question, do we ever run into Asmodeus? Or is he (she?) dead?


If you had to guess, you would say that Leochlan is at least part empath,

If you choose to be in love with Ramiel Leochlan already tells you he’s an empath so that part seems a bit odd



How soon after arriving on Earth do we run into Lucifer?


Oh my god… Imagine having to the “talk” and going through puberty with Daniel…

I’m employing Tom for that job.


That could prove interesting!


Ummm I love this update???
Tysm for writing it makes me want to draw more art jaksjdhd


Having played the WIP demo earlier today, I found myself quite enjoying it. It is a fascinating take on Christian lore (for a lack of a better term) and I look forward to seeing these aspects interact with other religious mythologies and fantasy elements (like there is already with the Fae)! Also, is it possibly to hire a Fairy lawyer, because I feel like your fellow Archangel will need one when debating if he committed a Cardinal sin :stuck_out_tongue:.


Ramiel’s kids aren’t nephilim per se right?


Nephilim is an offspring of human and angel. They contain a half of soul and grace from their parents and are considered forbidden to conceive.

So, as far as i understood, no. But they are not angels either. They are half angels and half fae. Which are not considered nephilim. Both have magic and are supernaturals.

I think i read somewhere that, angels do not forbid the creature, but not really fond of it either? They are neutral about it.


We will have to see the decision heaven’s council has about his kids. Seeing what happens to Ramiel they’ll probably change the definition to include any offspring of an angel and a non angel


So Ramiel wasn’t technically breaking the rules.


You are one of my favorite people. Have I said that? Thank you soooo much for taking the time to mark all these. Makes my life a little easier (I don’t really edit new scenes else you all would be waiting even longer for updates >.<) All of these grammar fixes will be in the next small update (which will contain a little Laniwynn content too).

Working on restructuring that. Thanks for the note!

It’s a bit of a ways away. It doesn’t occur until after you run into Ramiel, but it is before the half-way point.

Weres are pretty matter of fact about that kind of stuff, so it’s no off his back.

Ooooh yes please. :grin:

It’d be nice, but Heaven might just assume guilt if you have to use a fae as a representative.

Technically they aren’t Nephilim, but angel/xxxx hybrids outside of angel/human hybrids are so rare they just call all angel hybrids Nephilim. Due to the fact that the other half of Ramiel’s children isn’t human, they cannot immediately expel him for creating Nephilim.



When does Lucifer drop the bomb about him being Gabriel’s father?


Just read through the update and loved it. That scene with leochlen is just, wow.


I don’t know if anyone else have pointed it out, but the scenes with Leochlan seems a bit messed up if you chose to have both genders.
A paragraph will sometimes be shown once as the female version, then repeat almost identically as the male version. it’s a bit weird.


Well, Lucifer doesn’t exactly realize it’s a bomb… There are a couple different times, depending on how Gabriel interacts with Lucifer.

Oh, and finally for @Quaintrelle we have our collection of Eau de Archangel by Gabriel. (And thank you all again for your suggestions!)

  1. For the sweet and gentle soul, Mercy brings to mind a field of lilacs, covered in morning dew with a dash of lavender. Recommended to you by our very own Israfel, for all those gentle hearts.

  2. For those times you need to let everyone know you mean business, make sure you put on your Ruthless perfume. No cutthroat is complete without this blend of copper and blood, nitroglycerin and graphite–the distinctive scent of gunpowder and violence.

  3. A scent that would give Don Juan a run for his money, we bring you Suave, rich dark chocolate with a touch of whiskey-aged oak. Don’t blame the scent if you’re irresistible, but it certainly doesn’t hurt.

  4. You don’t have to be the biggest or scariest person in the room; let this scent do the work for you. With a Machiavellian twist, Intimidation pairs camphor and turpentine with a dash of ammonia that will make people think twice before crossing you.

  5. Not every scent needs to be a blow to the senses. Subtle debuts with a slow warmth of chamomile tea, finishing with a note of vanilla and cream.

  6. There are times when a light scent lurks just out of reach–but this isn’t one of them. Blunt is a scent no one can ignore, up-front with it’s strong sent of petrichor with an aftertaste of smoky leather and dark coffee.

  7. The wild child of the bunch, Emotional reacts to the wearer. With a heart of cinnamon, this scent can be sweet or spicy, melting with brown sugar or mixing it up with chilies and cloves.

  8. Winter isn’t coming with this scent; it’s arrived. Breathe in Stoic, the scent of the crisp air after the first snowfall, the moon revealing the cold landscape under its watchful gaze. Nothing flusters an angel armored with this scent.

  9. Just like the truth, Candid can be a refreshing and cleansing scent, or one that cuts to the quick. Featuring ginger and lemongrass, this scent has no pretenses to it.

  10. If you like your truth will a little drop of poison, Deceptive is the fragrance for you. A subtle sweet scent of almond hides the backbone of cyanide and that forgotten memory unique to each person who breathes it in.

  11. For those distinguished individuals who think plans are for the birds, we bring you Improvise. Dab that dangerously sweet scent of sun-ripened wild strawberries wherever you feel like it; we won’t judge any hasty decisions.

  12. Finishing up the selection, we have our crisp and clear-minded contender: Strategize leaves you clear-minded, perfect for making plans of all sorts with that fresh spearmint scent in your nose.

There was an issue with the original update, but a patch was pushed out to fix that. If you are experiencing this now, then something is still off, but it’s not the same issue as earlier.

I just ran through a quarter of the possible combinations with a Gabriel who selected both combinations and did not see any issues (other than some grammar and one or two awkward phrasings). Rather than spend more time testing the remaining 18 possible combinations, it would be helpful if you could tell me the specifications of your both gendered Gabriel, what you selected for their experience, and whether you let Leochlan take the lead or not. The more specific a bug report, the better I can find the cause.