SoS: The Mortal Coil (WIP--Updated 8 August 2018)



The Fallen tend to have twisted appearances apart from black wings Ramiel still looks the same.


Welcome to Michael’s tsundere fan club!

We love to hate and hate to love that dastardly handsome archangel! Nothing gets our blood pumping like ruffling his feathers and just being a general nuisance to him. Seriously though, I love Michael but I also love being a pain in his butt… I just imagine him fuming red, either due to anger or because he’s blushing too hard. Probably both. xD


@Dae-kalina, it was so very hard to not break canon for my established Gabriel just to see what different paths there might be when interacting with Michael near the end. You already know my Gabriel’s impulsive and blunt, and it looks like the most “d’aw!” inducing moments happen if you try to eavesdrop. Maybe I’ll try a different Gabriel in the future, but I’m attached to my current one. :cry:

I can’t wait for the creation of the shell though. I’m excited to see what Sabriel’s response’ll be when my Gabriel refuses to go by a different name. :joy:


Boy… it’s been a month since i’ve log in here… and there is whole lots going in with this thread and completely no idea what’s happening right now.


@Dae-kalina You’re game is literally a dream come true I’ve been fascinated by world mythology/religions and supernatural fantasy forever and to see a work of fiction, an interactive one at that, take all those different threads and create something original is amazing. I did have one questiom though; based on the game so far and the discussion here and the information you’ve released about upcoming characters you’ve pretty much covered the major supernatural spectrum but the vampire junkie in me is compelled to ask will we be seeing any vampires, particularly as ROs?


Yep… and I did play basketball. And I can safely say that while most doorways are safe, the ones that aren’t often appear to be.

Lucifer is stronger, in part because he is older and one of the first angels God ever created. In addition, he rules Hell and has a separate source of power that helps him be stronger than angels (that power coming from the souls in Hell and the demons and Fallen who work for him).

I’m not sure exactly what you mean by OTHER pack of fallen angels, as there’s no ‘packs’ of Fallen, even though quite a few were cast out with Lucifer. There are more reasons than Nephilim and siding with Lucifer to be a Fallen.

Per usual, @avidreader is on point. That being said, Ramiel’s hair is a wavy mess of black-brown locks, usually pulled back into a low ponytail. His skin is tanned, and he favors human appearing eyes of a golden-brown variety. Out of all the angels, he was one of the few who would bother with little details like facial hair scruff (never letting it go into a full beard, but he likes the texture of stubble).

Hang on for the ride, because it’s gonna be bumpy.

Yes, they do, mainly because Michael isn’t good with audiences and is more prone to actually showing his true feelings when caught off guard. And Sabriel just gives up. There are times to pick you battles and times to not. Besides, it’s not an uncommon human name.

And she just wants to be done with this and get some rest.

Well, I’ve broken a few members with Michael and some other spoilery bits. Otherwise I think its more or less the same-old same-old?

No vampire ROs in this game, sorry. There is a prominent vampire character who will be revealed, but he is not an RO.
However, I do have a side project I have yet to post on here that may satisfy that craving for vampires when it gets finished. Here’s a sneakpeek of sorts~ It’s actually being written for the CoG comp (which is part of why work on SoS is a little slow… that and work :sweat_smile: )


Ah, well, allow me to explain.

From what I know (and I don’t know mich, just stuff I read through after google searches when I’m bored) there have been two notable cases of multiple angels falling from heaven all at the same time

The first is, obviously, Lucifer and his rebellion.

The second is when Azazel lead about 20 Watchers to go down to Earth, and take human wives, which eventually gave birth to half-human, half-angel giants, the Nephilim.

Though, as I attempt to recall those memories, I don’t really remember any of the texts explicitly stating that they fell… though I’m pretty sure they did. After all, Azazel did decide to teach humanity how to make swords. And make-up. Still confused as to how teaching women how to do their eyelashes is a sin though. Or how Azazel even knew, for that matter.


@Dae-kalina is that so?. Then… i’m gonna catch up, with you guys soon then… Gotta read your work again. . . .Until my work done, that is xD.


The version I’m familiar with is Semyaza/Semjaza leading about 200 angels down to take human wives, and Azazel is part of that group (which were led by Watchers). Azazel was supposedly teaching women how to be deceptive by teaching them makeup and body adornment.

I was a little more confused by the referring to them as OTHER, as in my world they aren’t really distinguished between. Lucifer’s Fall was the only mass casting out. While quite a few angels were cast out after having Nephilim, they each had a trial and thus their Falls were staggered.


First of the Valentine’s Day/First Anniversary extras is up on the game’s tumblr. When I finish the rest the links will just be edited into this post. (They should all be up by Monday).

Michael’s extra.

Iain’s extra (female version).
Ian’s extra (male version).

Ramiel’s extra.

Alice’s extra.

Zaria’s extra.

Lucifer’s extra (part spoof).


Can’t wait for Alice’s extra to drop☺


Whelp it’s official @Dae-kalina has (potentially) ruined any chance of me picking Ramiel as an RO before Michael :joy:, granted i was probably gonna pick Michael anyway but still. Loved the extra and am excited to see how the others cough Ramiel’s cough turn out.


Waiting for Alice :smile:


Why no sabriel?

Sabriel is yandere


I’m not sure why you think she is yandere, but this was all decided via poll and she simply lost. Nothing can be done about that.



Oh really? Ill take my leave then.

Y no love for sabriel?


@Dae-kalina, may I tell you a secret? Just between you, me, and everyone? Eschewing organized religion as a child yet still embracing angelology and supernatural/occult lore long after, this is shaping up to be my most watched, coveted, and beloved story in interactive fiction ever.

Too many emotions, yum, and your tumblr has played an award-worthy supporting role in all my swooning and skipped heartbeats. Your world has so much potential and what’s even better is that you are more than aware of it and have the immense talent to craft it to its highest caliber. (I would honestly pay for a dlc to include all the scenarios and scenes regardless if it goes against personal canon.)

Between speedy reading and insomnia I have waltzed my way through many a wip and published game and I must confess, the attention to detail of the combination of fighting styles alone has left an endearing impression. How many other games would let this foolish, yet romantic swashbuckler angel of mine lead battle with a rapier? One of my favorite bits is [quote]You straighten up from the huddle that had formed, rapier dangling carelessly from one hand.[/quote] for my Gabriel is a golden peacock and beautifully, gloriously insane. I do hope for more snarky-bottom moments to complete the image. Such as, being a fan of both fauxpologies and tormenting Michael:

Listen Mickey–

What did you just call m–

I’m sorry. I really am. I’m sorry that God screens all your calls because they are too busy giving me important tasks. And…admittedly, I could have dealt with the situation less magnificently and far more regimented, rigid, and dull–you know, more you. Though, we really should take our rivalry on the road to other dimensions. We could call it “Sweet and Sour”–you and your grace will be sour. Of course you could always go for a one-angel show, “Why I Am Always Wrong: The Story of Michael”…

And finally a question: Will there be an option to mention that our Gabriel has chosen a mortal shell as close to their angel form as possible?

I do hope you get your birthday wish, dear one. :wink::gift:
And plenty of _angel_food cake!!! :birthday:

Yes. Oh yes. If this story were made in seven days before the first one was over I flipped fully from Rami to my anti-type, stoic and surly. Now, Mybriel is my weakness. As in, as soon as my Gabriel gets to earth and catches up to the '80s, Michael is so getting a mixtape…


Thank you for the Birthday wishes :blush:. I know what you mean I haven’t been inside a church in 10 years but I find myself in love with stories with Judeo Christian mythology (I blame Supernatural for this)


Apparently I played baby Jesus in a Catechism school play and then rebelled after the Old Testament, so once I discovered dark romanticism and all that is other, including all outer limits of theology, I was hooked.

Ah, I further blame the show for my love of tall men with dimples.


Alice’s is up! I wanted to get it out on your birthday, but didn’t quite make it. Hope you enjoy!

I think Michael may have an unfair advantage at the moment. We’ll see how he fare’s after everyone gets their fair shake (Ramiel, for instance. The next scene is full of Ramiel goodness when I actually get around to finishing this one and the next).

Erm… I really think you might have gotten the wrong impression of her… And she technically tied with Alice, but I was going to do the top three (but they all happened to be male) so I just grabbed the first female RO from the list in addition to the new one. She’s got a branch in the current scene where you can interact with her more, so you can still see her around.

Thanks so much for the lovely comment! I’m glad that you’re enjoying the swashbuckler style. I won’t confirm or deny exactly what Gabriel can say to Michael, but you’ve certainly inspired me to increase the snarkiness of some of the scenes.

As for the mortal shell, to a degree? You can’t have angel eyes, and I never really explicitly describe the angel form as angel forms are easy to change on the surface, so I sort of imagine that angels change features over centuries, especially if they have to interact with humans. Most angels identify each other through the feeling of each angel’s Grace; physical sight is a secondary form of identification, so appearing similar to your angel self isn’t something that most of them would necessarily notice.

I’m curious to know what would be on this mixtape now…

On another note, the rest of the posts will probably be delayed until further in the week. I spent a large majority of this weekend in the hospital which sort of disrupted my plans… but everything is good and I’m working to get back on track. Ramiel’s is next, followed by Iain’s and then Zaria’s.