SoS: The Mortal Coil (WIP--Updated 8 August 2018)



Considering the bits and pieces we’ve learned about Lucifer’s feelings towards Gabriel, my Gabriel will be fine spending time with Lucifer even if heaven disapproves.


I like wrath :smiling_imp:


So since this month marks the year anniversary of posting the first public demo and Valentine’s day is coming up, I’m thinking of doing some extras for some of the ROs (and for anyone not interested in romance, if there’s a particular type of extra you’d like to see, please let me know!) But, since there’s quite a few ROs, I’m going to start with a poll of which are shaping up to be the most popular (with the non-existent screentime most of them have received :sweat_smile:) and of those which have been revealed. I’m not including the deities though.

  • Iain
  • Alice
  • Ramiel
  • Michael
  • Sabriel
  • Iro
  • Aelius
  • Ryder
  • Tadea
  • Leo
  • Stephanie
  • Karyn
  • Tom
  • Charleston

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I’ve been #TeamIain since I found out how his romance might go for fellas. Obviously, my votes for him mostly. :sunglasses:


i forgotton what ROs are which :sweat_smile: sorry bout’ that Author-Chan


Post 43 has some information on the female ROs and post 22 has information on Ryder, while post 49 has information on the other male ROs excluding Michael.


Voted, but my preference might well completely change once I actually get to talk to most of the ROs.


I’d like a choice for non-romance but deep relationships - IDK with whom yet because I don’t know many people in-depth. I know Raphael and Michael are big brothers to me; relationship-wise I don’t want to romance them but I do want to stay close to both.

I don’t feel I know anything about the others yet to form an opinion on where I’d want the relationship to go.


I’m with Eiwynn and silent15. There’s still too many variables we don’t know about the NPCs and the last scene with Michael basically made a bunch of people biased towards him in my opinion (myself included) so I’m going to refrain from voting.


Since most of the ROs haven’t actually made an appearance yet, I am not prepared to give any opinion on them or select any favorites. I can however pass my preliminary judgement on a Michael, Sabriel and Ramiel.

The initial meeting with Sabriel did not endear me to her, and the feeling seems to be mutual. I’m willing to ascribe this to her being in a bad mood though, and suspect I might warm up to her eventually when we get more time to interact on more pleasant terms.

I’m intrigued by Ramiel and his prior history with Gabriel. I’m planing on being friendly with him when I meet him, but it’s too early to tell whether romance might occur.

Michael, my dearest brother. My Gabriel resents him and jumps at every opportunity to fight or argue with him. The feeling appeared to her to be very much mutual, so she’s understandably a bit confused after their most recent encounter and not quite sure what to make of it. I strongly doubt there is any chance of a real healthy mutually loving relationship, but the idea of preying on his feelings to manipulate him sounds quite intriguing.

Where is the option to vote for Lucifer? I’m looking forward to having my Gabriel rejected by her longtime crush in the most awkward way possibly! :stuck_out_tongue:


I agree with Eiwynn, silent15 and IvoryOwl but im still voting for Michael since like…hes the bae for ma :innocent: right now and will still be the first RO i romance since him loving us from before us being fully created made me :heart_eyes: if that isent love i dont know what is. Also im voting on Ramiel and Ryder comment wise, since i like them by the info :dancer:


Then I will have to become ruler of Hell and unleash my fury on those pesky freedom-loving mortals. So much fun!!!

YES :tada: daddy is going to burn it all to oblivion!!! Best daddy ever!!! :confetti_ball:


110% agreed :blush:. That whole scene just made my heart melt. Especially when he told Gabriel they were his everything :kissing_smiling_eyes:. I can’t wait until we delve into their relationship further :laughing:. And yes @ruhenri Lucifer is #best dad ever 2017, I’ll see myself out :joy:.


I forgot to say this earlier, but @Lithophene I had that one called :wink: Iain appreciates the sentiment.

I fully expect that to happen. In retrospect, I’m thinking I should have phrased the poll as “Which character would you like to see a romance extra from?” It might not change the results, but I was thinking of this as a way to meet/learn more about those we haven’t seen as much…

Don’t worry! Most of the relationships are deep before they get to the point of romance, and even when in a romance, the other characters don’t just disappear. (Michael might not show up as much but Ramiel will be by your side if you let him).

The bias is verrrry real. More so than I anticipated, to be honest. Michael’s plenty fluffed by all the attention though!

The branch with Sabriel will hopefully endear her a little more, but right now she is being quite abrasive. Ramiel’s scene is coming up, but it is a flashback and he has changed somewhat since Falling. And I’m glad somebody still likes to fight with Michael. I was starting to worry that I’d maybe gone overboard and made him too likeable.

Ha! Just for you, I’ll do a spoof extra of Lucy and Gab. Because I can.

Poor Ryder needs a little love. He’s not faring so well in the poll :sob:

…all I’m picturing is Lucifer strolling into Heaven like Anakin in Episode III… poor angels aren’t going to know what hit them.

OH! Regardless of the extras, on February 14th I will be revealing one of the other female ROs and generally one of my favorite characters to write.

(…who am I kidding, they’re all my babies, and I abuse them)

And she’s only half-human.


Gahd dammit.:laughing:


Seconded, I read asoiaf so it’s not like anything can faze me anymore.
I totally would have voted for him if he was on the poll. (yes even more than Michael).


I know @Dae-kalina :sob: butttt Michael :cry: MICHAEL i cant back stab him here :sob: The love is tooo strong :scream:


Hey, my Gabriel will appreciate eventually being able to spar with Iain. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I can be the Iain fanboy if you want. I would accept the role with grace. :confetti_ball:


Oh Christ, that would be rad. I love that scene. In my bad days, I go to youtube just to watch him kill every single Jedi self-righteous coward (yeah, I am one of the few people watching Star Wars and being anti-Jedi Order, there must be something wrong with me).

By the way, when compared to an archangel, how strong is good old Lucy ? And, if he is much stronger, why ?

Oh, I want to clean the floor with him. He might have good intentions, and that surprised me. But he can be a real self-righteous bastard sometimes.

@Elysium, indeed he is :imp:. All the rage that my Gabriel feels has now an explanation, and he just wants to see everything burn to the ground! (evil laugh) .

Well, that is just my role-playing Gabriel. My “canon” Gabriel (my canon PC is usually myself, yeah, I guess that I like being myself that much! :stuck_out_tongue:) will go with the flow. The story (and the ROs…) will determine my allegiance, I have sympathy and antipathy towards every “faction”, really mixed feelings over here.


First thing that came to mind.