SoS: The Mortal Coil (WIP--Update 03/17/2018)



Really? Didn’t know. I mean it made sense but I thought it could have been a typo as well. Learn something new everyday, right?


Sabriel approves of blending into the crowd.

Size has no effect on Grace power and usage.

No long range Angel Blades (unless you really want to throw them… but that’s risky). Grace attacks and Holy fire are great for range though!

Michael does like not being the shortest person in the room.

We have plenty of those in this WIP.

Iain in particular is prone to be overprotective of smaller Gabriels (regardless of gender). There is some fun when he discovers his small partner is actually a mega-powered archangel (i.e. his brain has problems associating the two concepts)

Oooh, love the details on the character sheet.
And poor Sabriel is going to be poked a lot, isn’t she? Ah well, nothing she doesn’t have coming. Just be careful. She does bite.

I don’t currently plan on featuring those gods/goddesses, but I may try to slip them in, at least a reference or two.

In this case, I’m using clap as "to place, put, or set especially energetically " from Mirriam-Webster.

Okay everyone, I’m asking for some input. I have Grace scents for all our beloved angels, except you get to choose your Gabriel’s (limited by traits.) I plan on taking a Samurai of Hyuga approach (how you choose your spirit animal) to selecting the scents, so you can choose from among 6 for your angel, whichever stat you favor.

  1. Merciful:
  2. Ruthless:
  3. Suave:
  4. Intimidation:
  5. Subtle:
  6. Blunt:
  7. Emotional:
  8. Stoic:
  9. Candid:
  10. Deceptive:
  11. Improvise: Wild Strawberry
  12. Strategize:

That being said… I don’t have any particularly strong feelings about scents for Gabriel, so if you have some ideas, please throw them at me!

(And I will use Michael as a shield.)


Stoic: forest after rain?


I’m looking forward to finding out more about the… Incident with Ramiel!


That’s the best I can think of at this time.


Suave: Roses? (20 char)



Merciful: A Field of Lilacs

Ruthless: Burning Pine Wood

Suave: Roses(??)

Intimidation: The Smell of Hot Steel

Subtle: Fennel (This one might use some explanation- I grew up with a lot of fennel in my area. It smells like black licorice- but only after you rub it around in your hands, normally, though, it smells like nothing. Hence it makes me think of subtlety.)

Blunt: ??? Not sure on this one.

Emotional: The Salty Sea Shore

Stoic/Candid: Vanilla (I think of Vanilla for both of these so… I guess it could work for either?)

Deceptive: Almonds (like how cyanide supposedly tastes/smells like almonds)

Strategize: For some reason I think of Blueberries but that might just be my mind playing off of Strawberries. Either that or Morning Dew.

That’s all my ideas. Hope at least some of them help out some!

  1. Merciful: Lilacs
  2. Rutheless: Smoke from a Fire?
  3. Intimidation: Fresh spices
  4. Subtle: Cherry Blossoms
  5. Blunt: Fresh Leather

I tried lol


Stoic: the faintest Whiff of iron


I will give it a go :smiley:

Merciful: Vanilla
Ruthless: Irony smell maybe a bit ashy
Intimidation: Dark coffe
Subtle: Mandarin/Clementin smell
Blunt: Apple cider smell
Candid: lilac flow smell
Deceptive: Roses with a hint of lemon


Merciful: Honeysuckle. My old house had honeysuckle bushes planted outside, and the way they smelled when they bloomed was always very soothing to me.

Ruthless: Metal. Hot or warm metal. It’s a very sharp and tangy scent.

Intimidation: Sulfur. Less so rotten eggs, more like a struck match, with the burning wood smell mixed in.

Blunt: Petrichor. The way things smell outside after a good rain. An earthy scent just seems like it’d match a straightforward character.

Stoic: Winter air. When you’re outside on a winter night and you breath in through your nose, the air just smells cold and clean. It puts me in the mind of “quiet” and makes it hard not to think stoic.


Hopefully I don’t trip over myself cause I decided to join in on the fun of thinking of Gabrielic scents. Here we go!

  1. Merciful: Frankincense, myrrh, and lit candles.
  2. Ruthless: The tang of blood on iron.
  3. Suave: Aftershave or cologne. Possibly cigarette smoke mixed in?
  4. Intimidation: An imminent thunderstorm on the horizon.
  5. Subtle: A cool breeze over the hill at night.
  6. Blunt: Sun-warmed bricks, heated concrete, or chalk dust from an eraser.
  7. Emotional: Emotional feels like it would carry several scents within it. It seems like they would distinctly conflict or clash with one another. I have no idea how to begin describing that, outside of the second sentence because it’s the only thing protruding from the forefront of my mind.
  8. Stoic: The scent of a cold front or a snowstorm. The burn of the cold in the air.
  9. Candid: When rain first strikes the earth after a long while.
  10. Deceptive: Some fresh-cut fish (something smells fishy around here… :wink:)
  11. Improvise: Wild Strawberry
  12. Strategize: Mint. Spearmint, not peppermint. Pine needles when crushed between your fingers. Something astringent and sharp that clears the mind.

That’s all I can think of at the moment. It was fun to apply scents to emotions. I’d like to also mention that I love the progress on this WIP! There are several I’ve been following over time, including this one, but this is definitely one of interesting ones I look forward to and get excited about. The newest update left me pleasantly surprised with a craving for what could happen next for Gabriel. Anyway, thank you for taking the time to ask for our thoughts! :slightly_smiling_face:


I like this as mercy leads me to compassion and peace. The olive branch being a symbol of peace and the olive is close kin to lilac.

Ruthless: Bone Char and Ash since Raffi has claimed blood.

Suave: Dark Chocolate.

Intimidation: Gunpowder or Nitroglycerin with just a hint of advancing Flame.

Subtle: Vanilla Bean Tea for Subtle-tea.

Blunt: CannabisRust.

Emotional: Ozone (electrical discharge amidst a lightning storm)

Candid: Playdough. Nothing more open and sincere than a child.

Improvise is now actually Wild Strawberry? :kissing_heart: :strawberry:

Strategize: Cedar and Graphite Shavings from a thousand and one sharpened pencils. Or Beeswax.


I tried keeping it short because I fear I’ll go on full on essay mode for this :))

Merciful: something soothing like mint, lavender, sage, etc

Ruthless: harsh and metallic (iron or copper perhaps)

Suave: coffee most definitely (mostly because I associate the taste/smell with smooth jazz and night caps)

Intimidation: very clinical and isolating sorts of scents (imagine going to a white room with no sound kind of smell)

Subtle: something very ordinary yet home-y(?) smells that are very nostalgic like fresh laundry, home cooked meals, etc

Blunt: very citrus-y flavours like lemon (the kind with a little bite)

Emotional: something very overpowering and distinct like roses with salt

Stoic: petrichor (first rainfall especially) with other green scents like grass and pine

Candid: distinct sweet scents like vanilla or shea

Deceptive: smoke (vaguely tobacco-y) and spice (literal smoke and mirrors)

Strategize: parchment, ink, generally old book smells with maybe ash or the smell of fire in the underbelly of it


Man, I don’t know why but Blunt should be either Pines or Ashes.


I think blunt should be pepper.


Yes, please to all of the above :sparkles:!

Ruthless: The smell of gasoline with notes of something headier in it. I do love ash, as well. Maybe gunsmoke? It’s sharp, pungent, leaves a metallic flavor on the roof of your mouth, and when present in sufficient quantities it will irritate your eyes, and deaden your smell sensitivity for other things for a long time. However, types of ammunition sometimes have different smells. I like the corrosive nature of gunsmoke, though.

Suave: Leather. A tender saffron echo? I love, love, love cedar and jasmine, there’s something tres exclusif abt it. Smth that says ‘you should know me’ or ‘you’ll remember my name, but I might not remember yours’. My suave Gabriel has her snakeskin Bvlgari bag and embroidered leather all ready to go, LMFAO. Nothing says ‘stay on the down low’ like Bvlgari.

Subtle: Vanilla bean espresso. Or like, coffee in general. A nice slow roast. Black tea?

Blunt: I’ve always thought citrus-y scents were very in your face. A mandarin orange, then? Ginger is particularly sharp, too.

Emotional: Brown sugar, or nutmeg. Nutmeg is spicy, and distinctly warm. Brown sugar has often struck me as little cinnamon-y. I like cinnamon for this, too!

Candid: Coconuts, or coconut oil. It’s very easily identifiable, and doesn’t really pull any punches. Vetiver, maybe? It’s like lemon grass, because you can’t mistake it, but infinitely more interesting though: astringent, earthy like newly tilled soil, and balsam-woody.

Deceptive: Ooo, I’ve always thought of antiseptic as being comfortingly deceptive. Maybe something lemon-y? I like ozone for this, because it’s the smell before a strike. Before? During? IDK.

Strategize: I have nothing to contribute, here. Beeswax and graphite are what I gravitated towards, too. Something sharp, that clears the mind might be fitting as well. I like tea tree oil.


Merciful: Lavender
Ruthless: Copper
Suave: Cinnamon Buns!
Intimidation: Chili powder, or something that burns the nose when you take a whiff of it.
Subtle: Hot sand
Blunt: Ozone and freshly cut grass; refreshing yet bitter
Emotional: Artificial Strawberry or Orange candy
Stoic: Forest at Dawn in the Autumn
Candid: New book smell!
Deceptive: Sweet n’ Salty
Improvise: Wild Strawberry
Strategize: Fabric Softener


Also, I’ve wanted to do the anatomy of a Gabriel for a bit :~)

Angelic gender: Female

Shell name: Gabriel, or Miriam.

Shell surname: If her first name isn’t Gabriel, then her last will be. Otherwise, Solomon.

Manifested weapon: It’s always a toss up between Lucifer’s mace and the rapier, because while she’s capable of deflecting all criticism with naught but a contemptuous curl of her upper lip, she’s too sly to become the target of criticism for something she views as decidedly inconsequential. She was nursing a little kitten crush on Lucifer, though, so maybe idol worship will short circuit her rationale lmfao.

Wing colour: Dusky gray.

Scent: Whatever the author decides for either suave, or deceptive :snake:.

Personality traits: Perceptive (can you say ‘people watcher’?), efficient, sagely, protective, ruthless (tempered by heady amounts of What Would Israfel Do, because the answer is so often ‘not brutalize’), strong willed, Machiavellian (she’s decidedly wily, but can just as often bring abt her ends without resorting to disingenuous treachery, that’s not say tht she’s opposed to it, however), slightly arrogant, firm (don’t expect compromise), very musically inclined (she’ll probably be forcing Daniel into learning an instrument or 5), glaring soft spot for all things furry and adorable (she’d do anything for you, random dog on the street).

Favourite tactical positions: Scout + attacking from above.

Character statistic strengths: Agility, Ruthless.

Character traits: Ruthless, Emotional, Strategize, Deceptive, Suave, Subtle.

Current skills: I forget, but probably to do with quick maneuverability.

Team Humans or Team Angels: Team Protect Daniel, the rest is of very little consequence to her, but probably whatever team Israfel is in favour of, lmfao. She’s not concerned with the opinions of her higher ups, but she is concerned with the utility of having their favour, so this remains to be seen.

Shell description: 5’8. Tall, thick and toned (think Teyana Taylor, but a little softer) with an irresistible smile like the slow waning of the moon. Warm, olive skin, with a smattering of freckles on her face. Slight gap between her two front teeth. Eyes the colour of good honey. Thick, curly black hair streaked through with brown gathered in a sleek ponytail that hangs just above her waist. Feline features.

Prospective Boo: Tom, Ramiel, Alice. Ramiel is number one though! I haven’t yet decided whether she’s the type to use the knowledge of Michael’s feelings to further her own ends. It might kill her dead, because she’d really rather just go back to being friends, but if he insists on bringing her considerable wrath down upon himself, then what’s a girl to do?

Favourite earth food: Tempura shrimp, and garlic sauce, and lychees, and paneer pakoras and every pastry imaginable and-

Favourite human colloquialism: Mariah Carey voice: “I don’t know her.”


Merciful: Maybe something that smells sweet that comes off as inviting and/or comforting to others, like freshly baked chocolate chip cookies or some other sweet smelling baked good (though the sweet smell itself should not come off as overwhelming; just softly coaxing and inviting).

Ruthless: A sharp smell that causes most people to instinctively step back and even become more tense than relaxed. Maybe something that’s not natural smelling like chemicals?

Suave: Something smooth and soothing; inviting, but in a way that causes someone to let there guard down without knowing it or even knowing why it was happening. Maybe a flower type of smell to show that it is a oddly familiar smell to others in some way, but not one that people can always pinpoint as to what it is?

Intimidation: An overpowering scent; something that smells strongly and also feels like a overwhelming smell that doesn’t make anyone feels at ease. Maybe burning fire?

Subtle: Something light smelling maybe, like vanilla or some type of other herb/spice? Can’t really explain why this seems like a good idea; it just feels like right in a way for someone of Subtle have a not so noticeable smell that people won’t catch onto right away or to have the slight smell of some type of spice.

Blunt: An earthy type of smell; a natural scent that no one can really mistake. Maybe the smell of a grassy plains or wet earth?

Emotional: A strong smell, but one that simply feels really distinctive rather than overbearing. Maybe the smell of of the sea?

Stoic: Maybe a mint-like smell? Mint tends to smell cooling but is also a bit strong. Sounds like a possible good smell for Stoic.

Candid: Maybe a fruity smell of some type? Like a Blunt trait, Candid tends to be something that is really simple to identify in a person. So maybe the smell of a particular fruit would be good indication of that (like maybe strawberries, grapes, apples, or just a mixed berry scent itself)

Deceptive: Hard one; I keep thinking some type of scent that comes off inviting too, but not in a good way (like it smells nice, but something tells you that it’s a REALLY bad idea to get too close without having some wariness). Maybe a rose? They smell nice, but that also have thorns, which people often times forget because of the nice smell (and there are a good deal of stories that have roses causing some type of trouble in one way or another).

Improvise: Cinnamon. I’m not sure why; just seems appropriate to have it for Improvise. Or maybe some other type of smell that jolts the brain in some way.

Strategize: Still thinking mint for this if it doesn’t seem to work out for Stoic; I’ve had some teachers who would put something mint smelling up because it was supposed to wake up our brains and make us more aware of things (which seemed to work pretty often).

I guess the end idea is to possibly make certain smells somewhat inviting to people while others smells come off more as a warning that makes others a little hesitant of approaching closer (just my opinion naturally). :thinking: