SoS: The Mortal Coil (WIP--Update 03/17/2018)



I’m 5’ 5" but I like to make my mcs taller. (I imagine Michael will probably be happy he’ll finally be taller than one or two of my mcs in their mortal shell) :smile:


Agreed, I like to make my shell for Gabriel tall.


My main and more or less male Gabriel’s shell is 5’9. Any female Gabriel’s I make will probably be 5’11 to 6’ feet tall because being a 5’2 girl in real life, I have a complex. And a thing for tall women, lol.

I have to say making a shell for Gabriel that’s deceptively small and delicate looking when really it’s containing all of the grace and power of an archangel is really tempting to me. Just to see how our human companions react to that.


I always model my Gabe and his shell off me. As tall as possible with blond hair and blue eyes (Ive been called a walking stereotype because of that😂).


That depends. My main gab is always male but has an nb representation, that innocent little bean is always “5’6”. My second gab is also a guy but with male representation, i like keeping him at “5’10” or occasionally “6’2”. This makes me wonder, does anyone have bio sheets for their Gabriel?


My Female Gabriel’s height is 5’5. Most of my female MC are always average height. XD


This WIP is great and I look forward to the next update :grinning: … now I can cross out the list of things I always wanted to be the “angel”


I haven’t made a sheet for any of my Gabriel’s. I usually go with silver or smoky gray wings.


Awwwwe yes (2022020202)


What wings do you choose @Phoenix_Wolf?


Steel wings for me!! Lol


I always get golden wings


White wings for all my Gabriels.


Grey, like how my fan art shows: SoS: The Mortal Coil (WIP--Update 07/15/2017)


I play my main male!Gabriel as really Stoic and Candid, focused on efficiency and almost kind of guileless (in terms of social situations, anyway), so the shell is 6’6" and muscular because he’s a mighty archangel and why would he want a tiny form? Black hair and green eyes to match Daniel, to better suit his cover. Silver wings.
And of course his Angel Blade is a Morningstar. Just like Father. :wink:


Well, now that I’ve seen the Don’t Poke the Bear achievement…[/fluffs wings]

Let’s see…

Anatomy of A Gabriel

Angelic Gender: Female

Manifested Weapon: Rapier

Wing Color: Gold

Currently Imagined Grace Scent: Wild Strawberries (wuv yoo, Izzy)

Personality Traits: Purple Hawke, the Sweet but Spoiled youngest child, Naive yet uncomfortably Precocious, forever Touchy-Feely like an Affectionate kitty, Passionate, Mischievous, Dangerous

Favorite Tactical Position(s): Scout, Leader on the Front Line

Current Character Statistic Strengths: Agility, Empathy

Current Character Traits: Merciful, Suave, Subtle, Emotional, Candid, Improvise

Current Skills: Wing Versatility

Team Humans or Team Angels: Team Angels

Shell Gender Identification: Female

Shell Name: Gabriel

Shell Surname: Devine… or D’archangel… {{pokes Sabriel}}

Shell Description: Well, shorter than Michael now (tut-tut), long blonde hair, green eyes, olive or bronze skin, hourglass athletic body type

RO(s) of Choice: Michael, Ramiel ish

Favorite Earth Food: Fruit, (o beloved pineapple!)

Favorite Human Colloquialism: “Shantay, you stay.”

And now I would L :heart: V E to see yours.


I just realised you used the word hongi to describe an angels version of a hug. This is the first time I’ve seen Māori culture being represented in a HG/CoG, good on you! Only realised while I was skimming the glossary out of boredom, since when I read the sentence I already knew the word so I didn’t realise.

Honestly, I am way too excited about this. Will you ever decide to add or mention gods/goddesses like Tangaroa, Ranginui, or Papatuanuku in SoS? Seeing as you’ve already created an angelic gesture derived from Māori culture?


That would be interesting!


It is funny! I like this game a lot and I am looking forward to more!


No, clap can be used in that context.