SoS: The Mortal Coil (WIP--Update 03/17/2018)



@Dae-kalina I’m getting some Black Widow vibes from choosing our weapon/deciding which strategic route to take. Especially with the dagger/hang back and shore up weak points in the offense and the gauntlets/sneak behind options. :relaxed: Are we going to be doing some Black Widow moves at some point? 'CAUSE I’M READY! LOOK AT THIS GREATNESS! ↓

I also wanted to tell you that you’re doing a great job at writing all of this and keeping up a separate page for extra information, character’s reactions, and upcoming scenes. I commend you on that and it shows how much hard work you’re putting into this. :raised_hand:


If the answer is yes to those two questions the Ramiel romance can potentially be even more complicated. ^^

In short: You were in love with an oblivious Ramiel, he had a Nephilem and fell, you essentially raised his kid, and then many years in the future you yourself are raising “your” kid and can then potentially romance him, making him kind of a co-parent. Soo apparently “co-parenting each others children” is your potential destiny. :stuck_out_tongue:


There’s a few special circumstances concerning this case.

  1. The angel in question is an archangel.
  2. The Council has no definitive proof that a fae/angel hybrid would exhibit the same flaws that necessitate the killing of Nephilim.
  3. If they are viable hybrids, then Heaven could potentially utilize them as throw away soldiers, rather than risking angel lives.
  4. Gabriel is an archangel who kills Nephilim regularly. Even with training (if it is possible) Gabriel will still be able to handle them. Perhaps even easier, as Gabriel will know how they will behave.
  5. The Council really doesn’t care what Gabriel or any of the other archangels think. The Council acts with the authority of God, and the archangels will obey. Or else.

It’s a little bit of a slower Fall (than say, Ramiel’s) but it’s coming.

Have fun toeing the line.


A. Nephilim are always born as fraternal twins. So it’s kids. First no, you don’t raise them. Laniwynn and Leochlan would kill you if you tried to. The kids are their kin, and while they grudgingly allow you to train them, you are not raising them. Second, Ramiel is aware of all this. He is only being held awaiting the outcome of the experiment at this point. He’s not Fallen yet.

Daniel can find out, but there’s really not much to say about the past.

As for that last question, well… second part of the fae flashback will answer that.

The way I see it, there’s not one path to ultimate power, but several paths to equivalent but very different kinds of power.

With words or physically? Words will be quite soon, physically you’ll have to wait a while.

We’re getting there. Slowly. Just this flashback, then settling in to the house, and then we get to the first day at the precinct.

Ah, thanks! I wouldn’t say quite Black Widow level moves (Gabriel is stronger than most creatures, so the way I picture fight scenes is that they typically go with the simplest and shortest way) but there will be some fancy acrobatics.

Eh heh heh… This story definitely deals a lot with blood lines, parent-child relationships, siblings, and picking sides.

On a completely different note, I have a question for everyone. My original intention with the fae flashback was to split it in two (part one ends with the Council’s ruling on Gabriel training the fae/angel hybrids if they can be trained, killing them if not . Part two was going to be the training and, well, answers to a lot of the questions people are asking.

So, would you rather keep them split as is (tension, anyone?)

Or do you want it all in one go?

  • Give me the entirety of the fae flashback now!
  • I like tension and questions that loom unresolved.
  • I don’t really care?

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I like having political power and armys at my command, and to be homest even if not falling from grace is better, i just want Gabe to serve lucifer


and NOOO i wanted to beat michael up and put him in his place


I’m still reading the whole thread + writer’s tumblr to get up to speed but dang. The whole prospective ROs thing has me very excited

(Aka guess who just read the Valentine’s Day Extras)

In regards to Ramiel, I hope he does get to be a father. My impression is that he wanted to be a dad a lot :(( only that angel hybrids are dangerous and him being too cavalier about the idea came to bite him in the ass

But given @Dae-kalina’s answer, I have a hunch the kids are going to fail their training and Ramiel will want to protect them. Hence not only creating Nephilim but going against a direct order of Heaven earns him Fallen status


I have a feeling that Daniel will occasionally accidentally interfere with Gabe’s romantic encounters?


Very possible. Though for Michael it probs is a little more intentional than others :stuck_out_tongue:

Honestly I’m very torn between the ROs but I’m more concerned about Daniel and Ramiel’s kids – and redeeming Ramiel but that is pretty secondary as of now


This might be a little off topic but i thought i’d share this with you guys since its kinda related? lmao :joy:


Nicholas Cage as every character


Okay. In speaking of Nicholas Cage, am I too late to share fancasts? Or random songs that I was like “shit, could hear this track playing during this scene”

And @Dae-kalina how amenable are you to fanworks?


…Or fanart. Just wondering. :sweat_smile:


Hmn, Heaven is much more pragmatic then I thought, maybe I’ll stay their just a while longer… As for the Fae flashback… Whatever the Author thinks is best! :laughing:


Now that the tears have dried like so much crystals on the sand and I’ve collected some of my thoughts as a Son of Satan worshipper…

In the beginning:

To Anonymous on Tumblr who made a callback to Mickey–

–I adore you, beautiful stranger!–

as well as the crystalline aha! moment when I discovered that Zaria and I are both INTPs. Naturally.


It's been on my Spotify for many, many, many moons--

with all the angst and lust and love, (oh my!), jumping off with the hilariously trumped-up trailer music my Gabriel hears in her head whenever Mickey unwittingly satirizes himself by strutting about with a puffed-up chest…

Mybriel’s All-Consuming Mix Volume 1 on Autoplay for the most darling of conveniences:,VG8D68x1hlI,HvQYeueVtIU,zMmQSEaS-w0,xNUeKipc47E,u_QoaV6FYnY,B3kFPBtc9BE,-zgIiwohjR4,BhFdExbFviE,KKJhvlqRhZo,4DMU6TOXiz0,7DjaJZ_KwWg,MxkTG7Ld9ks,y1i8RoAQW-8,-w_EKG8L-Vc,PpBcf9xiZhw

Call To Arms


Losing My Religion

The Kill


You Destroy Me

In Your Eyes

The First Taste

I Was Born To Love You

Nothing Else Matters

Black and Gold

Kiss With A Fist

Gimme All Your Love

Breathe (In the Air)


Some Unholy War

Ramiel’s and Lucifer’s song art need only await their compilation.

On to the update:

Learned ever so much by following mama bear Sabriel and between her growls and Auriel’s bites every pitch and angle was perfect. In canon, I’m still going to have to go eavesdrop on the boys, my boys–my nesties. They simply come first. Though currently my Gabriel’s priorities are best nesties/the Host, using one of her own feathers to play with stray kittens, God, fire dancing, Daniel, pineapple salad, talking demons to death, ribbon dancing, then humans, karaoke…

{several days later}

and finally The Council…

Hmm, now Michael does claim after the eavesdropping confrontation that he will not interfere with Gabriel’s mission, except he then orders Izzy and co. to absolutely stay away from our earth angel? A contradiction in action or is it another one of those instances of Michael just can’t help himself?

And goodness there should be a “Don’t Poke The Bear” achievement for questioning the shell at every step. Poor Sabriel. Although my Gabs was being ever the rapscallion while feigning her obtuseness. Tee hee.

Speaking of the creation process, I thought of a gorgeous, glittering connection where my Gabe chooses green eyes if only to create a link to and for Daniel’s own emeralds. Green eyes which due to their rarity have superstitiously been linked to magic and the supernatural-- (why, some even believe it the mark of the devil…)

Further on, because Gabriel mine has the heart flutters for Ramiel and has stitched said heart on her sleeve largely enough for him to see, his oblivious reactions over time must cause the choke and hurt to burn, like trying to tame the wildness of first love. The combination of fierce protection and boxing Gabriel into the Precious Moments figurine/will always be my baby Gabby must also be frustrating–except Gabe must be super kawaii when frustrated, all flushed gold and pouty-lipped so I can see where Rami’s coming from. :wink:

And the drama.
The pain.
O, I knew that ending was coming from ten skies away, but poor Gabe must have felt that one for centuries.

(Mm. When understanding how Ramiel changes post Fall reminds me how hell changes for each soul condemned and unfortunately Ramiel seems like he experienced the absence of hope–ironically, he could have dampened or killed that very thing in a Gabriel he is close with.)

So, in retaliation for when it “pains me[Ramiel] to see anyone leave a mark on you”, my Gabriel would fling with Leochlan and then repeatedly walk past Ramiel until he noticed the love bites. :blush:

And Michael only goes to Earth if ordered. He hates it there. The wind blows, hot and arid across your overly sensitive skin. Sand bites into the flesh exposed by your loose white robes, and you turn to verbally lash your companion for not giving better warning but stop, surprised.

Needs a bit of transition from Michael’s feelings on the subject to actually materializing on Earth in there.

Oh, a thousand times yes! Long what I intended. Gabriel and her wide eyes at Ramiel all while oblivious to Michael’s wide eyes at Gabriel. Everyone to Rami will be like: How could you not know?! and everyone to Gabby will then be like: How could you not know?! Full circle. Glorious.

I picture Lucifer’s appealing form as the sort that Hollywood believes Dorian Gray should look. Dark, lean and hungry.

As for the rest, sweet Izzy just might have sweet potato red hair and then I unimaginably draw a blank…:thinking:

Gabriel: So Michael, you know me and this god made–
{{Michael interrupts to smite half a dozen planes including Olympus and Valhalla.}}
Gabriel: … a bracelet of protection for you… Obviously they should have kept one for themselves…


In regards to the fae flashback scene, thank you all for your votes! I’m still curious what your thoughts are, so feel free to keep voting, but I’ve figured out what I’m going to do.

Everyone reading this WIP will get the entire fae flashback in one go (when it’s finished). However, once I have written and coded the game to where the second section was supposed to be, the flashback will be split into its original two parts, with the second moved until later.

Daddy’s favorite little angel.

You’ll get your chance. Eventually.

I’m pleading the fifth on what happens. You will just have to wait and see.

And I am pleased to see people torn between ROs (replays, anyone?). Of course, we haven’t seen a whole lot of them yet, so we’ll see in the end.

Gabriel is trying to be a (mostly) single parent. Life occasionally gets in the way. It will vary depending on how much he likes Gabriel and how much he likes the RO.

Not a bad cover, but I’m still partial to the original version. (Love that movie’s soundtrack.)

Ummm… I love them?! It’s really exciting to see my work inspiring others (and if you do fanart, I will be over the moon. I’ve already gotten some lovely fan art from @Cherry_Summer) Any type of fanwork is really exciting. (It also feeds and rouses the exhausted muse.)

Oooh, more playlists! (And thank you for the lovely response and feedback!)
(I have ‘Lucy’s Jam’ and ‘Israfel’s Tunes’ that I listen to while writing sometimes.)

Michael means that he, personally, will not interfere. To him, that means that he won’t hinder Gabriel or show up unannounced (because we all believe he will stick to that, hmm?) Telling Izzy and everyone else to stay away from Gabriel is just doing his job. If Gabriel is undercover, and a bunch of angels keep popping in, Gabriel won’t really stay under the radar long (and yes, Michael really can’t help himself.)

This is happening.

The green eyes will be remarked upon.

Flings ahoy. Ramiel noticing much? Questionable. (We all know how dense pre-Fall Ramiel is. Two-by-fours don’t make much of an impression on that boy.)

Whoops. There was supposed to be a page_break there, but someone may have switched the order of the label and the page_break >.> (Also added a few lines for clarification.)

And your Lucifer fancast looks a lot like how I picture Ramiel… hmm… too many dark and broody characters? (Though the eyes are definitely more Lucifer to me)

Izzy usually keeps his long golden hair (he is a lazy angel when it comes to appearing human.)

And that last bit made me laugh a little too hard :smile:



Is the spoiler you gave to augustus27 one of the reasons why Gabe is considered AROF?


Please you’ve got me spilt six different ways.

Wait can we expect a socially awkward Gabby with them not familiar with modern speech?


whats AROF, (im new to the forum so i dont know all the terminology)


That’s a term used in the game: AT Risk of Falling. It’s not used anywhere else.


I have to admit I can only see Lucifer as looking like this: