SoS: The Mortal Coil (WIP--Update 03/17/2018)



wanna sit with me with this “happy uncle couch”? already thinking how to hide the baby from heaven

“wrath of god” who loves a satanspawn, well atleast my Gabriel.


Can we have a scene with daniel where we are giving him a bath and were playing with boats then israfel or sabriel comes and see us?


@Dae-kalina First: WELCOME BACK!!! :kissing_heart: And…well shit…that was some awww-some update but well…i am sad. :sob: Since Ramiel is my 2 RO i was like ya fooooooooooooooooooooooooooool :persevere: Im gonna beat ya up!!! but at the same time, i knew this was gonna happen but my heart broke :cry:

Also a stupid question but can i play a Gabriel that was in love with Ramiel but got his heart broken, (by the nep incident) and fell out of love with him, only to end up loving Michael at the end :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::rofl:


Apparently so


@Morphine OMG! TNX :kissing_heart:


…First thought to come out of my head after that reveal… “You idiot!!!” So yeah, my Gabriel isn’t going to take it well. :laughing: at all.


My Gabriel would be one of these two without a doubt. For hear him out he just wants to make sure Ramiel has thought this through and that it wasn’t on a whim, then he’ll tramsition to happy and supportive. As for exciting news he thinks it’s great that Ramiel is gonna have childten and he can be an uncle, he’s always been fond of little ones. In both cases he agrees with Ramiel that since the mother isn’t human then the children aren’t nephilim.


I’m gonna guess that the technicality is the mother not being human. Yes? No? Maybe?


But they still are half angel so it might still cause some problems.


I wonder if Gabriel will get a chance to have a good time? :wink:


Will the story take place within the span of a century?


From when you find daniel to the end of the story is spans 15 years. You should check the blog out, it has some pretty cool info and you can avoid spoilers if ya want.


How do I find the blog?


Go on tumblr then search Son of Satan: The Mortal Coil. Pretty sure tou don’t even need an account for it either. Hope this helps :slight_smile:.


It should in the first post! :slight_smile:


Thank you! I’ll take a look!


Wow. All I can say is - wow. I am absolutely in love with the concept of this game, and you execute it so well: the writing, the characters, the setting…literally, everything.

I am extremely impressed by the amount of variation and content that you provide. After playing through the game a few times, I realized that Gabriel and Israfel had completely different banter depending on what battle strategy the player chose. Not just a few different lines, but entire conversations. I can’t imagine how long that takes to write. Of course then I had to go back and try all of the different wing, weapon, and strategy combinations just to see how the scenes would change.

Also, kudos to you for the inclusivity of this project. It’s not often that I encounter asexual and aromantic options in these games.

I really look forward to reading more! Have fun, and keep up the amazing work!


I’m looking forward to learning more about Ramiel’s Fall.


He didn’t just drop it. He dropped it oil, lit on fire, and then tossed it into a glass house.

I won’t say for sure that a scene of this exact nature will be in the game, but there will be some domestic scenes with Daniel where Israfel and/or Sabriel will invite themselves in.

[quote=“COGZealot, post:636, topic:15298”]
…First thought to come out of my head after that reveal… “You idiot!!!”
[/quote] The first four words of the ‘Chew out’ response are “Are you an idiot?”


That’s Ramiel’s logic, at least. However, we already know that Ramiel Falls, so I wonder if that technicality is enough… :thinking: And thanks for answering the question about the time frame of the game!


Depends on your definition of a good time. But both Leochlan and Laniwynn are intrigued by angels.

That’s a key point of what I’m trying to do with this game. I want there to be something new to learn on each path, not just one or two small changes (though some path variations are more similar than others, to ensure that the same information is given to the player–like any of the branches in the GAO HQ). It does take longer, and sometimes can be tiring since the main plot isn’t advancing, but it always feels worth it when I see people going back and replaying for the different variations :smile:

I only hope to do them justice. There’s some really good projects on here that tackle that, and especially with the cast of characters we have (Iro who is strictly aromantic, and a yet to be revealed RO who is nb asexual) I want the player character to have the same sense of choice.


Can I get a round of applause for this author please? :clap::clap::raised_hands:t2::raised_hands:t2::raised_hands:t2: (<–sign language for clapping) I was just on your Tumblr and I mean this person seriously has this shit figured out.

PS. Thanks for answering my question of the religious aspects of the story. I generally feel super judged when I ask people about this stuff irl. :confused: