SoS: The Mortal Coil (WIP--Update 03/17/2018)



so lucifer is Gabriel’s dad and Daniel is his nephew, technically Daniel’s father is our brother who is also a demon? Did I leave anything out?


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Well, at one point the title was going to be Scions of Satan (to maintain the alliteration) but after discussing it with some friends I decided to go with Son of Satan because of the deliberate misdirect. Scions of Satan seemed a little too on the nose about Gabriel’s lineage, and I wanted it to appear the preliminary focus was on Daniel as a satanspawn.

There’s also a whole 'nother thing with Satan not actually being the same person as Lucifer, but for some reason the two of become synonymous with the Ruler of Hell who is Lucifer, so therefore Lucifer is referred to as Satan. The angels mainly use this, despite knowing the inaccuracy, because they hate to treat him as one of their own, former or not, so they often use the incorrect name out of pettiness. Satan is actually a completely different character. So in this way, the title is really a red herring…

Or is it?


Satan was originally God’s accuser, the person who told people what they had done wrong and why they were going to get their shit wrecked by God. Check out the story of Job, he’s fulfilling his role there. The early church conflated them together and that’s why we use the names interchangeably now.


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That’s not quite the version in this world, but I will say that Satan is a character who is older than the angels and existed long before God was worshiped by humans. The church does once more conflate them together for humans. The angels adopt it because they can, and because Satan has vanished from the known world so they turned his name more into a role of accuser and betrayer (returning more to the Hebrew meaning). Satan is a chaotic force that challenges God and uses humans much as a lab rats because he sees God as naive and in need of testing in order to become worthy of being a God and creator. He does show up in SoS.


So Satan and Lucifer are two different people in this? Will we meet Satan?


My first playthrough I came across an error where there were no options to choose and no way to move forward. It was just after examining the body of Daniel’s mother. For that scene, Gabriel had started by asking Daniel if he was okay, then asked the questions about the body and what had happened. He turned Daniel’s head away from the body. After that was when I choose to examine the body (first with his grace and then physically). Directly after that I got an error message and was taken to a text page that had a couple sentences of story but had no choices or button which would allow me to continue the story.


I thought it was obvious…


Yes and yes.

I think I’ve fixed the issue (if I’m correct, at the time your Gabriel was referring to Daniel as the child, right?)


Yep! I’m pretty sure (I wasn’t aware that asking Daniel if he was okay would take away the option of asking his name and didn’t learn it until my second playthrough).


Lucifer has been identified as Satan ever since the Early Modern Period and probably the Middle Ages, seeing how the interpretation was widespread by the time John Milton wrote Paradise Lost. Personally I’d say whether they’re one and the same is a matter of interpretation.


Obvious answers are sometimes not the truth


… stares… blinks…
I… OMG… I don’t know what to say right now… This is probably how Luke felt when he found out who Leia was… I guess this will teach me to not go clicking on spoiler tags without thinking it through first.


Luke… I am your father!!!


Luke and Leia? Now comparing it to this, imagine if Gabriel got a crush…


That would make a very interesting reaction from both of them.

By the way, @Dae-kalina The angels tyat are born from other angels don’t even know who their parents are? Or is it just Gabriel?


My best guess which is probably wrong is that they don’t, since Heaven is a communal society and they’ll want your full loyalty to be to heaven and not potentially split among family lines.