SoS: The Mortal Coil (WIP--Small Update 04/05/2018)



Well good. Because there will be angst. And death. And more death. And bodily harm. And betrayal. And Scylla and Charybdis kind of decisions.

Oh dear. Well, perhaps by virtue of the fact that it already has a fair amount of darkness there may not be too much more to add?

I pity the poor characters. They know not what has been unleashed upon them.


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Oh, I missed this part! You already know I tossed in my two cents towards angel wing tattoos on the MC’s back/arms. :innocent:


I’m wondering, will my MC be able to flirt and crush on Lucifer even though he won’t return the favor? Cause the way their last conversation went, she really adores him and she got the impression he liked her as well.


Angel tats huh? How about tats that are actually in the shape of enochian words? :slight_smile: perhaps words that represent the angel (particilar trait or maybe name or hey the first command ever given by God to the angel during its creation) these could be around the head like that of a circlet , wrists, ankles.

Hmm or marks? Think if Supernatural and the “Caine” Mark , something engraved on the very soul of an angel etc :smiley:


For an angel or demon to truly die their essence has to be consumed. This means that once their physical form has been defeated (vessel or no) the energy that makes up their being lingers. Other supernaturals can consume this power to make them stronger, but most angels do not try to consume demon essence.

To break it down, the fallen after a battle between angels and demons linger in the remains of their physical forms when they are not using a vessel. When they use a vessel and the vessel is killed, they automatically return to their plane of origin. When not using a vessel, a higher level angel or demon has to go among the fallen and shepherd the essence to heaven or hell to recuperate. If they are not returned to their plane by another of their faction, their very essence will eventually dissolve and they will truly die. Restored angels/demons suffer a power loss and often times at least partial memory loss, in addition to taking a substantial amount of time to get back into fighting shape.

Then there is the quick way to die. Angels, demons, and other supernaturals are capable of consuming the essence of an angel or demon in battle, adding to their own strength. In battle, after killing the physical form, they simply absorb the essence of the fallen, truly killing them.

Hope this makes sense! (Let me know if it doesn’t… sometimes my head canons are a lot more difficult to explain than I think)


So tattoos so far: Angel wings on the back. Enochian words (what exactly they are going to say is yet to be determined…) likely on the spine and/or inside of the arms.

Because your character is a cop (at least for a time), the tattoos need to be easily covered by a shirt, hence being a little leery of wrist/neck tattoos.


Well for the tattoo request line…Well how about lower back and the classic tramp stamp (Tribal) or we could do an Angelic script down the middle of the back, even Latin writing…


But with Angelic script.

Tatted wings

Or Greek/Latin on side…[/spoiler]


Glad to see an update soon. Will read it when I become aware of it.


As for tattoos I’d like to see a Koi back tattoo.

Whether it be a shoulder tattoo

Or a full back tattoo


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I dunno if i’m allowed to keep sending messages of my excitement but i just cant resist! Really, this is the best WIP i have ever had the pleasure of reading. Keep up the good work!

P.S just tell me if i should be posting unless it contributes.


Okay, small update is up (only the version with effects at the moment). Both versions are updated. More updates will occur over the week so be on the look out (those grayed out options will become choosable).

Yes, you will be able to. But you have to be careful about who sees you do so and what souls you eat… consuming the souls of the angels while you’re working with Heaven, for example, is probably not a good idea
Some Latin and/or Greek inscriptions could be interesting…
Koi tattoo will be added. Personally I’m leaning more towards the shoulder tattoo.


LOVE the demo, Im so glad it was updated cause its awesome! Well done and please keep up the great work!!!:grin:


You definitely have a new fan, I haven’t played anything like this before. Keep doing what you do :+1::+1::+1:


Nice update - I’m taking a guess and saying that the kid was Daniel? - although I got this error when I choose the ‘But we were not given genders. I cannot choose, can I?’ in the conversation with Lucifer at the start;


Well, that was fun.

Glad to see this got updated. I like this WIP a lot after all.


This is very good so far :slight_smile:


Fixed the error. Thanks for the catch!


Really loved the update.


I’ve gotta admit that I love the attention to detail you’re adding with regard to the manifestation of the Angel Blades. :blush: It feels good to actually have my choice validated and also be shown the difference in tactics required because of it. I will forever toot the gauntlets. Just cause it also happens to fit the idea of my MC, Iain, and a punching bag is purely coincidental. :kissing_smiling_eyes:

So, uh… I can’t help but wonder if the young boy is Daniel? It would explain why the demons were flocking around him without seemingly doing anything. Regardless of that possibility, I loved that little protective streak there to keep him safe. IAIN WOULD BE PROUD. :persevere: