SoS: The Mortal Coil (WIP--Small Update 04/05/2018)



…this came from a conversation about why people want to love a evil person. I’m just gonna drop it if this is the end result


Lol you wanted a serious conversation about this. It was bound to be a little philosophical eventually


Well yeah a little but now we are getting to the point of talking about what is right or wrong at its base. I just wanted to know why people liked to daydream about charecters like him, Loki, etc and I don’t want to stray too far from that or else we would never get back to it


I would assume people would daydream villains because they think they either have a horrible (not saying it is an excuse but that’s mainly the reasons) past or… I guess, like you said, “necessary evil”.

Although, this argument is a little bit off topic. How about talking about something? :slight_smile:


Okay, sorry for getting off topic

How about to get back on topic
What was everyone’s choice of weapons? Mine was the gauntlets since I’m going for a mage with the power of a small nuke in holy fire


Little late but I personally think villains are much more interesting then heroes because of their admirable attribute that many villains have which is their devil may care attitude which lets them do whatever they want without consequences so in a sense the Villains have more freedom to do what ever they want which in a way is something every person wants . For example my Gabriel in the story sees Lucifer as a hero for standing up for what he believes in .


I was a little conflicted at first but at the end, I chose the gauntlets as well. The morning star seem a very good weapon of choice.


Usually went with the Morningstar just to see Michael’s reaction to it. It always cracks me up


Let’s see if I can explain this…

The reason why I’m attracted to bad guys in fiction is partically due to the challenge it poses and the feeling of attaining something few others have. A guy that plays hard to get is an interesting one because it means he won’t be chasing after every pair of legs he comes across so, in other words, he is more loyal. There’s two types of “rewards” in these sort of relationship and that is the feeling when you’re able to warm them up to you (and only you) and another is when you “heal” them.

Part of the reason why so many women endure physically abusive relationships (aside from other factors) it’s because they believe they can “heal” the person into becoming this imaginary ideal of a lover, which, sadly is far from from being a common occurence (or one at all). That being said, there’s a vast difference between fiction and reality, while bad guys are attractive in the former, many wouldn’t stand for it in the latter.

Then there’s also the fact bad guys tend to be extremely charismatic and ambitious, two traits that help them move forward in life and attain many things, which to the women could spell some form of security (financial or otherwise) as well as some exoticism to the relationship. There’s a certain je ne sais quoi about a guy acting all lovey-dovey towards you while remaining a douche to the rest of the world.


When I saw that the Morningstar increased resolve I thought of all epic fighting after deaths or unconcisnous moments that could happen. That or the push beyond ones limit gurran lagan style. that would be insanely awsome


Shivers and tries to cope with the PTSD suffered while in the Shadow Realms


Well a favorite character of mine killed 80 people in 2 days.


Sword and shield for my Gabe, who is a grace specialist focused on precision attacks.

Playing a Gabe just like Mikey was entertaining though.


oh dang! thats my main gabe too.


My Gabby has Sword and Shield.
And of course uses her shield as a boomerang to take out as many enemies as she can lol

Also on the Satan topic, IIRC in this universe Satan and Lucifer are two different people with Satan being embodiment of all evil (muahaha) and Lucifer being an archangel who lead a rebellion against heaven and not necessarily God himself he fell and this and this happened correct me if I’m wrong


same person. in the demo, gabe mentioned that Lucifer’s moniker is Satan


Any healers who use the staff out there?



It was confirmed a long while back (the text is a spoiler so I’ll just put the first half in a quote so you can go check it out) that Satan is a moniker that existed before Lucifer, and after Lucifer’s rebellion he was dubbed with it. So it’s true that Satan and Lucifer are not the same.


Personally, I find it extremely entertaining to lead the charge with Michael, wielding nothing but a staff. I love the idea of Michael slashing through hordes of demonspawn with his great sword while my pacifist-leaning Gabriel goes about thwacking them pretty harmlessly on the head with his stick. :joy:


I go with the rapier or the morningstar.