SoS: The Mortal Coil (WIP--Small Update 04/05/2018)





I can’t believe I just found this, but I’m absolutely enamoured with it! Angels, hellspawn, and werebeasts, oh my!


Lol, I was being sarcastic cause I missed being 1000th by 6 minutes


and I misses it by less that one…IT COULD HAVE BEEN MINE!!




Me too! I am really looking forward to more Lucifer!


Am I the only one that just doesn’t like Satan? I mean for peats sake he unleashed demons that have killed untold thousands/millions and no matter how good he was that doesn’t excuse soul stealing and murder. Am I missing something or are we still talking about the same guy who had so much pride that he wouldn’t just bow his head a little to the guy who gave him life and the 2nd best job in exsistence


don’t question and just go with the flow…if you do question you will be banished (banned/suspended) to the shadow realms like I and @Spyder were. you do one little thing and they destroy you like it was nothing.

Ps: Girls like bad boys? I don’t know.
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I will be a martyr, someone has to question why people like the litteral incarnation of all evil


I’m not even joking does anyone have an actual explanation


Uh… Probably because it’s just a game?


think of it as subcategory of the “tumblr effect


I will take this out of context for the purposes of humor

(And no I don’t like in-game Lucy, he’s kind of a condescending prick)


He isn’t a romance option.
and he saved the mc so that’s something haha


So if a villain in a video game or book killed billions you would still want to date him?
I’m actually asking


Saved 1
Killed 5,000,000,000 (rough estimate) and counting


I’m definitely that guy that wouldn’t mind going down the villian route once in a while just for the enjoyment of it. There are some people that are actually more interested in the villian’s backstory than the protagonist. The world isn’t exactly white and black as we know it and some events were what we would call “necessary evil” that must happen for the greater good to happen.


Me too but only if I get something out of it(more power, money, etc) but just for the hell of it? He would have been just as powerful if he stayed with us so what was the point

Of course there are people who like the villans story better, we have none while he does but where in it does it justify his deeds?

What greater good? He did nothing but cause the pain of untold number of people.

Heck I’m a greater good above all else person


Don’t be so mean to daddy Lucy, he just wants the best for you >:0

Seriously tho, before it was confirmed that Lucifer is our dad I wanted him to be an RO simply b/c of the first impression you get of him. He’s genuinely caring towards you (and I’m a sucker for bad boys and angst haha)

Funny how a first impression leaves a lasting idea of a character. Besides, he’s not necessarily a villain in this game… I love him, 10/10 good dad give me that family bonding


From what I think, God could had chose to destroy Lucifer and the rest of his fallen angels but did not do so. He probably knew if he banished Lucifer instead, he would had harmed the humans and the humans would had a religious belief based on their dealings with both angels and the devils, I would call this a necessary evil on God’s part that ended up having the consequence of the humans believing in God which can be interpreted as the greater good.


So by nessecary evil you mean that evil is literally nessecary? Like in a “withought evil we don’t know what is good” sort of way?

That’s true, not gonna deny that but it is still evil, he could have chosen to not be so. This is about him not God

Human already have evil in them so it wasn’t nessecary for him to turn evil for it to exsist


Well yes that’s the point that I’m trying to make but it’s really more about the both of them. From what I’ve seen so far in this story is that we may have to make a choice to side with either God or Lucifer and the war is mainly theirs while all of us are just caught up in the middle of it. Evil will always exist in humans but good can also exist in them too, it’s a yin-yang kind of thing. It just depends on our choice on which one to feed.