SoS: The Mortal Coil (WIP--Small Update 04/05/2018)



Karyn is a “5’6” wild child werewolf who works as a barista. She’s listed as straight-ish so I’m assuming she would still date a fem Gabriel, it’ll just be harder. Out of all the weres she’s the most dominant in a relationship. One of the only pack members Charleston interacts with.


Looking forward to seeing more of Lucifer!


Omg Omg! She wil be??? Yaay! Are you sure?


I can’t wait for Gabriel to meet him. That’s gotta be a tension-filled reunion :grimacing: .


How tension filled it will be will depend on how much Gabriel knows I think.


Yep. On the Tumblr page it’s stated that straight-ish characters can be romanced by a same gender Gabe but it’ll be harder. Karyn and Iain are the two straight-ish peeps.


Omg i am so exsited!! Best romances are the hard won! I hate when just with a single yes or no, you can have the other in bed and all. Very easy and not satisfiying.

Oh, and can you leave the tumblr page? I cant seem to find it anywhere!


Here’s the link to the tumblr page


SoS is one of my favorite games. It’s not very common that games deal with being a guardian/parent to a child. In my experience, Daniel comes off as an intelligent and inquisitive child. The author does a great job at making Daniel a likable and realistic child character, so much so that it’s very hard for my Gabriel to be mean to him. I am really looking forward to Gabriel navigating the ins and outs of parenting Daniel.

On a slightly off-topic subject from the above, is Daniel named after an Angel? And how does an Angel such as Michael feel about so many mortals being named after him?


First of all, I just want to say that it’s awesome how much some of you guys know about the game. Thanks for stepping up and answering questions! (@Umbreonpanda @squarelyblue @Elysium @cookiemonsta and anyone else I might be missing)

That’s one of Gabriel’s duties, though they would like to add that no one gets to look so neat and clean when having to fight off a Nephilim.

Definitely and 100% my fault. (I’m 6’6", so to me, most of them aren’t that tall?) Stephanie and Ryder have the awards for smollest of the ROs, the rest, not so much.

Welcome aboard! I see in your time here you have encountered the roller-coaster that is Michael. Be prepared for much more flip-flopping and him giving you the run-around.

In regards to Ramiel and Lyana, the upcoming update will clarify their relationship, but they aren’t in love. Fae value children immensely, as they have a very difficult time conceiving. Some fae species are immortal, some are not, and since almost all fae are cossbreeds of some degree, life expectancy can vary. (Lyana and siblings are immortal as far as old age goes). Fae may love their blood family, and they have strong tribal bonds, but they are always looking for how they can benefit. Romantic love, to them, is completely absurd. They don’t mind romantic gestures, indeed, wooing humans or fertile partners is considered something of a sport, but actually developing romantic feelings for someone is a weakness and shameful. Having a child is a sign of fertility and many consider a fae family who can produce a child blessed by their gods, and it increases their status and power standing.

A little clarification on the family and angels situation: angels can have children, but the children are raised by Heaven, not the parents. Heaven encourages relationships between angels, but the don’t support multi-generational familial relationships.

In respect to ratting out Ramiel: I considered this possibility for the scene, but I decided to go a different route. Given the history between the characters, Ramiel and Gabriel have a certain amount of familiarity, at the very least. For Ramiel to even show Gabriel to Lyana, Gabriel has to trust Ramiel. Betraying his trust so blatantly felt like too out of character–if you have a Gabriel who doesn’t trust Ramiel, they never would have gotten to that point. ((I’m not 100% opposed to putting it in, but it would cause a lot of restructuring for that scene, and right now I’m still mostly writing the parallel branches rather than adding much depth to it))

I wouldn’t recommend it. (And really, can you blame him for not wanting to go back? It’s kind of a mad house at times.

Awww, thanks! This story does a fair amount of jumping between the modern day and the past–angels don’t experience time quite like humans do, and for pacing reasons, I’m currently going with a sprinkling of flashbacks rather than have you play in a strictly linear progression.

Nope. I would strongly advise not to try flirting with her either. She wants Gabriel, all right–wants their wings up on her wall and their skull for a drinking cup.

Oh, the spoilers I could give… Let’s just say that it’s not 100% his fault, that there may be someone else pulling some of his strings…

Thanks for the catch! It’ll be fixed in the next update. (Someone might have given Sabriel the wrong tea. See what happens when she doesn’t get her caffeine? She can’t even remember which side of the coin she called…)

I love Leo’s romance route a lot as far as writing. He’s the youngest of the ROs, which already makes him a little unique, but specifically… he’s one of the first characters, besides Daniel, whose future you can determine through your actions. For the different factions (werewolves, panthers, witches vs. warlock) there is a large case associated with them.

Karyn is an RO for both male and female Gabriels. A female Gabriel will have to do a little more pursuing and have the right personality for her to go out with them.

I partially based Daniel on my experience as an older sibling, babysitter, and camp counselor, with a little dash of sugar and spice and everything nice. I’m glad he comes across as an engaging child character!

Daniel is named after the (Christian) prophet Daniel. His mother was a devout Catholic, and knowing the origin of her son’s father, she wished to give him a strong name. His situation reminded her of Daniel in the lion den–thus, his name.

Michael doesn’t spend anytime thinking about why humans bother naming their offspring things. If anything, he might privately commend them on having the sense to pick a strong name.


of course.

HOLY CRAP! what are you? midwestern American? scandinavian? I am 5’11 and that’s considered big in my family.

I will take that as a yes on the slapping issue. (need to teach them while there are still young)


My 1.56 ass feels scared and intrigued at the same time lol

does that mean that we will have to form an alliance with the wolves or the Panthers and not both? Also what do they think of each other?

Also how does a Leo with a crush on Gabby react to them treating him as a nephew/little cousin/child (age wise not like Daniel) Instead as a man/potential boyfriend?

Also here some laughs and goofs


I’ve made all of my Gabriel’s tall.


Something I have to ask. I’m not a fan of children and/or parenthood personally, so I’d like to know if there’s an option to express discomfort over the fact that you are basically forced into the role of caretaker for Daniel?


You can express the attitude that you are a soldier following orders when it comes to Daniel.

Which makes it clear that you can be less than thrilled.


Team Protect Daniel at All Costs

(My Gabby probs would flip the bird at Heaven at this point if they tried anything HAHA)

I’m glad though we’ll have the chamcr to properly develop a bond with him – for those that aren’t following the tumblr account, there will be apparently movie nights and other hang out stuff

Okay this has me curious though. Will we meet a fae that actually is in a romantic relationship with someone? Ofc probs considered an outcast or maybe even thrown out of because of that shame? Or will this just come up in passing when one of the fae explains to Gabby their take on Ram and Lyana’s relationship?


This is givibg me the bad feels :sweat:

Interesting, can’t wait to see how that goes.


really loved the demo.can’t wait for the next update


Looking forward to more lore!


1000th post! Hell yeah!