SoS: The Mortal Coil (WIP--Small Update 04/05/2018)



My deal breaker with him is that my Gabriel wants to parent Daniel. While he can be begrudgingly neutral – or at least not openly hostile – he’s not exactly ideal co-parent material :))

(We could have had it all Michael)

(But no)

I mean it makes sense for him to be that way but overall //protects the kid


Meh, I like Daniel but I haven’t seen enough of him to really form an opinion. And while my MC takes her role of protecting him seriously she’s not about to start mothering him. She’s a badass archangel with millennia of years under her wings, she believes everyone and everything should be able to stand up on their own two feet.

As for Michael tho, it is slightly annoying how stubborn he is about Daniel but as you said, it makes sense for his character. My Gabriel is fine with it as long as they can coexist tho she won’t tolerate outright bullying or cruelness. Michael cannot harm Daniel in any way shape or form.

But they’ve known each other pretty much all their lives and have a long history together. It’s not gonna be a random kid that stands between that.


Amazing!!! Jeezas i hope you wont abandon this masterpiece!!! It is so well written! The only thing ibfound a little bit confusing was the last demos chapter when suddenly we are woken up by our wingmate. Since in previous we were getting ready to rush the earth!

But god damn, amazing!!! The vast costumizatiin and your writting really got me hooked up!! And this reminds me soo much of Samurai Of Hyuga! One of my favorite games!!!

I really hope you will continue this project! And my whole hearted wishes and luck to you!!!

Oh, and i realy dont know if the question has been answered or no, but, us Lilith a romance?


The tricky part between him and my Gabby is that his seeming hostility to her is definitely driving her away. Izzy has it right when he tells Michael that what he’s doing isn’t going to win her any favors. Like sure, long history but the flipped switch of him from being a sweet kid and nestmate to angry and distant is a big issue that he and my Gabby have yet to properly address :))

She’s also pretty thrown off with the hot/cold reception. Reading him at this point is probs not her strong suit HAHA

(If she could point blankly ask why is he like this, what exactly changed between them, etc. she would? But unfortunately the time isn’t right)


Hey! I love the story and am looking forward to learn more about the Ramiel incident.
Also, I think I encountered a bug. It happened when I said to Lucy I identified as male, and then asked Sabriel to choose the gender of my vessel (and when she said she would choose male, I asked to be random).


@Bae_Junhong Your angelic gender and vessel gender don’t have to be the same since they are two separated things, you can be a neutral Angel but have a male vessel or a female angel with a male vessel and so forth. Sabriel choosing your gender is random if you dont feel like choosing I guess

@squarelyblue My Gabby is also angry with Michael’s behaviour and the fact that he doesn’t give her an explanation and has abandoned every hope to reconcile with him. It breaks her heart and wishes things were like they used to be, before Ramiel fell but she got used to them arguing. No wonder she has anger issues and is very emotional (Izzy to the rescue!) I also understand his behaviour towards my little Daniel, who Gabby is going to mother to death, but at least he can be discreet for her sake and that’s a good thing after romancing him he actually becomes nicer to everyone so I can only hope for the best

@Anathema I only try to spread the love :relaxed:
Hmm, I’m pretty much set on Michael, Ramiel and Iain but Leo sounds like a cutie but I’m not sure about romancing him yet :confused:


Oh absolutely, I never meant to imply Michael is without fault. I think what Israfel said describes it perfectly: “You say she is your priority yet you don’t care to learn hers”. If they do end up together - or reconcile their friendship- there has to be major character development.

It’s cannon they’ve drifted apart and while I’m sure it wasn’t 100% Michaels fault - Gabriel is not some innocent little dove in all this - his flipping personality aggravated my Gabby as much as yours.

But as far as affections go. Michael will always mean more to my Gabriel than Daniel. If nothing else, he’s one of her nestmates. My MC has a kinda nostalgic, romantic view of the old times. The times before Ramiel fell. She always wishes she could go back when all was right.

Oh Ian sounds adorable. I’m just not really sure about getting together with any humans. They must seem like… children to an archangel, I have a tough time imagining my Gabriel fall for one.

What about Leo has you unsure? He’s a werewolf right? The young one? .


I thought he was a werecat?
Charleston and Tom is the only werewolves in the game.


Oh oops, you’re right. I just checked and he’s a werepanther . Sorry, I still confuse some things about this game. It’s a pretty big universe.


Yeah, the whole “I’m immortal you are not” thing kinda turns me off but he’s adorable :cry:

Leo will also have a crush on Gabby if you are kind to the werepanthers. It’s cute but ehhh?


My Gabby hasn’t quite abandoned all hope but definitely is at her wits end prior to the main story. Then the eavesdropping scene happens and she is more confused than ever as to how Michael feels and what he actually wants from her relationship wise

[A huge part of her wishes for when everything was so not complicated and very much misses it too but alas]

It definitely hurts too for my Gabby but what can you do :)) she settled on putting that on the back burner since Daniel needs a guardian now (and she is determined to raise him to the best of her abilities)

Actually part of why she’s so determined in raising Daniel is to prove Michael wrong :)) I sense that part of their drifting away is a fundamental disagreement on nature vs choice

Like my impression is that by virtue of being a satanspawn, Daniel is an instant liability. Like fundamentally incapable of being consistently “good” and since we saw in the first part how demonic they can get it falls within reason and protocol for Michael to want to kill him (something I feel Heaven reinforces heavily, it feels very black/white imo)

My Gabby disagrees with that. Other than literally the Word of God telling her not to kill – thank for that – she probs would have defied orders. Mostly because she sees a child before his “nature” or “being” (like she believes no one is born truly good/evil but their goodness is determined by their actions and what they choose to do) and thinks that he deserves to live because of it. The satanspawn made their “choice” – though Michael and others can argue otherwise – and got what they deserved because of it

So this kind of convo, if it does happen in the game, is something I’ll be looking forward to seeing Gabby have :))


Yup, this is going to be the end of me :cry:


I do know that. But the bug is in the image. Before flipping the coin, Sabriel says that if it’s heads my vessel will be female and if it’s tails, male. But it was heads and she said my vessel will be male


Ah sorry my bad I didn’t notice xD


Man, I do wish we get this option. Just straight up ask him: “what the hell happened to us?”. But I fear Michael would be as lost for an answer as Gabriel.


Why wouldn’t he?

It seems pretty obvious- Gabe is seen as a trouble maker, whether fairly or tainted by association.

Which causes Mikey to be overprotective, which annoys Gabe, which probably causes Mikey to worry more, etc, etc in a viscous circle.


Obvious to us, the player. I don’t know about you but 80% of the time I have no idea why I feel the way I feel or act the way I act. Plus, Gabriel didn’t even know they were considered a troublemaker until the AROF revelation.

So yeah, my Gabby is still very much interested in knowing what exactly happened to their friendship.


Well yes, but from the conversation you can eavesdrop with Mikey, he did know, probably from the beginning.

Heck. Mikey might even be the reason no one did anything about the arof designation- For fear of his temper tantrum.


Tom, Charleston and Karyn are the werewolves. Leo and Tadea are werepanthers.


It would probably be an epic proportions temper tantrum. Like shake the foundations of Heaven itself temper tantrum :grin:

@Elysium If you don’t mind me asking, who’s Karyn? Besides being a werewolf, of course.