SoS: The Mortal Coil (WIP--Small Update 04/05/2018)



werewolves? what is this and why I haven’t heard of it before?

slap her with the tips of the fingers;
batman bitch slap

Can I slap him too?


Hey, maybe you’ve stumbled upon different scenes than I did but from what I’ve seen he is the definition of a douche. Michael’s a fun character tho, just fun in a love to hate kind of way :wink:

I actually wanted Ramiel to be a RO, but he has already found his baby mama :sweat:

No! Don’t you dare hurt Luci.


Both Michael and Ramiel are ROs friend! :grinning:

I also disliked him and I didn’t even consider romancing him, but after going to the game’s Tumblr and read some extras, answers and some spoilers he became my first option after Ramiel :cry:
(You can always visit the Tumblr but beware of spoilers!)


Alright, you’ve convinced me. Now I gotta check the tumblr - hopefully I can avoid as many spoilers as possible tho.

What? But what about his family? Don’t tell me something terrible is going to happen to them :cry:


Oh you sweet summer child. The tumblr trip is going to be a doozy for you then

But the short of it: Ramiel is not in love with his baby mama, they both mutually agreed to have this child for reasons unrelated to romance

As to what happens to them, my lips are sealed


I dont know…


Oh you bitter winter adult. Now I’m scared of what I’m going to find there.

But regarding Ramiel: Really? That’s… interesting. On the scene we meet her tho she seemed pretty much in love with him - and him with her. She ran towards his arms and all. I wonder then if it was all a show for the other villagers. It also makes me wonder to what purpose they’ve agreed to have a child. That’s pretty serious stuff.

On a completely unrelated note: Can angels have families freely? Or do they have to keep them a secret? I’m sorry if this has been asked before.


Looking forward to seeing more of the Ramiel incident!


I believe only between angels. anything outside of being adopted or having a child with an angel is considered a capital offense, Nephilim is the hybrid child between angels and non-angels…and you know what happens to Nephilims…

spoilers for my boys/gals in bible study!!


Why was a kitchen knife edited in? lmaoo :joy:

And what about archangels? Can they have a family? Since they’re The Mighty One treasured soldiers and all…

Also that means that Ramiel is considered a Nephilim, right? Will Gabriel have the option to rat him out?


Definite spoiler. But essentially Ramiel and the Fae lady are good (enough) friends but are not romantic partners

This has been asked before :)) but the short of it is no. Heaven is an extreme collective society. So angels can have kids with other angels but as soon as the baby is born they are taken to be raised with other newly born cherubs

And Ramiel is not a nephilim. Nephilims are angel hybrids so any of his offspring with a non-angel would be classified as such

The tumblr account has more answers for you though


what @squarelyblue said.

because we all know that the Kitchen Knife is the mightiest weapon ever created.



I’d also like to note that the whole ramile thing happens way before the main storyline.


Yes, I’m aware. But fae beings are also immortal, no? Or at least have relatively long lives. And so do nephilims?

Also, I’ve replayed this today and encountered the scene where you can eavesdrop on Michael and Israfel and I have to retract what I’ve said. Michael is certainly not a complete douche. Michael is bae.


Not sure if fae are immortal creatures? All that i know is that they’re a supernatural race that can pose a threat. Also the fae don’t do love. The closets someone can get to friendship is an ally even though the mother of Ramiel’s children seems more mild mannered. As for nephilim again I’m not sure. They’re one soul split between two bodies and are prone to lots of problems. That’s why they’re a big no no to heaven and have to be disposed of.


I quess they have extended lifespans, like the elves do (~5000 years for example)


I also suggest you read the extras on Tumblr if you are comfortable with that he is a bae (along with Ramiel and Iain I’m torn)


Oh I’ve read. I am a complete mess and I blame you :joy:.

I’m also really interested in Aelius. He seems to start off as someone only interested in the physical side of a relationship but it gets deeper with time. I’m a sucker for the type. Can’t wait to meet him in game.

If I’m honest I lost a bit of interest in Ramiel tho xD. His pre-fall persona attracted me but the way he seems to be post-fall is kinda boring imo .

But Michael is as of now the uncontested bae lol.

I thought they only didn’t love outsiders. I mean it seems to me like the fae chief (I forget her name) loved her sister. And I’m sure Ramiel’s baby mama will also love her children . I got the impression they had strong family/tribe bonds.


no problem! ;v; i’m glad you liked the drawing!