SoS: The Mortal Coil (WIP--Small Update 04/05/2018)



Looking forward to meeting Lucifer again!


Lol i was thinking didn’t know marines were known for stealing souls.


Being more ruthless than merciful seems appropriate for threatening to kill someone. It seems like threatening Michael to keep him away from the child and the MC could also fit well as an emotional response in general.

EDIT: My memory of the chronology for choices concerning Israfel was incorrect.

I love the Halloween extra.

“I don’t condone the killing of children, especially mere babes,” Lucifer said coldly, rising to his feet.

She might have been mistaken, but she could swear she saw sorrow on his handsome features for a moment before it was replace by a sneer that had the hairs on the back of her neck standing straight up.

She had added insult to injury, giving him that look, like he might just be redeemable. But that would undermine his story, his purpose for existing. Better she fear him.
He rolled around her words in his mind, irritated by her last ones. His grandson. Hardly. That creature was not his, not truly. Perhaps it came into existence because of him, but it was not his child.
No, he had only one of those, and he had lost them. “Poor imitations…” he said aloud, before turning and striding down the aisle as the roof caved in behind him.

I hope we get the option to redeem Lucifer and set him upon the throne. He seems to care more about protecting children than the rulers of Heaven do in this game.

He is also the only authority figure to have treated the MC as anything more than a disposable pawn for use in power struggles from whom only blind obedience is expected.

I also hope the MC gets the chance to voluntarily leave Heaven.

Archangels that had spent enough time outside of Heaven would be able to draw their own conclusions about whether or not it is a paradise.

I noticed a few typos in the Halloween extra.

The woman thought of spitting at his feet, and then reconsidered. “I used to come here with mis padres when I was young,” she finally acquiesced, one had unconsciously rubbing her belly. “I thought… I forgot what he had done.”

That should be hand.

After a beat the air settled, and she drew a shaky breath, sweaty hands reflexively moving down the beads of the rosary. “He was an idle experiment at best, and when he became to reckless and stupid with his cruelties, I dealt with him. I assure, his torment is only just beginning,” Lucifer continued neutrally, the shadows coming back to heel at his feet.

That should be too.

“Like you said, I’m the devil.” She might have been mistaken, but she could swear she saw sorrow on his handsome features for a moment before it was replace by a sneer that had the hairs on the back of her neck standing straight up. “So run girl. Run and live your pathetic mortal life, and hope that all your faith is enough to send you to Heaven, or you will not enjoy our next meeting.”

That should be replaced.

I also found some typos in the demo and I do not know if they have been mentioned before.

“Do not worry about it. I am just glad I was in time. I cannot imagine that being that creature’s meal could have been pleasant.” You shudder, having to agree; the idea of those rows and rows of serrated teeth closing around you make you tremble on the platform. Lucifer notices, and pats your shoulder reassuringly. “Come, tell me about yourself little one,” he says, and you blink.
“I, um… I am a warrior?” you venture, not sure what he wants you to say. He sighs and shakes his head.
“I can see that for myself,” he states with an air of forced calm. You cringe. Lucifer does not miss the cringe and lets out a frustrated groan.
You tilt your head to the side, not sure that you have ever seen or heard an archangel being so… normal. Lucifer catches your bemused look and pull a face, before breaking into a chuckle.
“I take it I am not precisely what you expected, hmm?” he asks, amusement twinkling in his eyes, his early moodiness gone. Casually he waves a platform into existence and alights on it,beckoning for you to join him. You do so, landing with far less grace as you barely stay upright on your exhausted legs. Everything aches.

I think this is a slight continuity error since it would be hard to land on a platform that had not been created yet.

You tilt your head to the side, not sure that you have ever seen or heard an archangel being so… normal. Lucifer catches your bemused look and pull a face, before breaking into a chuckle.

I think that should be pulls.

“We should probably get going,” Israfel states, glancing out towards the hallway. “You are supposed to be in the lab soon.” He sounds vaguely embarrassed about having forgotten than you are on a schedule of sorts as you follow him into the corridor.

It should be that.

“If you two are done with team archangel huddle power, we should get Gabriel in her vessel so she has some time to adjust to their body. Trust me, it’s not anything like taking on a human form using Grace.” Sabriel was standing in the partially open doorway, looking somewhat uncomfortable with having intruded on you and Israfel.

This could be several things: her to match the MC’s angelic gender, her to match the MC’s human gender, or the to avoid such issues but their does not fit when the MC has chosen female angelic gender, female human gender, and female identification for the GAO paperwork.


Better the Devil you know than someone more unpredictable ruling Hell


Figured I’d have a punt at this too:

Anatomy of a Gabriel

Angelic Gender: Male

Manifested Weapon: Morningstar

Wing Color: Gold

Currently Imagined Grace Scent: No idea

Personality Traits:

Playful, irreverent and pathologically incapable of taking anything seriously. So much so that more than one person has wondered how the hell he ended up with the title of the Wrath of God. Anyone who’s seen him in a fight knows exactly why. His personality does a complete 180 and he become single-mindedly focused on annihilating his enemy as quickly and efficiently as possible. He’ll accept a surrender if one’s offered, but he’s not looking for one.

Favourite Tactical Position(s): Nuke the entire area in Holy Fire, find survivors, apply morningstar to forehead.

Current Character Statistic Strengths: Might. Resolve

Current Character Traits: Suave, Blunt, Emotional, Candid, Improvise

Current Skills: Offensive Grace

Team Humans or Team Angels: Team Humans

Shell Gender Identification: Male

Shell Name: Gabriel

Shell Surname: White

Shell Description: Tall (6’2"), athletic build, black hair and green eyes (to better match Daniel) Tattoos to be added once a list of the available ones is implemented.

RO(s) of Choice: Sabriel. He wasn’t looking for a relationship and was caught completely off-guard by Auriel’s theory. He was more surprised by the fact he wasn’t opposed to the idea though. The idea will likely grow on him over time.

Favourite Earth Food: Ramen. He doesn’t really do domestic, and ramen has the great virtue that you can put almost anything in it.

Favourite Human Colloquialism: “And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers! And you will know my name is the Lord… when I lay my vengeance upon thee!" (Yes he’s quoting Pulp Fiction. Yes he knows that it’s a misquote from the Bible. Yes he’s aware of, and enjoys, the irony of an angel misquoting the Bible)

Relations with other characters

Michael: He’s tried to mend fences with Michael before, but Michael has been well… Michael about it. So Gabriel sees no real point in putting effort into maintaining a relationship that Michael clearly doesn’t want. He regrets that their relationship has gone this way, but as far as he’s concerned the onus is on Michael to make an effort to fix it now.

Ramiel: Pre-fall Ramiel and him were partners in crime. (The crime of pranking Michael at any rate). Even then though, Ramiel’s complete lack of foresight exasperated him sometimes. Since Ramiel’s fall he’s not quite certain what to think. He worries about his friend to be sure, but he can’t help but wonder if being out from under Heaven’s thumb is as bad as they make it out to be. So his worry is seasoned with a bit of curiosity as well.

Israfel: He platonically adores Izzy and will gleefully play shipper on deck for Izzy and Charleston.

Daniel: He’s kind of divided on the subject. On the one hand he is not good with children, nor did he want any (he promptly noped out the faes’ offer when it became clear that they were interested in children rather than a romance.) He does however realise than none of this situation is Daniel’s fault. He approach can be best summed up as well-meaning but not entirely competent.

Lucifer: He looked up to Lucifer before his Fall and even now still holds a measure of respect for him. The discovery of their actual connection might well be the one time this ever smart-ass archangel is at a loss for words.


Love the Halloween extra!


i literally made a tumbler account just so i could follow this


I drew gabe a while ago and had to draw his dad! (they bear a striking resemblance no?)

here’s the tumblr link for the art! (it’s got a few different versions!)


As a angel I may have just grown horns thinking about gable’s dad.
Also I like the art
Gabe’s dad kinda makes me think of Vash the stampede and his brother.


Oh man, this is the third time I’ve played the demo. So hungry for more! Great work.


one question!!! can we ̶b̶i̶t̶c̶h̶ slap Sabriel?

EDIT: Okay, I retract what I wrote.


I’d love to smack Michael!


Given the author’s tumblr account, I’m rather excited for a lot of things :)) (the tidbits there are great)


I can’t believe it took me this long to play this game. This is an enormous thread so I’m sure I can’t say anything it hasn’t been said already so I’ll simply add that I loved it. I can’t wait for more - or the finished product, I’m unsure if you’re planning to add more chapters here.

You have a new fan in me that’s for sure.


Not to the same degree it once was. They do feel a strong instinct to shift on the full-moon, but unless they’re on the verge of going feral, they do not have to shift. Shifting strength at other time is entirely dependent on the individual; Tom can shift partially at anytime, though it’s easier for him to do a full shift. Karyn has difficulty holding partial shifts, and Charleston can shift with ease, excelling at partial shifts.

Ah-ah-ah. You’ll just have to play and find out, because that is the question, isn’t it? (Okay, I have to finish writing and coding and then post it, and THEN you’ll have to play it, but you know, eventually you’ll find out…)

Heartbreak ahead!

It’s a game that will be released by CelleC Games (when finished, which will be sometime in this week darn it!) called Error: Human Not Found. It’s a point-and-click adventure/puzzle/visual novel game that has puzzles based on basic computer science concepts (loop logic, grammar and parsing for deterministic finite automata, binary, and logic gates) and will be released for free on Steam when done. It follows the story of Grace Fortran as she works with an AI, Ada, to clear her name in a murder-mystery on board the space station. (Sorry, kind of shameless plug, but I’ve poured my soul and sanity into getting this thing finished along with the souls of my team…)

Lucifer doesn’t want anything to do with Heaven again, thanks. He’d be flattered by the offer, but he’s alright where he is.

Heaven doesn’t really value individuals. Angels are, to them, gears in the machine. You need them to run smoothly, but beyond that? They don’t really care.

Walking out is an option.

Aaaah, thanks for the catch on the typos in the extra! ((It would likely help if I stopped writing in the middle of the night :persevere:))

And I regret ever writing that platform. For some reason, it seems to revel in causing continuity errors.

I just want to thank you again for all your hard work catching these typos. I really appreciate it! ((I hate the nasty buggers so much)). All of those you so graciously found should be fixed in the next update.

A very thorough strategy. (And I’m excited to see a Sabriel fan!)

I’m glad you enjoyed it!

I made a tumblr account just for this game, so we’re kind of even? (And thanks!)

He’s just so serene looking! Your fan art just makes me so happy!

It’s coming! (On a somewhat related note, I’m transitioning to CSide and loving it so far… I am hesitantly inclined to believe that this may increase my work speed once I get EHNF out the door with a solid boot to the backside)

Are we retracting the slap entirely? Or just half of it?

Michael tends to evoke that reaction. A lot.

Oh, welcome to the party!
I’ll be adding more chapters here (I haven’t really gotten anywhere in the demo, despite it’s length. We’ve essentially completed character creation, and now we get to the juicy parts!).
I try to keep the FAQ updated, and the game’s tumblr has a bunch of extra info/extras if you want more, though beware spoilers!


I read the asks on Tumblr and it looks like my Gabby will have to deal with neck issues cause all her ROs are giants compared to her (except Michael but he’s still taller)

Edit: I imagine those asks kind of like a QnA session at a book presentation and someone shouting from afar “DO ANGELS HAVE BUTTHOLES?” (Actual question yo) and then everyone turning back like they are in the Office.


Wait, Michael’s a RO?


Yes he is! And he’s not a complete douche! :grinning:


Just mostly :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (20 chars)


But also a lot of happy things! Equal parts angst/tragedy with feels

Whoever wrote that letter to Ramiel in the ask thing --bless you