SoS: The Mortal Coil (WIP--Small Update 04/05/2018)



The singular “they” is useful when talking about a person of unspecified gender and some people also prefer that others use they/them pronouns when referring to them. In this case the Gabriel is female and presumably uses she/her/hers (and Sabriel and Auriel know this) in which case they/them is inappropriate. So it’s not grammar, rather it’s misgendering


Oh no. Are you alright? How bad was the damage in your area

Take your time in updating though! Your wellbeing is more important ovo/



Good luck!


I liked this WIP, especially I was shocked to find out that someone was pregnant from my angel friend and what will happen to him. Good luck!:smiley:


Yeah… I’m looking forward to seeing the fallout!


I really liked the depth of customization the demo allows. Can’t wait to see what other supernatural beings pop up!

If an angel had a child with a human woman it’s called a nephilim. In Ram’s case, what would a fae x angel hybrid be called? :thinking:


They’d still be called a nephilim.


Thanks for clarifying! :grinning:


Really? I thought there would be a different name.


After our nestmate’s mistake, the higher ups decided angel x anything else would be considered nephilim as well.

Or so I remember the author “saying”.

Also, being a nephilim seems like it really sucks. If the angels don’t kill them for simply being born, their own powers drive them insane, if I remember properly.


Yeah. Being a nephilim doesn’t sound too good in game!


And here I entertained the idea of creating a brood of nephilim to be my anti-heaven Gabriel’s OP army. But if they just go insane after a while, they might not be worth the risk.

Don’t know if this was addressed before, but have the Grigori who make nephilim with human women (Baraqel, Azazel, Arakiel, etc.) been mentioned before? It would be interesting if we get to interact with some of them in the future (allies, enemies, ROs(?)) or maybe fight with a few of their longer-lived children. But that’s just my curiousity at work :sweat_smile:. I have to say, the lore and world-building are amazing. :slightly_smiling_face:


The lore of this game is fascinating!


Mostly just a quick status update for all you lovely people.

I’m out of hurricane land (I was fine, thank you all for the concern!). I am busy with the release of another game currently that has to take priority until it is out (within the week, or someone’s going to lose their shreds of sanity…). After that, I will be bouncing between job searching and doing some design evaluations, but I plan to have the next update ready for the end of this month. Also, there’s a sort of Halloween (in that it was supposed to be a little darker and more ominous) extra up on this game’s tumblr that gives you some insight into Lucifer and Daniel’s mother.

Well, Ramiel Falls, but I will say things are often not quite what they appear to be, especially depending on the choices your Gabriel makes.
Spoiler re the next update: Your Gabriel can decide to try and have some children of their own as well with one of the fae…

The main supernaturals in this particular game are witches, warlocks, various classes of demons and devils, the horsemen of the apocalypse, werewolves, and werepanthers. While there are many other supernatural beings, only cameos of others will appear (Deva, wendigo, merpeople, kitsune, dragon).

And @Scorpio00 is 100% correct on this one. Hybrids are a rare occurrence, and especially hybrids of anything that’s not human-angel, so they were essentially too lazy to bother with unique names. They all just get lumped in under nephilim and classified as dangerous.

Also, in regards to the whole sanity of nephilim (SPOILERS): Not ALL nephilim go crazy. Most of them do, enough that rather than risk it, the standing order is to kill them all. At the time of the flashback, not enough evidence has been collected to make that determination, so they allow Ramiel’s children to be born under the condition that Gabriel is in charge of them, to see if they can be trained or at least be stable.

None of those specific Fallen will be encountered in this game, but they are around in terms of world-building. Grigori/Watcher is a classification/job for angels: The order of angels that oversees the functioning of the others. Technically below archangels in rank, they do not answer to them however. They used to be those who were assigned to earth, but given what happened to most of the early members, they changed what their duties and responsibilities were.



hmm darker and ominous… dark enough that you can’t even see 'em with flashlight on…? hmm…


Talk about a bombshell drop…wow you just floored me with that lil spoiler and have me eagerly awaiting you next update now…Arrrrgg…talk about a nice plot twist with so many possibilities.


@Dae-kalina thanks for the nephilim info! And the mind boggling spoilers…

I apologize if this has been said before, but are the werewolves’ strength and transformation tied to the phases of the moon? And can they shift partially, i.e. just their hands or their legs, whenever they want to?



And were Ramiel’s children stable?


Good to hear you’re doing okay! Am very excited for the update and gosh, really am looking forward to seeing Ramiel’s judgement

Other than that I really can’t wait to possibly tell Ramiel that the MC has been in love with him all this time and let drama ensue :))


Hurricane land bad juju, good to hear you and yours are safe.
May I ask what this other game your busy with is? My interest became s peak and I started searching around like a Devil dog catching wind of a new soul to steal away.

It seems the gam has expanded much further than I remember and I love it.

Edit: just remembered my phrasing of Devil dog
I meant Hell hound (I forgot the reference Devil dog had)