SoS: The Mortal Coil (WIP--Small Update 04/05/2018)



Merciful: Lavender, I’ve always been fond of that scent since it’s nice and soft
Ruthless: Burning charcoal, the heat seems fitting.
Suave: Frezh cut roses or chocolate, classics.
Intimidation: Hot iron, not sure why.
Subtle: Fresh linen, it’s a simple pleasing scent.
Blunt: Not really sure, maybe wood shavings?
Emotional: The ocean, it’s wild unpredictable and unrestrained.
Stoic: Freezing winter wind, seems fitting.
Candid: Peaches, an obvious sweet scent.
Deceptive: Candle smoke, all i could think of.
Strategize: fresh paper or spearmint, thwy remind me of Hermione and she’s pretty strategic.


Ruthless: The smell of blood on a battlefield
Suave: Honey, so sweet it’s almost cloying
Intimidation: the smell you get on a very humid day so thick you can almost feel it
Subtle: a faint whiff of something, it changes depending on who is smelling it.
Blunt: Burning wood or charcoal, an unpleasant but honest smell. (I think I love this one best, it would let my Gabriel express her anger at what happened to Lucifer and Ramiel)


I’ll have to figure out the scents for my main Gabriel!


Merciful: Something comforting, like lavender or chamomile
Ruthless: Steel, smoke or blood
Suave: Fine wine ;3
Intimidation: Smoke, a raging fire, or musk
Subtle: Coffee or tea?
Blunt: Clove, pepper or cinnamon
Emotional: The ocean
Stoic: Dragon’s Blood
Candid: Lemongrass or spearmint


I’ve been wanting to do this but only had the time now :))

This was a fun exercise!

Anatomy of A Gabriel

Angelic Gender: Female

Manifested Weapon: Daggers

Wing Color: White

Currently Imagined Grace Scent: something smokey and spicy with floral base notes

Personality Traits: Kind, always is willing to do the right thing (or what they feel is right) regardless of the rules, protective, uses humour to avoid answering uncomfortable situations/questions, very calculating and intelligent underneath an almost glib first impression

Favorite Tactical Position(s): Defensive Sniper (use of her grace but in the shadows to take down very specifc targets or to suppress enemy fire)

Current Character Statistic Strengths: Affinity, Might, Ingenuity, Empathy

Current Character Traits: Suave, Merciful, Subtle, Emotional, Strategize, Candid (headcanon: she never lies but is not above half-truths)

Current Skills: Defensive Grace

Team Humans or Team Angels: Very likely Team Human (I mean, she loves humanity)

Shell Gender Identification: Female

Shell Name: either Gabrielle (headcanon: she teases Sabriel that no one will suspect a very minor name change) or Tala

Shell Surname: Bituin (if Gabrielle) or Ward (if Tala)

Shell Description: Average height (around 5’5 - 5’6), dark green (almost black) almond shaped eyes, dark hair, tanned skin, very lithe

RO(s) of Choice: Ramiel, maybe Michael (depending on how civil he can treat Daniel)

Favorite Earth Food: Ice cream

Favorite Human Colloquialism: “What? Like it’s hard?”


Merciful: Lilac or Lavender
Ruthless: Metallic tang
Suave: Mint
Intimidation: Spicy
Subtle: Vanilla
Blunt: rubbing alcohol
Emotional: Chocolate
Stoic: English Leather
Candid: Cherry
Deceptive: Olives
Improvise: Wild Strawberry
Strategize: Coffee (really surprised I haven’t seen this one for strategize yet. I mean…our cover is a cop, guys. :yum: )


The minds at work in here are truly, sweetly awe-inspiring. Longing for the exclusive SoS: Eau de Gabriel collection to launch from Paris by Spring the next Apocalypse.

All seven kinds of delighted at reading these. What a gorgeous gaggle of Gabriels!

Now I can do naught but imagine how our Charlie’s archAngels might react to blustering demons and unwieldy Counsel commands:

gia's Gabriel

giphy (1)

squarelyblue's Gabriel

my Gabriel


Between this and an obsession with perfumery, this thread has actually become a little piece of my heaven…


This is fun. Why not

Anatomy of a Gabriel

Angelic Gender: Female

Manifested Weapon: Bigass Battleaxe

Wing Color: Silver.

Currently Imagined Grace Scent: Wood smoke, and a faint tang of blood.

Personality Traits:

There’s something to be said for sheer implacability. As strong and terrifying as a two-ton Rhinoceros and about half as subtle. Her favored battle strategy is to travel in the general direction of her foe and just beat the wretched profligate into the ground. No muss no fuss. She has excellent instincts and keeps a tight hold of her emotions, but she usually doesn’t have the patience to think tactically.

Outside of combat she is oftentimes stony and uncomfortably intense, but completely loyal. She dislikes it when people dance around the topic at hand and appreciates people who cut to the chase, but is easily irritated when they neglect their courtesies in doing so. Has an understated and morbid sense of humor and is frequently mistaken for having no sense of humor at all.

Favorite Tactical Position(s): Charge. Punch off heads, chop to pieces. Repeat.

Current Character Statistic Strengths: Strength. Negative Empathy.

Current Character Traits: Ruthless, Intimidation, Blunt, Stoic, Candid, Improvise.

Current Skills: Angel Blade.

Team Humans or Team Angels: Whatever the God Loyalist team is. Deus vult, praise the Lord etc.

Shell Gender Identification: Female.

Shell Name: Clemency, or just Clem.

Shell Surname: Bermudez.

Shell Description: Freakin’ solid. Tall (6’2"), powerful build, long and muscular limbs, very hippy with walnut-cracking thighs. And abs. Abs for days and weeks. Dark shoulder-length hair frames a face marked by burning amber eyes, full lips, a strong jaw and a brow made for glowering. Olive skin. 100% a warrior, 200% Wrath of God.

RO(s) of Choice: Possibly she’ll end up liking someone who hasn’t been introduced yet. She thinks of the other angels as siblings at best.

Favorite Earth Food: Fried tofu sticks.

Favorite Human Colloquialism: “Bought the farm”.


Ah yes. The 5 second “let me think about it but we all know that I am about to sass you in 3…2…1…” half eye roll

As of now I think my Gabby isn’t too fond of the Counsel mostly because she feels that they are (in all likelihood) too dogmatic? They love the word of God so much that they’ve forgotten the spirit of the message

(Or at least my current vibes from them feels this way)

And to which the reply is like: but who are you to decide what the right course of action is? And what is your basis for the decision? Feelings? How flimsy and irresponsible

[I think Izzy is perfectly correct when he worries about my Gabby. She’s very likely to dive head first into trouble due to some notion of justice or protective instinct – his only consolation is that he knows she’s a planner so she’s probably taken some precaution ahead of time, but still]


So this is my first canon Gabriel, might do the other later.


Angelic gender: Male
Weapon: Staff
Wing color: White
Grace scent: Lavender or some other flower that isn’t to strong, a soft pleasing scent.
Personality: Aside from the frequent bickering with Michael he’s actually quite the pacifist. Well as much as he can be given his position. Has a caretaker’s mindset in the sense that all he wants is for everyone to be happy and healthy physically, mentally, and emotionally. Has a bad habbit of ignoring his own wellbeing but insists he’s fine, this does concern iz. Truly loves heaven but feels that they could benefit from trying to do things at least a little differently. Loves the earth and has some admitted envy for the freedom of it’s occupants. Believes one can still be an individual while still working with a larger group.
Tactical position: Healer. He prefers fixing injuries to causing them.
Stats: Empathy, Agility.
Traits: Merciful, Suave, Subtle, Emotional, Candid, Improvise.
Skills: Wing versatility.
Team humans or angels: It’s complicated, wants everyone to get along.
Angel looks:
Height: "6’4"
Build: Lean build, he’s unconcerned with having alot of showy muscles but you can still tell there’s at least some there.
Hair: Light brown that looks soft and fluffy. Usually kept in a relaxed braid slung over one shoulder. Likes to keep some loose to frame the right side of his face.
Presentation: Identifies as male but leans twords softer feature such as a less blocky facial structure, nimble fingers etc.
Name: Gabriel/Elison Selwyn
Shell bio sex: Male
Gender: Non-binary, pretty much is just meh about it. Cool with they/them or he/him, just don’t call 'em a lady.
Height: "5’6"
Build: Petite, wants to try out being smol for awhile.
Hair: White shoulder length. Probablt kept either in small low ponytail with some framing the right side or back with boby pins or clips. Definitely plays with it. Clean shaven.
Eyes: Big and expressive. Green or Gray.
Skin: Pale white and flawless.
Ros: Most likely Michael or Ramiel, maybe a Charleston playthrough to later on.

Gonna have to post relationship info for each in a different post cause it’s to long as is. And someone tell me if the hide details isn’t working since it’s bugged on me before :sweat_smile:.


I actually think deceptive should have the scent of vanilla. It smells good but if you taste (the extract at least) you’ll know it was all lies


Deceptive for me is tobbacco or other kinds of smoke-y smells (literal smoke and mirrors kind of thing)

It also has that sort of detective noire feel to it imo hahaha

(Ironically my Gabby headcanonly has this as part of her angel scent but I’d imagine it’s because for someone who doesn’t really lie, she is very good at it – which arguably is deceptive in itself)


Merciful: Honey
Ruthless: Ashes
Suave: Cold air
Intimidation: Melting Snow
Blunt: Pepper
Emotional: Sweet tea
Stoic: Rain on the ground
Candid: Rubbing alcohol
Deceptive: Slight smell of smoke (like when you light a match, and it smells a bit sour, but not too sour.)
Strategize: Spearmint


Ok. This time, I am positive this should not be here:


You can actually use the singular them in this case :~) it isn’t gramatically incorrect.


I don’t think grammar is the issue here. It seems a case of misapplied pronouns.


That’s just it, right? You could have a female character and still be using be using those pronouns. It might sound a little less awkward to use ‘she’ but there’s nothing inherently incorrect or out of place abt it.


If you mean how neutral pronouns can be used even if it messes up with the grammar, I am aware. But that’s not what I meant. It would make sense if MC was non-binary but, as you can see, she’s not, so I’m pretty sure this is a bug. Furthermore, why would they switch to neutral pronouns at that point, rather than doing so from the beginning of their conversation? And, since they switch back to female pronouns in the next page, it doesn’t seem to be something intended, though I could still be wrong.

Also, in the sentence “Israfel’s emotional state is effecting your own,” the correct word would be “affecting” and of this one, I am certain. “Effect” is a noun, while “(to) affect” is a verb.


Oooh, thank you all for the responses to the scents! I’ll let you know when I get around to making final decisions and implementing them (I’m currently in hurricane land, so I would not anticipate an update anytime soon as I recover from oh-so lovely Irma…)

In the meantime, if you have more ideas please continue throwing them out there! Also, I love reading everyone’s “Anatomy of a Gabriel.” Y’all are fantastic.

Yep, that should be a gendered pronoun. It should be fixed with the update (I wrote it with them, rather than using the correct variables at the time). Thanks for the catch!

And as for effect and affect, both can be used as verbs and nouns. Affect is more commonly used as a verb and effect as a noun, but affect can also be a noun, meaning a set of observable manifestations of a subjectively experienced emotion (a person with a flat affect may be confused with a sociopath because they do not respond to emotions in a way that we expect to see) and effect can be used as a verb, meaning to cause to come into being. You are absolutely correct in that I am using the wrong one there. That will also be fixed in the next update, whenever that comes around.


Yay, I catched my first bug!
(Back to her normal self) Stay safe, ok? I don’t know if I’m making too much of a fuss, but it’s not like anyone could blame me; when you live in Spain, a hurricane the size of your own country is something you just can’t imagine.