SoS: The Mortal Coil (WIP--Small Update 04/05/2018)



Mine did, but then I realized who Lucifer exactly is and well, its stopped.


My Gabriel just want to serve Lucifer in whatever way he can. He looks up to Lucifer as a role model.


I wasn’t mean to him, after being threatened I felt justified in demanding some answers before I continue to go along with him. When he asked if I trusted him and I honestly answered I wasn’t sure he just asked me to leave.


If this happens, I will consider my game a success. (Yay for replays!)

Because of Auriel’s role in a parallel story/game, she won’t be making a lot of appearances, but when she does, you can be sure she won’t miss a chance to tease Sabriel.

The poll results are really interesting. Almost makes me feel bad about… things…

Yes. Meet Ramiel, master of tact.
Oh wait, no, wrong character.
Master of bombshells? I think that was it.

Falling is probably not the best route if you want avoidance.
There is a third neutral path that isn’t precisely Falling…

Humans are the cannon fodder of the supernaturals. Welcome to reason 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 for why Alice isn’t afraid to be extra harsh with non-humans and kick some supernatural ass.

Whoopsies. Thanks for the catch, that’ll be fixed in the next update.

Gabriel’s whole purpose there is to protect Daniel. Not fighting when Daniel is in danger would go against their orders, though that’s not to say they couldn’t choose to stand on the side-lines. However, this specific scenario does not occur (or at least, not as of right now. As a WIP, some things may be subject to change.)

Also, while I know pretty much everyone knows already, please do make use of the spoiler tags when referring to Lucifer in that context. Some people may not want that information revealed until playing. Thanks!

Hint: This song may give hints as to how Gabriel earns the title of Wrath of God.

It… depends? Angels have to choose their physical manifestation and size, so they change. In general terms, wingspans for angels are about 3.5 times their height (so a 2 meter tall angel would have a 6.5 meter wingspan, or there-abouts.)

Oooh, I like this fan-cast a lot. Definitely fits with pre-fall Lucifer’s ability to never seem out of place at a soiree.

:blush: I love her wings! I get so excited about fan-stuff. Seriously, everyone of you magnificent people are amazing. I love seeing the differences between her angel appearance and her human shell.

Ah, she’s adorable! And Gabriel can get some tattoos later on (she is an officer in uniform, so there are some restrictions on what/where she can get them) but Alice is all for tats!

I’d love to see it if you do! The only way to get better at drawing is to do it. And do it again. And again!

There will be time to make your wrath known, never fear.

If you do not trust Ramiel (or do not go with him at all) then you bypass the fae scene and go directly to the Council scene. Obviously one path here is longer than the other, but having the ability to tell Ramiel off and not trust him is important, and the mundane activities you would perform in Heaven in lieu of the fae interlude are something that I feel can just be skipped over to where the paths rejoin, which is when Gabriel is summoned before the Council.


Looking forward to seeing more of the Ramiel incident.


Im glad you liked it. The profile of Gabby and body of the shell, Asheal Kenee, are actually my best works to date. I really wanted to create a mediocre shell so she could blend into the crowd and create a visual difference so any enemies might not be able to spot her so suddenly, if they can’t tell by grace that is,


What is everyone’s favorite heights for the shell?


as my gramps used to say (go big or go home!!!)


On the tinier end of the spectrum. Tallest I’ve decided on was 5’6 (and that’s average) but never taller than that :))

I’m trying to make her as unassuming as possible. Would not expect she’s on the supernatural side of things (plus she will be the smol to Michael or Ramiel’s tol and that is adorable)


Go big or go home. (The highest there is), I have chose a 5’6 shell for my male Gab and a 6’6 shell for my male MC.


I usually go with 5’9, 6’0, and 6’1


I make male Gabriels average and female Gabriels short, generally speaking.

I’ll probably mix it up more as I go.


Always max size considering bigger people are usually tougher and I want to be able to use grace with ought immediately dying


All MCs of mine are ultimately visualized after myself. So with me being 5’6"-7" I chose average hight


I like making mine tall. Almost always give them blue eyes for the shell.


What about stats, I always make my character as magically strong as possible aka buff might all the way. What about everyone else?


My MCs are usually as tall as I can make them, considering the fact that Im 6’4"


I usually take after the stealthy fast stats. I like the concept of hit them before they do. If I can, I’d do long range as well.


That’s justifiable.(


My characters are pretty agile.