SoS: The Mortal Coil (WIP--Small Update 04/05/2018)



I know this post might be a little late, but I totally visualize Lucifer as Leslie Odom Jr - smooth and elegant - at least Pre-Fall.


@Dae-kalina Are you comfortable with fan art?

@Umbreonpanda Hey, hey! None of that double meaning now! :triumph:


This is amazing and I’m loving your work! I have some questions though, like does Jesus ever appear? What’s he doing? Also does Lucifer care about Gabriel? I know he has a relationship bar and all, but I mean in a general sense.


The Tumblr page very easily explains that and why.


Alright thank you! I wasn’t aware of that fact.


It’s fine, the Tumblr page is in the 1st post if you haven’t find it yet. :slight_smile:


Blessed by the author’s okay button for fan content :smile:


Oh yay! I actually had some drawing lined up for days, just need the “a-ok!”.

Female!Gabriel with Grey Wings and Rapier Sword. The wings are out of wack but this was more or less my first attempt at wings/feathers.

The Brunette is the shell, named Asheal Kenee.

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Amazing fanart!! I really love those wings on Fem!Gab! :smiley:


aaaaa I’ve got some fanart too!! (it’s pretty big, sorry, click it for all the details D:)

It’s a doodle of my lady Gabriel’s human shell–not sure if the shell can get tattoos but she would, as you can see, totally get them. She definitely takes a liking to human fashion and trends :stuck_out_tongue: Her interests include irritating Michael, smashing demons’ faces in with her gauntlets, long walks on the beach… she’s a cutie.

Been trying to draw Michael but it hasn’t been working out. If I manage to, I’ll post it!


I think i’m gonna draw my own gabriel as well…

Sadly i ain’t that good with drawing. :thinking:


…This might be of some use to you then.


Don’t know about y’all… but I’m just going to save this link… and… there … you go… It’s good to have some references for the future.


Ooooh~ This look like fun thing I can play around with.


So, noticed there was an update and finally got around to playing it…

Dammit Ramiel, you drag me down to Earth, get a spear put to my throat, and then you tell me to go home and won’t even tell me what it was all about?! And then the council demands my immediate presence and sends an armed escort to ensure I comply? My Gabriel is about to raise a storm! She is angry, and when the Wrath of God is angry she makes sure everybody knows it!

Besides that, I’m really enjoying the dynamic with Sabriel, love the banter and sarcastic insults being thrown back and forth. :smile: She’s almost as fun to wind up as Michael. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you :wink:, he’s so fun to tease! :grin:

So since people are speaking of Lucifer, does anyone else’s Gabriels have (or had) a huge crush on him? :3


Mine has more of a notice me senpai thing going on. Picked the morningstar and everything


Uh, when you find the truth of who he really is to Gabby I don’t think you’ll want to have a crush on him anymore. That’s how I felt at least.


When does this happen?


I know that, you know that, but she doesn’t know that yet. :wink: Gonna be a really awkward moment when she finds out…

Did Ramiel take you to his pregnant girlfriend (for lack of a better word)? I think it might only happen if he changes his mind and tells you to leave before showing you anything…


Yeah he did, does he ask you to leave if you’re mean to him or something?